We see ancient English Princess – Mary of York start today’s births paragraph given she was born in 1467 at Windsor Castle, well before low flying aircraft disturbed sleep there. Marie François Sadi Carnot 4th President of the French Republic was a dynamic child from 1837. Kijūrō Shidehara 44th Japanese Prime Minister pacified his parents in 1872. Child disliker, (even after they bought her books), Enid Mary Blyton came out nodding in 1897. Film/television actor Lloyd Benedict Nolan headed toward the unknown in 1902. 10th Prime Minister of Thailand with the numerous medal bands on his chest, Thanom Kittikachorn dictated his birthday from 1911. Cartoonist responsible for Hägar the Horrible (among others) – Richard Arthur Allan ‘Dik’ Browne started entertaining his family from 1917. Film director responsible for The Amityville Horror and Cool Hand Luke to name but two, Stuart Rosenberg found himself spliced in 1927. Nearly impeached tenth President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf battled his way through in 1943. Careless driver and the man we have to thank for couriers not turning up on time – Frederick Wallace ‘Fred’ Smith founder of FedEx was probably late himself when born in 1944. Steve Jobs’ shouting partner and co-founder of Apple Computers Stephen/Stephan Gary ‘Steve’ Wozniak downloaded successfully in 1950. Disappointingly not a relation to Paul – Hulk Hogan, (or to give him his proper name – Terry Gene Bollea), the wrestler with not only the moustache but also sex tape, thankfully didn’t have all the old biddies sat bedside with their handbags on their laps cheering him on during birth in 1953. Singer/songwriter David Ian ‘Joe’ Jackson was more slippin’ than steppin’ out in 1954. Actress Embeth Jean Davidtz left the garden of redemption in 1965. Known for role in Ugly Betty, Ashley Jensen wasn’t an extra this day in 1969. One hit wonder, Alexandria ‘Sandi’ Thom has been her mum and dad’s flesh and blood since 1981.

As for deaths, the following kept their appointment with the reaper – first dead Norwegian of the day, Guttorm Sigurdsson, King of Norway was all of five years old when he put the oversized crown down in 1204. Second dead Norwegian of the day goes to composer Halfdan Kjerulf who knew the score by dying in 1868. Industrialist who founded a steel company using his surname and has a hall in New York City named after him, Andrew Carnegie found himself in a new casing back in 1919. Gianoberto Maria Carlo Bugatti, or just Jean Bugatti, car designer and test engineer with the family car business ran out of juice in 1939. Splatterer of paint on canvas, (and making a mint out of it), Paul Jackson Pollock spluttered his last in 1956. Virologist credited with developing a vaccine against yellow fever – Max Theiler went grey before turning white in 1972. Actor Alfred Sinclair Alderdice who found fame as Tom Drake, had a date with disaster in 1982. Fellow thespian Anne Ramsey, star of ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Throw Momma From the Train’, didn’t so much head west as goin’ south in 1988. Classic horror actor Peter Wilton Cushing joined the characters he played in 1994. Founder of the Special Olympics Dame Eunice Mary Kennedy Shriver got the gold medal in rolling over in 2009. American version of Bob Holness, (British ex-host of Blockbusters), William ‘Bill’ Rafferty has his last ‘P’ in 2012. Finally, it’s been three years since Robin Williams called it a wrap in 2014.


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