Births today begin with Welsh surveyor and geographer with a mountain and over priced double glazing company named after him, George Everest saw land for the first time in 1790. Joseph François Oscar Bernadotte or Oscar I, King of Sweden and Norway started off in Paris way back in 1799. Wearer of odd little hats and stripy blankets, Guiseppe Garibaldi, (the one with a horrible biscuit named after him), fought his way through, rather ironically in Nice, in 1807. Founder of Canadian Club Whisky, Hiram Walker had his age statement made from 1816. Irish born mutton chopped philanthropist Thomas John Barnado adopted this day as his birthday in 1845. Circus ringmaster who jostled with P.T. Barnham, James Anthony McGinnis or James Anthony Bailey as the posters billed him, made it through the clown alley in 1847. First of several United States of America Presidents to get a mention today is 30th holder of the office, John Calvin Coolidge took decisive action by being born in 1872. Co-founder of film making company with the lion, Lazar Meir as he was initially known, before changing it to Louis Bert Mayer roared into life back in 1882. Actress Gloria Stuart made sure she never forgot her birthday on Independence Day from 1910.
Car designer Giuseppe ‘Nuccio’ Bertone launched himself in 1914. Self proclaimed ‘Queen of Mean’ born Lena Mindy Rosenthal but known as Leona Mindy Roberts Helmsley taxed her parents from 1920. Proper royal Norwegian of the day goes to Sonja Haraldsen or as she’s now known, Queen Sonja of Norway entered the land of fjords and thick woolly jumpers in 1937. Singer who took a deep breath on one of his records, William Harrison ‘Bill’ Withers Jr., was naked and warm not only in 1938 but also 1976. Edwardian looking minor English royal, Michael George Charles Franklin or to give him his proper title – Prince Michael of Kent, has been slipping down the line of succession since 1942. The wonderfully named American footballer, Emerson Boozer started sipping from this day in 1943. Peace activist and author Ronald Laurence ‘Ron’ Kovic found inspiration for his book title from his birthday since 1946. David Alan ‘Kid’ Jensen should change that to ‘OAP’ given he’s now 67. Un-amusing left wing comedian who makes Ben Elton look like a Daily Mail reader, Mark Steele ranted for the first time in 1960. Also born that year is Formula 1 skidder, Roland Ratzenberger who found the slicks. Sit-com actor and voice over maestro with the mop of hair and cheeky smile, Bob the Builder or rather Prof. Brian Cox looky likey, Neil Anthony Morrisey was a baby behaving badly in 1962. Radio DJ Johanne ‘Jo’ Whiley found her voice in 1965. Impressionist Ronni Ancona left a big impression on her parents in 1968. Sign language expert Hanabiko ‘Koko’ the Lowland gorilla, learnt the code for birthday cake shortly after being born in 1971.

As for deaths, given there hasn’t been a Pope for a few days, here’s Pope Benedict V who stopped bothering his aides from 965. Today isn’t the one to be a President of the United States of America given the next two people died in 1826: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both found their term on earth up, as did fifth incumbent James Munro in 1831. Whilst 15th Vice-President of the United States of America, Hannibal Hamin obviously felt a bit left out given he expired in 1891. Yoga guru born Narendranath Datta but went by the name Swami Vivekananda has been in the relaxed position since 1902. Radioactive Nobel prize winner with a charity named after her, born Maria Salomea Skłodowska but known as Marie Skłodowska Curie, curled her toes up, (and lost her hair) in 1934. Supporting actor, born John Cecil Coppin or as his Equity stated Jack Haig, probably best known for playing Monsieur LeClerc in BBC sit-com ‘Allo ‘Allo, didn’t manage to go for another take after 1989. ‘The Walrus of Love’, Barry Eugene Carter later to be renamed Barry White, failed to get the music playing after 2003. English comedy actor Eric Sykes had his final closing night in 2012. One fifth of singing sisters group, The Nolans, Bernadette Therese ‘Bernie’ Nolan wasn’t in the mood for dancing in 2013. Finally, escapologist and magician Alan Rabinowitz who went with the unimaginative name of Alan Alan, didn’t get to escape death in 2013.


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