We start today’s posting with Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France who was fifth of sixteen children and entered the world in 1554. Continuing the ancient royal theme, Peter III of Portugal (and the Algarves) popped out in 1717. Laugh a minute vegetarian, temperate member and abstainer of all things fun, not to mention carnal, Sylvester Graham started his miserable existence from 1794. Back in the real world, and given I mentioned his work colleague only yesterday, here’s the ultimate showman Phineas Taylor (PT) Barnum who was the main attraction in 1810. Founder of De Beers diamond company Cecil John Rhodes was more than a twinkle in his parents eyes in 1853. Astronomer who founded the discipline of dendrochronology, A.E. (Andrew Elliott) Douglass started counting the rings from 1867. Longest serving French Prime Minister with a public library named after him, Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou was overdue in 1911. Actor Warren Mercer Oates was tough enough to be born in 1928. Known for his distinctive stripe designs, fashion designer Paul Smith tailored his entry to the world in 1946. Harmonica player and Las Vegas performer, Hugh Anthony Cregg III or just Huey Lewis didn’t quite make the news, but he probably made the hatch, match and dispatch column in 1950. One time chart botherer Marc Craig Cohn joined the parade in 1959. Actress Edith ‘Edie’ Falco was an overnight sensation in 1963. Ballkicker and dive meister Gianfranco Zola tackled his way through in 1966. 1999 Tour de France winner, Alex Zülle didn’t rely on drugs to be born in 1968. Also born that year, current CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki was uploaded. Has been reality TV star, chubby faced Jeremy Spake took off in 1969. Irish singer with dreary band Moloko, Róisín Murphy found the time is now in 1973. Cloned sheep Dolly wasn’t quite a one off when born in 1996.

As for deaths, Ferdinand of Majorca stopped putting his towel over the sun lounger in 1316. Founder of Singapore Sir Stamford Raffles, was more in need of a shroud than a sling in 1826. Credited with being the inventor of photography, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce entered the darkroom in 1833. Dead Norwegian of the day, novelist Jonas Lie told the truth today by dying in 1908. Inventor of the ear muff – Chester Greenwood found everything went quiet without his invention in 1937. 14th Prime Minister of the land of kangaroos, koalas and cassowary’s, John Joseph Curtin went a further six feet under in 1945. Nineteen time Wimbledon winner Elizabeth Montague Ryan suffered more than a foot fault in 1979. Third Prime Minister from another part of the Commonwealth – Jamaica, Hugh Lawson Shearer checked into the horizontal Hilton in 2004. Eye patch and gaudy blazer wearing jazz musician, Alan George Haywood Melly did more than slow down, given he stopped in 2007. Finally, underhanded ex-British Airways CEO, Lord (Colin) Marshall – Baron Marshall of Kinghtsbridge found the terminal in 2012.


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