Today’s posting begins with Philip III of France who became known as le Hardi after being born in 1245. Another ancient Royal, Mary II of England had her own glorious revolution in 1662. Considered one of the greatest mathematicians – Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss started adding up the years from 1777. Stern looking Nazi Ulrich Friedrich Wilhelm Joachim von Ribbentrop started wearing baggy shorts in 1893. Juliana Emma Marie Wilhelmina, Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands emerged from the nether regions in 1909. Actress known for her roles in both Grease films, Eve Arden, (born Eunice Mary Quedens) found she couldn’t say no to being born in 1908. Co-developer of Global Positioning System (GPS) – Roger Lee Easton didn’t know the way home from hospital in 1921. Another actor from The Munsters, Albert Meister who’s better known as Al Lewis, was a real character in 1923. Silver streaked sports presenter Richard ‘Dickie’ Davies arrived on cue in 1933. Teen idol from the 1960’s Robert Thomas Velline, who abbreviated it to Bobby Vee really did have a baby face in 1943. Sometime sash wearing King of Sweden – Carl XIV Gustaf started to climb the ascension ladder in 1946. Convicted murderer and soap opera actor who blotted his copy book, (in more ways than one), Leslie Michael Grantham was cleaned up after birth in 1947. Ex-Prime Minister of Portugal who went onto become ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres assumed the position in 1949. Another inanely grinning white toothed Osmond was born in 1953, this time it was Merrill Davis Osmond who went onto become bass player and lead singer in the family band. 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Joseph Harper had a good alliance with his mum from 1959. Actress Kirsten Caroline Dunst’s parents found all good things come to those that wait in 1982.


Deaths are again somewhat thin on the ground, that said, we begin with Tabinshwehti King of Burma who was mentioned on 16th April when he was born, gets another name check given he entered the legend books in 1550. Guy Fawkes looks likey – Sigismund III Vasa, King of not only Poland but also Sweden along with being Grand Duke of Lithuania put the crown down in 1632. John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, who is credited with inventing said delicacy, started to go mouldy in 1792. Easel botherer with the beard, Édouard Manet found he didn’t have to think about mixing paints again after 1883. Known for his (now defunct) burger chain in the UK, American railroad worker Casey Jones, gave his last whistle in 1900. Having also mentioned tooth brush moustached nutter with the straight arm and baggy trousers a week or so ago, here he is again as Adolf Hitler and & Eva Braun bunkered down in 1945. One of the stars of Bewitched, Agnes Robertson Moorhead, has been on the left hand of God since 1974. Founder of the New York Ballet – born Giorgi Melitonovich Balanchivade but known as George Balanchine took his tights off in 1983. McKinley Morganfield or Muddy Waters as he was also known, couldn’t hold out much longer, which came to be true given he died in 1983. Formula One driver Roland Ratzenberger didn’t qualify for the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Person who suggested the name Pluto, (for the planet, not the cartoon dog), Venetia Katherine Douglas Phair, (née Burney) joined the stars of Banstead, (Surrey) in 2009. Finally, singer Benjamin Earl King who successfully abbreviated it to Ben E King, found he couldn’t have danced all night in 2015.

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