Today’s posting begins with biologist who coined the term genetics – William Bateson had the pedigree in 1861. Non-relation to Jim and possibly one of the first people to get to the Geographic North Pole, Matthew Alexander Henson had his first expedition in 1866. 12th President of Brazil, the one partial to wearing a bow-tie and formal dinner suit, Arthur da Silva Bernardes didn’t rebel in 1875. Co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Robert Holbrook Smith, or as his members knew him, ‘Dr. Bob’ wasn’t dry when born in 1879. Jump blues singer James ‘Jimmy’ Witherspoon, thought it ain’t nobody’s business knowing his birthday from 1920. First President of Bosnia & Herzegovina – Alija Izetbegović started ruling his parents lives from 1925. Actor who starred In both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, Richard Norman Anderson didn’t get a black eye when born in 1926. Redhill (Surrey) resident at the time of the Great Train Robbery, Ronald Arthur ‘Ronnie’ Biggs blagged his way through in 1929. Contributor to various television sci-fi series and creator of both the Daleks and Davros, Terence Joseph ‘Terry’ Nation didn’t get to ask, ‘Dr Who?’ at his birth in 1930. Act tor Dustin Lee Hoffman is still the little big man despite arriving in 1937. Creator of the Sony PlayStation Ken Kutaragi started playing games with his parents in 1950. English F1 driver who won the championship in 1992, Nigel Ernest James Mansell hits a rather modest 64 having been born in 1953. Also born that year is actor Don Most – or as he was also known Ralph Malph, has had plenty of happy days since then. Beanie hat wearing member of one of the largest bands in the world, David Howell Evans, or The Edge has had more than one Achtung Baby moment since his arrival in 1961. Bankrupt pugilist with the lisp who used to drive around the streets of Brighton aimlessly in his truck rig, Christopher ‘Chris’ Livingstone Eubank went the distance in 1966. Puerto Rican/Irish American front man to band Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Hugh Thomas Ángel Munger Díaz Morgan, who’s known as Huey Morgan had his first big night out in 1968. Another of the Merckx family into cycling, this one Axel (son of Eddy), suffered a drop out in 1972. White short (and shirt) wearer whilst knocking about tennis courts around the world, Roger Federer had his approach shot bang on in 1981. Daughter of toe sucking ex-royal who’s slipping down the succession line, Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York, thankfully didn’t wear one of her hats on her first appearance in 1988. Norwegian of the day is singer, (and for a change it’s not one in a death metal group), but popster Malin Reitan who started warming her vocal chords up in 1995.

Death wise it appears to be a fairly quiet day, yet we start with Prime Minister of Great Britain George Canning saw the sunset clause become a reality in 1827. Another giant, this one Scot Angus Mór MacAskill, or Black Angus, who reached the dizzy heights of 7ft 9ins, (2.36 metres in new money), turned his extra big toes up in 1863. Co-founder of QANTAS, Fergus McMaster was grounded from 1950. Author Shirley Hardie Jackson lost the lottery of life in 1965. Actress/dancer (Mary) Louise Brooks left the rolled stockings from 1985. Actor known for his role in the television series of Batman, Alan William Napier-Clavering was lured away in 1988. ‘Scream Queen’ actress Vina Fay Wray started chasing the chaser from 2004. Fellow thespian Patricia Neal had her checkmate moment in 2010. Finally, Indian actress/singer Jaymala Shiledar left them wanting more in 2013.


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