After a few fairly quiet days on the births front, today, the ‘glorious’ 12th, things seem to have picked up a bit. That said, we must start with King of Norway and Denmark – Christian III reigned large from 1503. Keeping with the ancient royal theme, King of The United Kingdom, Ireland and Hanover, commissioner of Brighton Pavilion and remodeller of Buckingham Palace, George IV entered the world regally in 1762. Poet who wrote original version of The Story of the Three Bears (or just Goldilocks), Robert Southey didn’t refrain from celebrating his birthday after 1774. Mum to one of the most deluded people in history, Klara Hitler (née Pölzl), came out arms first in 1860. Film director Cecil Blount DeMille gave his parents something to think about in 1881. Actress Marion Lorne bewitched her parents from 1883. Keith Murdoch, journalist and dad to phone hacking hack Rupert, made the news in 1886. Actor with a theatre on Broadway named in his honour, Alfred Lunt who was mentioned on the 3rd August in the deaths paragraph gets his second mention in as many weeks given he lifted the curtain in 1892. Short lived member of the Three Stooges, Joe Beeser was caught on the bounce in 1907. Actor with the proper Scottish name: William Fulton Beith Mackay found himself released in 1922. Joint compilers of the Guinness Book of Records, Norris and Ross McWhirter had to share the spotlight in 1925. Film actor/director and fourth husband to Bo Derek, Derek Dullivan Harris or just John Derek didn’t lead a double life from 1926. Mathematician with the rather unfortunate surname, Jacques Tits only managed to count to two for the first few years of his life from 1930. One half of the band Sparks, (the one with the Hitler/Chaplin moustache) Ronald David ‘Ron’ Mael had a good morning in 1945. English naturalist, (not naturist), Terence Paul ‘Terry’ Nutkins didn’t grow up wild after his birth in 1946. Plucker of the strings with his bands, Mark Freuder Knopfler began the walk, (or rather crawl) of life from 1949. Singer with the high waisted trousers and long jacket, born Thomas August Darnell Browder but goes by the stage name Kid Creole hasn’t been too cool to conga since 1950. Really, really unpopular French ex-President, (until the next one), François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande won’t be allowed to hang the bunting or balloons outside the Élysée Palace in celebration of his 63rd birthday. Frizzy haired guitarist Patrick Bruce ‘Pat’ Metheny’s parents were hoping for one quiet night from 1954. Husky voiced singer with a couple of hits to her name, Tanita Tikaram was more of a Tuesday than Thursday child in 1969. Hairy tennis player Petros ‘Pete’ Sampras had his first exhibition match in 1971. It’s thanks to would be shoe bomber Richard Reid who didn’t quite blast through in 1973 that we now have to take our shoes/belts off at airports. Actor Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck Boldt but known as Casey Affleck has been committed to celebrating his birthday this day since 1975. Model/actress Cara Jocelyn Delevingne stormed the world in 1992.

Deaths today start with Cleopatra VII Philopator who may have looked younger than she was given her ass milk baths, but she still gave up breathing in 311BC. Next up are two Popes – Pope Sixtus IV had someone else waft the incense about for him in 1484, while in 1689 Pope Innocent XI had the fire burning in his honour. Poet/painter William Blake never did manage to find a word that rhymed with dead especially after 1827.
Having dabbled with developing miner’s safety lamps, civil and mechanical engineer George Stephenson fell off the rails in 1848. Designer of rifle and founder of company bearing his surname, Eliphalet Remington found the stopping power a reality in 1861. First undisputed world chess champion Wilhelm (William) Steinitz checkmated himself in 1900. Credited with creating stainless steel, Harry Brearley probably didn’t leave a stainless bed in 1948. Writer of dull spy tales (and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), Ian Lancaster Fleming found you only live once given he died in 1964. Head of acting clan – Henry Jaynes Fonda went on his merry way in 1982. Having mentioned Jackson Pollock only yesterday, Jean-Michel Basquiat found his time was up in 1988. Acamedy award winning actress Loretta Young saw seven footprints to Satan in 2000. Creator of various boring game shows still being shown around the world, Mervyn Edward ‘Merv’ Griffin found the wheel of fortune didn’t spin in his favour back in 2007. Comb over king and quiz show host Robert Henry Robinson called his own bluff by dying in 2011.
Not the ex-tax dodging comedian who laughs like a seal, but American footballer Jimmy Carr entered coffin corner in 2012. Finally, Betty Joan Perske who went onto become known as Lauren Bacall entered the big sleep in 2014.


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