Having mentioned Thomas Stamford Raffles only yesterday when birthday presents were surplus to requirements, here he is again as people needed to start buying them for him in 1781. Nicholas I of Russia – Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland, he of curly moustache and large brushes on shoulders spread himself a bit bit thin in 1796. Another Emperor, this one with a large beard and ermine cape, Maximilian of Mexico only monarch of the Second Mexican Empire invaded the world in 1832. Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary ‘Toria’ of the United Kingdom was Member First Class of the Royal Family Order of King Edward VII from 1868.
Charles Jean Baptiste Perrin (no relation to Reggie), champion rower in the 1900 Paris Olympics came forward in 1875. Designer of the Maple Leaf flag, (thus having a head start as to which way to hang it), George Francis Gillman Stanley fluttered into life back in 1907. Founder of people being thrown around in Lycra shorts or WWE, (professional wrestling to the uninitiated), Vincent James ‘Vince’ McMahon Sr., threw himself into things from 1914. 40th First Lady of the United States of America, Anne Frances Robbins/Nancy Davis Reagan just said yes to her inaugural appearance in 1921. Creator of game show Wheel of Fortune, (among others), Mervyn Edward ‘Merv’ Griffin spun into life back in 1925. Also born that year, William Kohn Clifton ‘Bill’ Haley had his mum pushing around the clock. Founder of hotel chain beating his name and first husband to serial marrier Elizabeth Taylor – Conrad Nicholson Hilton didn’t have the no-show factor in 1926. Australian born DJ, all right, who made Britain his home, pop pickers, Alan Leslie ‘Fluff’ Freeman came along in 1927, not ‘arf! Also born that year actress best known for her role in Psycho, Janet Leigh’s parents found there were three on their couch. Seeing as there are no Popes to mention today, we’ll settle for Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalí Lama, who started getting up the nose of the Chinese from 1935. Half fingered whisky drinking comedian, David Tynan O’Mahoney, or Dave Allen as he’s better known, let his God go with him from 1936. Terence ‘Jet’ Harris came out of the shadows in 1939. Teetotal gaff prone Stetson and cowboy boot wearing 43rd President of the United States of America, son of 41st President of the United States of America and mate of unhinged British PM Tony B.Liar, George Walker Bush won’t be having a celebratory drinkie in honour of his 71st birthday. Mussitating actor who’s been plugging bread in Britain, Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone found there was no place to hide from 1946. Sit-com actor and dad to Kate, Richard Arthur Beckinsale took a few years from 1947 to start eating porridge. Actor Geoffrey Roy Rush took his time to arrive in 1951. Wife to Ade and best mate to Dawn, Jennifer Jane Saunders looks absolutely fabulous having been born in 1958. Rapper Curtis James Jackson III, who’s worth slightly more than 50 cent, had his escape plan ready in 1975. Norwegian of the day is pop starlet (in Norway), Maria Arredondo who’s mum couldn’t say it hardly hurts at all after giving birth in 1985. Founder of some micro-blogging site, David Karp logged on for the first time in 1986.

Deaths start with King Henry II of England or Henry Curtmantle/Henry FitzEmpress/Henry Plantagenet laid down next to his wife, Eleanor, in Fontevraud Abbey in 1189. Not to be outdone, Alexander II of Scotland put his sword down in 1249. Sometime pal of Henry VIII, Sir Thomas More had a one way ticket to Tower Hill in 1535. King Edward VI of England and Ireland went to Christ’s Hospital in 1553. Archbishop of Canterbury, Edmund Grindal took leave of his position in 1583. Founder of brewery bearing his name before taking up politics, Samuel Whitbread wasn’t bitter dying in 1815. Grenville Sharp English – campaigner for the abolition of the slave trade managed to abolish himself in 1831. Writer of Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, didn’t refill his pen in 1932. Flag waver for the British Labour Party who had boys running around underground and also founded the National Health Service, Aneurin Bevin was 6ft underground from 1960. Satchmo/Pops/Louis Armstrong found he didn’t have all the time in the world from 1971. Singer/songwriter Van Allen Clinton McCoy known for his hit ‘The Hustle’ shuffled off in 1979. Creator of polythene terephthalate (or PET plastic bottles), Nathanial C. Wyeth actually started the decaying process in 1990.
Leonard Franklin Slye, who went onto become known as Roy Rogers headed west in 1998. Finally, actress known for her role in Bewitched Josie Imogene ‘Kasey’ Rogers bowed out in 2006.


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