For those of you who like to see Popes mentioned here, we see the first one of the day given Fabio Chigi set his sights on becoming Pope Alexander VII in 1599. Sidekick to Charles Darwin on his first great voyage – Joseph Banks succeeded in his endeavour in being born this day, (on the old calendar) in 1743. Dad to Winnie, the British PM who liked cigars whilst giving people the V sign – Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill was on his feet a year or so after 1849. Eleventh President of the Republic of France, Paul Eugéne Louis Deschanel was an eccentric from an early age following his birth in 1855. First Lady and Second Lady of the United States of America being President Harry S. Truman Mrs – Elizabeth Virginia ‘Bess’ Truman, (née Wallace), was Miss Independence from 1885. Another famous Belgian, this one novelist and creator of detective Jules Maigret – Georges Joseph Christian Simenon didn’t know the rules of the game in 1903. Blacklisted stage/screen actress for supporting the pinkos, Jean Muir was at her mum’s bedside in 1911. Ex-British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Francis Leslie Pym invaded the world in 1922. Also born that year, folklorist Tristram Potter Coffin managed to dodge his for 89 years. First pilot to exceed the speed of sound in level flight – Charles Elwood ‘Chuck’ Yeager broke through in 1923. Artist with the rather unfortunate surname, Ernst Fuchs didn’t mess up his parents lives from 1930. Charlotte Gercke who went onto become known as actress and aviatrix Susan Oliver, didn’t have a change of mind as to when her birthday should be from 1932. Actor George Segal Jr., started act one in 1934. Fellow actor, this one who liked a few sherbets – Oliver Reed joined the captain’s table in 1938. Norwegian of the day, computer scientist Arne Sølvberg programmed his released in 1940. Actor/musician Peter Halsten Thorkelson or just Peter Tork was a right little monkey in 1942. 56th Mayor of Cincinnati who hosted original shoutarama show with inhabitants of various trailer parks, Gerald Norman ‘Jerry’ Springer was unleashed to us in Highgate, London back in 1944. Comedy singer Dennis Bryant or Kevin Bloody Wilson wasn’t your average Australian yobbo in 1947. Early member of dad rock group Genesis, before going solo and enjoying world music, Peter Brian Gabriel has been growing up since 1950. Ex-bass player with New Order who spent years haggling over royalties with his old band mates, Peter Woodhead/Hook had true faith about being born in 1956. Actor and son to author J.D. Salinger – Matthew Douglas Salinger, made his debut in 1960. One half of comedy duo Punt & Dennis who also stars in Outnumbered, Peter Hugh Dennis impressed his parents in 1962. Bare chested chain wearing hip-hopper who was with the C+C Music Factory – born Frederick Brandon Williams but known as Freedom Williams has managed to keep it coming since 1966. Ginger haired singer, Sonia (Evans) – wanted to wake up everybody from 1971. Fellow singer with the big ego and extensive tattoo collection who swings both ways, (according to the album title), Robert Peter ‘Robbie’ Williams has had a few lazy days since 1974. Singer/songwriter Leslie Feist who goes by her surname – was inside and out in 1976. Second Norwegian of the day is deluded Islam hating right wing terrorist and killer, Anders Behring Breivik started his reign of terror in 1979. Older bro to Andy – fellow tennis player, Jamie Robert Murray rallied in 1986. Michael Joseph ‘Prince’ Jackson Jr., son, to, err, Michael Jackson Snr., thankfully hasn’t taken to wearing spangly gloves or having chimps for pets in his 23 years on the planet.

As with the above paragraph starting with a Pope, so does this one – though I’m sure Pope Honorius II would rather have celebrated his birthday than death in 1130. Fifth wife of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard found herself minus her head in 1542. Not content with that, Henry VIII also condemned Jane Boleyn to death for being a hanger on. Charles X Gustav King of Sweden found his empire diminish in 1660. Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia didn’t quite manage to live up to being ‘The Winter Queen’ seeing as she didn’t make it through 1662. Stephen Fry looky-likey and composer Wilhelm Richard Wagner scored his last note in 1883. Eleventh President of Brazil, Epitácio Lindolfo da Silva Pessoa left the favela in 1942. Agnes Campbell Macphail, the first female Canadian MP put her handbag down in 1954. Continuing that theme, handbag wielding English suffragette Dame Christabel Pankhurst stopped bashing people with hers from 1958. Also dying that year, painter Georges Henri Rouault found himself expressionless. Co-designer of the Willys MB Jeep – Delmar Gerle “Barney” Roos wasn’t bumped off in 1960. Actress Mary Wayne ‘Mae’ Marsh ended her days in Hermosa Beach, (could think of worse places) in 1968. Known for playing Dr Richard Kimble in The Fugitive, David Janssen found it wasn’t a pleasure dying in 1980. Sports commentator who was constantly on the BBC during my childhood, Ronald James ‘Ron’ Pickering lost his voice, and life, in 1991. Actor Martin Henry Balsam found his time limit expired in 1996. Dead Norwegian of the day, author Axel Jensen started to hear the deafening silence in 2003. Also dying that year actor Walter Stacey Keech Snr., had the clapperboard come down on his life. Cartoonist for D.C. Thompson, (think The Beano and Dandy), Gordon Bell wasn’t so sparkly from 2014. Also not making it through 2014, Ralph Waite who played John Walton Sr., switched the light off for the last time. Finally, Henri Marie Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat or to give him his other title – Prince Hendrik of Denmark lost his hygge in 2018.

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