Today’s birthdays paragraph starts with John of Bohemia aka ‘John the Blind’ who was Count of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia and titular King of Poland but was able to see for his first 40 years from 1296. First Prime Minister of Italy Camillo Paolo Filippo Giulio Benso, or just Cavour, found he was unified with his mum from 1810. Real life Willy Wonka, Henrich ‘Henri’ Nestlé missed out on infant formula given he was born in 1814 and didn’t invent it until 1867. William Willett campaigner of daylight saving time, (and great-great-grandfather of whinging Coldplay frontman Chris Martin), missed out on an hour of his life from 1856. 31st President of the United States of America who was quite partial to a spot of housework, Herbert Clark Hoover pushed forth in 1874. Claimed inventor of never ending, (and cheats dream), board game Monopoly, Charles Brace Darrow passed go for the first time in 1889. Actor who worked with various big names in his career, Henry O’Neill was the personality kid from 1891. Known for playing the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, John Joseph ‘Jack’ Haley was probably scared stiff upon entering the world back in 1898. Founder of guitar company bearing his name, Clarence Leondias ‘Leo’ Fender suffered some feedback when born in 1909. Actor Noah Lindsey Beery, (who played James Garner’s dad in The Rockford Files), was quite gung ho in 1913. Black listed actor Arthur Zwerling, or as he became known Jeff Corey, reached the outer limits in 1914. Creator of the Jimmy Dean sausage brand before going onto having a hit with ‘Big Bad John’ and his lesser known one, (which is probably just as well given its title – ‘I’m a Swinger’) Jimmy Ray Dean started bummin’ around in 1928. Singer/actor and another ex-Mr Elizabeth Taylor, Edwin Jack ‘Eddie’ Fisher was young and foolish in 1928. British judge who’s been involved with various high profile inquests, (and aunt to actor Nigel Havers) Ann Elizabeth Oldfield Butler-Sloss received her initial calling in 1933. Caress Morell, (for those in the know, or those who watch endless repeats of Dynasty on some high numbered channel), Frances Meredith Carroll or Kate O’Mara found she had no hiding place from 1939. Singer Robert Lee ‘Bobby’ Hatfield was a righteous brother in 1940. Once married to wild haired wig wearer, record producer and now jail bird Phil – Ronnie Spector found she was the baby in 1943. 32nd President of Columbia Juan Manuel Santos Calderón joined the majority in 1951. Four time married actress, (just two short of Liz Taylor then), Rosanna Lisa Arquette wasn’t switched at birth in 1959. Having name checked his ex-wife Melanie Griffith only yesterday, here’s José Antonio Domínguez Bandera, who’s shortened that to Antonio Banderas started spying on life in 1960. Known for a couple of things, (not forgetting her water feature), gardener Charlotte Elouise ‘Charlie’ Dimmock broke new ground in 1966. Heavyweight boxer Riddick Lamont Bowe has been celebrating his undisputed birthday every year since 1967. Ex-English rugby union captain Lorenzo Bruno Nero ‘Lawrence’ Dallaglio began the dummy passing in 1972.

As for deaths, these appear to be thin on the ground (again), King Ferdinand VI ‘the Learned’ of Spain started to prostrate himself properly in 1759. Younger brother to Joseph, classical composer Johann Michael Haydn left the harpsichord lid up from 1806. 68th Prime Minister of France Pierre Marie René Ernest Waldeck-Rousseau gave the long lunches a miss from 1904. One of the few non-humans to get a mention here, acting dog Rin Tin Tin saw his last tin of dog food in 1932. First British climber to make it to the summit of second highest mountain K2, before not making the descent, Alan Paul Rouse decamped permanently in 1986. First dead Norwegian of the day, Øystein Aarseth, or Euronymous, another shouter of indecipherable lyrics in a death metal band, probably mumbled something illegible before expiring in 1993. Second dead Norwegian goes to programming language whiz Kristen Nygaard, who had more than a syntax error in 2002. Finally, sunglass wearing slap head soul singer Isaac Lee Hayes got to say goodbye in 2008.


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