Credited with refining sewing machines to how we know them today, Elias Howe started spinning a yarn from 1819 and starts today’s posting. Having mentioned lover of all things pink, ankle biting mutts and makeup on 21st May when she stopped writing slushy novels, Barbara Cartland began her first chapter in 1901. Former sailer and Prime Minister of Blighty (as opposed to the band leader of the same name), Edward Heath eased the sheets in 1916. Cartoonist with DC Comics for 50 years, Murphy C. Anderson Jr., started drawing on life’s experiences from 1926. Not content with being 13th Secretary of Defence, he came back for a second stab at it in 2001 as 21st Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld fought his way through in 1932. Ian Carmichael Wilson or actor Richard Wilson known for playing curmudgeonly Victor Meldrew probably doesn’t believe making it to his 81st birthday. One of Britain’s greatest artists (apparently) David Hockney brushed out in 1937. First lead singer with AC/DC, Ronald Belford ‘Bon’ Scott showed a stiff upper lip during birth in 1946. Former sportsman who took a career change and became an armed robber/kidnapper with the slow getaway vehicle, Orenthal James ‘O.J.’ Simpson made his first home run in 1947.
Backing singer who managed to score a hit in her own right, Gwendolyn ‘Gwen’ Guthrie had a ticket to ride from 1950. Fellow singer from family group – Debbie Sledge, was one of the sisters from 1954. Versatile actor (who’s films have grossed over $8.4 billion dollars), Tom Hanks got his first big break in 1956. Tattooed singer Marc Almond waved hello to the world and said goodbye to his mum’s stomach in 1957. Also born that year is Kelly McGillis who had more than one witness to her arrival in the world. Another person who entered the world in 1957 is comedian and team captain on a quiz show – Paul James Martin or Paul Merton thought, ‘Have I Got News For You’. Ex-Mr Chrissie Hind and Mr Patsy Kensit, singer James ‘Jim’ Kerr was alive and kicking (along with dribbling and screaming) in 1959. Also born that year, human rights lawyer Clive Adrian Stafford Smith started sticking up for himself. Widow of gun (sorry grunge) enthusiast Kurt Cobain, and singer with the eloquently named band ‘Hole’, Courtney Love has clearly had celebrity skin since 1964. Lead singer who was married to his wife, (or was she just his sister?) Jack White shook his way through in 1975. Street artist who featured as a swimming baby on the Nirvana album, Spencer Kenneth Royce Elden has never minded about being born in 1991.

As for deaths, we start in 1228 with Archbishop of Canterbury and publican (or to be more precise name of a pub in Abinger Common, Dorking), Stephen Langton obviously had enough of dividing the bible into chapters used today. Next up is War lover and 12th President of the United States of America, Zachery Taylor left Washington in 1850. Clean shaven inventor of the safety razor, King C. Gillette started to grow a beard this day in 1932. Whilst I’d like to tell you the name of Narcotics Anonymous who died in 1985, that would defeat the whole point of the organisation. No nonsense dog trainer Barbara Woodhouse took her own advice and rolled over in 1988. Star of over 100 films including some well known ones, Rod Steiger found it was the end to his days in 2002. Finally, co-founder of model agency bearing her name – Eileen Ford stopped slapping on the make up and lippy in 2014.

This will be my last posting for just over a week as I’m taking a well deserved break – hope to see you all again on Tuesday 18th July..!



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