Births today begin with inventor of boat propellers, Joseph (Josef) Ludwig Franz Ressel powered forth in 1793. Numerous medal and odd hat wearer with the distinctive moustache, Peter I King of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes was delivered to the nation in 1844. 15th President of Chile, Pedro Elías Pablo Montt Montt was successful in his first bid for life in 1849. Co-designer of the Panama Canal now with a bridge and ship named after him, George Washington Goethals found the birth canal shortened in 1858. Melbourne, (Australia), based gangster Joseph Theodore Leslie ‘Squizzy’ Taylor was a little sod from day one in 1888. Actress who debuted in Citizen Kane and went onto star in All My Children, Ruth Elizabeth Warrick issued a secret command to let her mum know she was ready to be born in 1915. Singer Eva Narcissus Boyd or Little Eva steamed through in 1943. Fifth President of Sri Lanka Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga joined the freedom movement in 1945. Lead singer with Australian band Men at Work, Colin James Hay didn’t come from the land down under given he was born in Scotland back in 1953. The rather unfortunately named 98th Mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Anthony Nutter cracked it and was born in 1957. Ex-squeeze to Adam Ant who propped up the bar of The Woolpack in dull soap opera Emmerdale, (among other work), Amanda Donohoe castaway in 1962. Pedal and dope enthusiast not to mention old team mate of Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie suffered a dropout in 1973. Previous member of some pop group and ex-girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton, Nicole Prascovia Elikolani Vallente or just Nicole Scherzinger didn’t hold her breath in 1978. Latter day Vera Lynn, Katherine Jenkins premiered in 1980. My niece Alexa has reached her milestone birthday of 18, (and I’m still not too sure where those years have gone..)

Deaths are a bit thin on the ground, but we start with Able, King of Denmark and Duke of Schleswig who found he was unable to breath from 1252. Second President of Brazil, Floriano Vieira Peixoto went the way of Deodoro da Fonseca, the first President in 1895. Silent film star, Roscoe Conkling ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle slimmed down considerably from 1933. Leggy and buxom actress Vera Jayne Palmer, (or Jayne Mansfield), took a wrong turn in 1967. Another actress Julia Jean Turner, who went by the stage name Lana Turner, had her homecoming moment in 1995. Conservationist and casino owner, John Victor Aspinall rolled the dice for the last time in 2000. Dead Norwegian of the day – computer scientist Ole-Johan Dahl froze permanently in 2002. Recognised as one of Hollywood’s finest, Katharine Houghton Hepburn found she didn’t get any further awards from 2003. Finally, actor Don Matheson had his voyage to the bottom of the grave plot in 2014.


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