Another ancient King of France starts todays posting seeing as Louis XI aka ‘The Prudent’ arrived in 1423. Continuing with old royals, 1743 saw the birth of Queen of Sweden Sophia Magdalena of Denmark, given she got hitched to King Gustav III. Having mentioned 11th Canadian Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett a few days ago when he rolled over, here he is again as he saw beyond the maple leaf in 1870. German writer Franz Kafka underwent the metamorphosis in 1883. Alternative English film director, Henry Kenneth Alfred ‘Ken’ Russell focused for the first time in 1927. Playwright born Tomáś Straussler but goes by the name Tom Stoppard, was the real thing in 1937. Singer of ‘Rescue Me’ Fontella Bass was finally free in 1940. Also born that year is ex-Prime Minister of Poland before jumping on the European Parliament gravy train, Jerzy Karol Buzek was in solidarity with his mum. Judith Mavis Cock who somewhat wisely changed that to Judith Mavis Durham singer with The Seekers found the times were a changin’ from 1943. Not to be outdone by Jerzy Buzek, Leszek Cezary Miller another Polish Prime Minister also thought today a good one to arrive in 1946. Iron fisted ruler of Haiti, Jean-Claude ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier was loved (by his parents) from 1951. Jerry Springer pretender who likes the sound of his own voice on his radio talk show as well as being an actor, Montel Brian Anthony Williams will try to reason with himself over the fact he’s now 61. Singer/songwriter Laura Brannigan showed some self control by being born in 1957. Comedian, author and former singer Charles Murray ‘Charlie’ Higson had his first fast show back in 1958. Ex-pointer at a map of Britain whilst giving vague weather forecasts, Sîan Mary Lloyd found the downdraft in 1958. Ex-member of dirge group Depeche Mode, slightly more upbeat Yazoo and not forgetting camp popster’s Erasure, Vince Clark showed a little respect in 1960. Three time married American actor who likes to act on crates and avid Scientologist, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, or just Tom Cruise, found it wasn’t mission impossible in 1962. Not so young British artist Tracey Emin saw her first bed in 1963. Founder of WikiLeaks who’s been holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy for the past five years, Julian Paul Assange hacked his way through in 1971. Son to cycling champion Stephen, cyclist Nicholas Roche hasn’t pumped up his existence since 1984. Formula One driver who’s bagged the world title four times, Sebastian Vettel started qualifying for birthday cards from 1987.

Deaths today include, among many others, English ornithologist and ichthyologist, Francis Willughby twitched for the last time in 1672. Mum to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart left the chamber in 1778. Argentine President, Juan Hipólito del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Yrigoyen Alem must have run out of breath trying to say his name in 1933. French car maker of iconic motors, (think Light 15, 2CV and the original DS), André-Gustave Citroën came to the end of his road in 1935. Inventor of the electric razor Jacob Schick was cut up about dying in 1937. Trigger, (as in horse from the Roy Rogers films and not the character in Only and Fools Horses), disappeared off to the cat food factory in 1965. Founding and leading member of The Rolling Stones, (until Mick took over), Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones found it’s all over now in 1969. Cult singer with The Doors, James Douglas ‘Jim’ Morrison, had hoped they’d light his fire, so must have been disappointed when he ended up being buried in Pére Lachaise Cemetary Paris, in 1971. Voice of Mr Magoo, (among other acting jobs) James Gilmore ‘Jim’ Backus never got to hear the person say, ‘Hello down there’ to him in 1989. Last of The Three Stooges born Joseph Wardell but known as Joe ‘Curly Joe’ DeRita had Coroner Creek look in to his death back in 1993. Planner of the Munich Olympic massacre Mohammad Daoud Oudeh/Abu Daoud ran out of time in 2010. Car designer responsible for some of the most famous cars ever built, (from the Morris 1100 to the Ferraris 328 and 360), Sergio (Pinin)Farina rather ironically went the colour of clay himself in 2012. Finally, 57th Prime Minister of Romania – Radu Vasile became history in 2013.


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