Another fairly quiet day’s posting begins with John Pemberton, founder of rusty bolt easer and rotting teeth drink Coca Cola popped out in 1831. Manufacturer of slow flying airship (that’s not a blimp), Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin didn’t so much fly as cruise through in 1838. Bug eyed comedian Martin Alan ‘Marty’ Feldman started to make people laugh in 1934. Dicer of onions and mushrooms whilst wearing a pinny, Wolfgang Puck was served up in 1949. Third generation of the firm to win an Academy award, Anjelica Houston was good to go in 1951. Former bangle salesman, now green fingered television gardener, Montagu Denis Wyatt ‘Monty’ Don found the bottom heat from 1955. Actor and plugger of mobile phones in Britain, Kevin Bacon had one degree of separation from his mum in 1958. Sort of Jewish, mainly Scientologist mate of Tom C and musician, Bek David Campbell now known as Beck, had his first ‘hell yes’ moment in 1970. Irish ball kicker now chief diver for the Los Angeles Galaxy team, Robert ‘Robbie’ Keane didn’t quite have a clean sheet when born in 1980.

Death wise, two Popes failed to make it through the day – the first of which Pope Eugene III took his last orders in 1153, while in 1623 Pope Gregory XV made sure the conclave had something to do. Benefactor of college bearing his name, Elihu Yale found his knowledge slip away in 1721. King Oscar I of Sweden (and Norway) didn’t have to worry about the weighty shoulder pads after 1859. Bushy moustached non-founding member of family chocolate firm snaffled up by Kraft a few years ago -William Adlington Barrow Cadbury, ended up in a coffin and not a ballotin in 1957.
Ex-Greek Prime Minister during the Second World War, Konstantinos Logothetopoulos didn’t have to get the printing presses fired up for more drachma’s, but did have to stop swigging the retsina in 1961. British stage and film actress, not to mention being ‘Mrs Luvvie’ (Laurence Olivier’s wife) for 20 years, born Vivian Mary Hartley or Vivien Leigh had her second fire over England when cremated in 1967. Deluded autocratic leader of the ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’ or North Korea to you and me, Kim II-sung probably didn’t die in 1994. Voice of the Daleks (among others), Peter Hawkins found himself exterminated in 2006. Finally, alcoholics abstainer and 40th former First Lady of the United States of America, Elizabeth Ann ‘Betty’ Ford found her mouth somewhat dry in 2011.


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