Births start today with fan of the two fingered salute and book donor Giovanni Francesco Albani or as he became known, Pope Clement XI graced the world from 1649. Sixth governor of New South Wales with a former penal colony named after him in Queensland, (see if you can guess where) – Thomas Makdougall Brisbane saw it in the stars that he was to be born in 1773. One of the Warner Bros. (born Abraham Wonsal), but known as Aaron ‘Albert’ Warner was on general release from 1884.
Rastafarian’s favourite Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael or as he’s better known – Haile Selassie I was pretty chilled about being born in 1892. Western film star and sidekick to ‘The Duke’ John Wayne – Norton Earl Worden, but known as Hank Worden wondered which way was up in 1901. Scruffy ex-leader of the red team with an affinity for old duffle coats, unkempt hair and thick glasses, Michael Mackintosh Foot was more popular in 1913, than 70 years later in 1983. Calvert DeForest also known by his character’s name Larry ‘Bud’ Melman was probably a little freaked by being born in 1921. First Prime Minister of Bangladesh Tajuddin Ahmad was a proper freedom fighter even back in 1925. Expert on galaxy rotation rates, (sounds thrilling) astronomer who found dark matter in space saw the light in 1928. Actor Daniel Ronald ‘Ronny’ Cox had his own deliverance in 1938. Also making his debut that year was convicted murderer and dad to actor Woodrow ‘Woody’ Harrelson, Charles Voyd Harrelson. Depraved child killer Myra Hindley came to be in 1942. Heart throb actor and singer to ladies (and possibly gentleman), of a certain age David Albert Cook/Essex had the smile in 1947.
Singer in second line up of jazz vocal group Manhattan Transfer – Janis Siegel had her who what where when why moment in 1952. Rebel cricketer Graham Gooch had his timing just right in 1953. Omnipresent game show panellist and comedian not to mention being a Robert Smith looky likey, Josephine Grace ‘Jo’ Brand headlined for the first time in 1957. Ethical vegan and raw foodist (as turnips have feelings too you know), actor who’s dad appears above – Woodrow Tracy ‘Woody’ Harrelson was more than seven pounds when born in 1961. Guitarist with the top hat, frizzy black hair, sunglasses and previous drug habit Saul Hudson or Slash to his fans, entered the paradise city in 1965. Respected but troubled actor Philip Seymour Hoffman took a leap of faith in 1967. Bluegrass country singer (still as awful as country singing) – Alison Maria Krauss has been able to forget about it being her birthday since 1971.
Bill Clinton’s favourite intern to whom he gave a mouthful and in return she got him impeached, Monica Samille Lewinsky came forth (or was it second?) in 1973. Also born that year, singer with Scottish band Travis, Francis ‘Fran’ Healy was the boy with no name. Known for playing gormless character Neil in comedy series The Inbetweeners, Blake Harrison Keenan, (who dropped the Keenan) had a bit of a way to go in 1985. Boy actor who found fame as round glass wearing quiddich playing and loads of other stuff I’ve never heard of, (nor have any interest in), as Harry Potter -Daniel Jacob Radcliffe was the main star (not an extra) in 1989.

There aren’t that many deaths to report on today, yet we start with sewing machine manufacturer bearing his name, Isaac Singer was stitched up for the last time in 1875. 18th President of the United States of America Ulysses S Grant, the one with a submarine named in his honour, found himself only six feet under in 1885. Short term Prime Minister of Greece Spyridon Lambros or Lampros took his last look at the Acropolis in 1919. Actor/director Victor ‘Vic’ Morrow has been looking for God’s little acre since 1982. King Hassan II of Morocco took his fez off in 1999. Star of dull legal series ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’ Reginald ‘Leo’ McKern had his final hearing in 2002. King of Afghanistan Mohammed Zahir Shah took up prime position on Maranjan Hill in 2007. Talented tattooed singer with the beehive hairdo, Amy Jade Winehouse should have gone to rehab as if she had she probably wouldn’t have joined the ’27 Club’ in 2011. Finally, Indian actress Manjula Vijayakumar didn’t have an alternative end in 2013.


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