Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 31st October

Dutch painter Johannes/Jan/Johann Vermeer starts today’s posting, although his birthdate appears to be unknown he was baptised this day in 1632. For those missing the births/deaths of Popes, wait no more, as Giovanni Vincenzo Antonio Ganganelli or Pope Clement XIV’s mum didn’t quite have the immaculate conception in 1705. Romantic poet John Keats could have been born two days earlier in 1795, but then again it may well have been today. I’m very glad I wasn’t the person who registered the birth of, (and take a deep breath), Luis Filipe Maria Fernando Pedro de Alcântara António Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis João Augusto Júlio Valfando, or to give his shorter title: King Luis I of Portugal and the Algarves back in 1838. Balloonist and parachutist – born Joseph Johnson but known as Charles Leroux made a huge leap in 1856, though 239 jumps later he died. Founder of Girl Scouts of the USA – Juliette Gordon Low née Juliette Magill Kinzie Gordon was prepared in 1860. Leader of the Republic of China – Chiang Kai-shek/Chiang Chieh-shih/Chiang Chungcheng wasn’t confused about his birthdate from 1887. Actor born Eduard Franz Schmidt, (before dropping his surname), had a certain smile in 1902. One of Disney’s Nine Old Men, Oliver Martin ‘Ollie’ Johnston Jr., thankfully didn’t draw out his birth in 1912. Steeplechase jockey turned crime writer, Richard Stanley ‘Dick’ Francis cleared his first hurdle in 1920. Also born that year, German photographer Helmut Newton wasn’t a negative child. Known for her role in dull soap opera Dallas, Barbara Bel Geddes came to be a little darling from 1922. Having mentioned disgraced, (though too late to do anything about it), DJ a mere two days ago when he died, here’s James Wilson Vincent ‘Jimmy’ Savile again given he tested his own sound system in 1926. Actor from Little House on the Prairie, (among others), Eugene Maurice Orowitz, or as his co-stars knew him, Michael Landon was a real bonanza to his parents from 1936. Old school comedian/game show host – Thomas Patrick ‘Tom’ O’Connor found the password in 1939. Comedian with the deadpan voice – Norman Lovett wasn’t upstaged in 1946. Legendary comedy actor John Franklin Candy, was more in the class of ’50 than ’44. Also born that year, architect Zaha Mohammad Hadid left her footprint. Drummer with rock band fronted by sunglass wearing deity, (or so he thinks) – Laurence Joseph ‘Larry’ Mullen Jr’s parents had a beautiful day in 1961. Another person born in 1961, film director responsible for dull film franchise Lord of the Rings, Peter Robert Jackson found he was crossing the line. Another muso, this one guitar player and song writer in miserablist Manc group The Smiths, John Martin Maher or Johnny Marr, wasn’t the boy with a thorn in his side in 1963. Member of VW badge nicking group, Adam Keefe Horovitz who now goes by the names ‘Ad-Rock’ or ‘King Ad-Rock’ has been fighting for the right to party from 1966. Also born that year, member of Malcolm McLaren’s band Bow Wow Wow – Myant Myant Aye, but going by the name of Annabella Lwin, found her parents did wanna hold her. Another rapper, Robert Matthew Van Winkle, (or Vanilla Ice), woke up in 1967. Singer with Swedish band who scored a few hits before scraping the lower charts – Malin Sofia Katarina Berggren or just Linn Berggren joined the happy nation in 1970. Ex-rugby union player, now bald headed team captain on boring game show ‘A Question of Sport’, Matthew James Sutherland ‘Matt’ Dawson was part of the uncontested scrum in 1972. Skimpy costume wearing singing twins Gabriela and Monica Irimia aka ‘The Cheeky Girls’ had their mum touch their bum in 1982. Ball kicker who’s taken on the English Government – Marcus Rashford started his free meals in 1997. Proving it’s not what you know, but who you know, singer/songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, oh, and daughter to Will Smith – Willow Camille Reign Smith has packed a fair bit in her life since 2000. Given other royal children get mentioned here it seems only fair Leonor, Princess of Asturias gets a mench given she’s also managed to accrue the following titles: Princess of Girona, Princess of Viana, Duchess of Montblanc, Countess of Cervera and Lady of Balaguer by the age of 15.

The day of the dead begins with Third son of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland – Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland stopped munching sausages in 1765. Chief of the Blackfoot Native American tribe – Big Snake, (brother to Standing Bear) left his feather in his hair back in 1879. Explorer George Washington De Long froze in 1881. Indian spiritual figure Dayanand Saraswati found his inner peace from 1883. Founder of religious group – Jehova’s Witnesses, Charles Taze Russell certainly wasn’t awake! from 1916. Illusionist and stunt performer Erik Weisz/Harry Houdini didn’t manage to escape peritonitis in 1926. Indian born athlete who bagged two silver gongs at the 1900 Olympics, Norman Pritchard fell at the last hurdle in 1929. Bollywood music composer Sachin Dev Burman reached the end of his score in 1975. Another Indian, this one with the streak of grey hair who was also the first female Prime Minister of the country, Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi found the bullet with her name on it in 1984. Actor who’s brother was mentioned a few days ago – River Jude Bottom/River Phoenix didn’t quite finish his life as he’d have probably wished at The Viper Room in 1993. Also not making it through 1993 – film director Federico Fellini finished his la dolce vita. South African President responsible for dismantling apartheid, Pieter Willem (PW) Botha has been in the wilderness from 2006. Finally, voice of the speaking clock in the United Kingdom, Brian Cobby hung up in 2012.

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Famous & Infamous Birthdays & Deaths 30th October

Births today begin with Emperor Chūkyō, 85th Emperor of Japan who headed things up two years after his birth in 1218. King of Portugal, Duarte, (or Edward), was quite eloquent from 1391. Keeping with ancient royalty, according to the Old Style calendar – King George II of Great Britain and Ireland, (who also went with the titles: Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and Prince-elector of the Holy Roman Empire) started to hold court in 1683. First inhabitant of the White House and second President of the United States of America, John Adams started off with white sheets in 1735. Bloody French physician, sodding expletive deleted Georges Albert Édouard Brutus Gilles de la Tourette the one with the bloody expletive deleted neurological disorder named after him, was a right little sod in 1857. Goatee bearded 33rd President of Mexico, Francisco Ignacio Madero González was a stately child from 1873. Scrawny, weakling body builder who became an international star, Angelo Siciliano or as his adverts used to state, Charles Atlas, took a weight off his mum in 1893. First ever F1 champ Emilio Giuseppe Farina started driving his parents round the bend in 1906. Actor born Reginald Herbert Lockwood but known as Preston Lockwood was in high spirits this day from 1912. Film director turned restaurant critic, Robert Michael Winner wasn’t told to, ‘calm down dear’ by the nurse in 1935. Grace Barnett Wing who went onto find fame as Grace Barnett Slick found nothing was going to stop her being born in 1939. Also born that year, songwriter Edward ‘Eddie’ Holland Jr., started the baby shake. Founding member, (and last original member) of The Temptations – Otis Miles Jr., but now goes by the name of Otis Williams, was gettin’ ready in 1941. Known for playing ‘The Fonz’ before graduating to pantomime, Henry Franklin Winkler started having happy days from 1945. Snapper of the stars and royalty, Mario Testino lit up his parent’s lives from 1954. Stage/screen actress Juliet Anne Virginia Stevenson was breaking and entering back in 1956. Talented, (or cheating depending where you stand), footballer who was also a fan of the ‘Columbian marching powder’, Diego Maradona slipped through without the hand of god in 1960. English singer/songwriter with band better known in America, Gavin McGregor Rossdale found the only way out in 1965. Daughter of tweeting Republican President with the mop of blonde hair, Donald – Ivanka Trump was the apprentice in 1981.

As for deaths, the following were found rattling the Pearly Gates – King Charles IX of Sweden vacated the throne in 1611, much to the relief of Gustav II Adolf. Two time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, William Henry Cavendish Cavendish Bentinck added another title to his extensive list in 1809, deceased. Third Prime Minister of Canada, who lasted all of 17 months at the helm, John Joseph Caldwell Abbott got to use the other dispatch box in 1893. Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and founder of The Red Cross Jean Henri Dunant couldn’t rely on one of his volunteers to save him in 1910. Another PM of Canada, this one the sixth to hold the title, (albeit for only 69 days), Sir Charles Tupper began wearing a pine overcoat in 1915. Second Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to be featured here today, Andrew Bonar Law entered another place in 1923. Inventor of the bouncing bomb, Sir Barnes Neville Wallis, (who was mentioned back on 26th September in honour of his birth), bumped to a halt in 1979. B-movie and television actor, Kirby Grant Hoon Jr., who was known as Kirby Hoon became a sky king in 1985. Thornton ‘T’ Hee, animator responsible for the Dance of the Hours in Walt Disney’s Fantasia, found himself on the cutting room floor in 1988. Jason William Mizell who adopted the slightly hipper moniker ‘Jam Master Jay’ has been down with the king since 2002. Finally, organised crime boss turned snitch – James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger Jr., has been in hiding since 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th October

Today’s posting begins with baggy trousered arm band wearing Reich Minister of Propaganda for the Nazis as Paul Joseph Goebbles found the limelight in 1897. Contributor to the contraceptive pill – Carl Djerassi found steroids made it possible in 1923. Distinguished English act tor Timothy Sydney Robert Hardy had thunderpants in 1925. 24th President of Liberia – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf didn’t have a re-run on her birth date in 1938. Singer born Beatrice Melba Hill but known as Melba Moore had a solitary journey in 1945. Founder of Fleetwood Mac, (before the bickering couples turned up) – born Peter Allen Greenbaum, but known as Peter Green, found he can’t go back in 1946. American actor who likes a spat with with his co-stars, Richard Stephen Dreyfuss didn’t get to hear the doctor say, ‘Hello down there’ in 1947. One of the original Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Kate Jackson was part of the baby boom in 1948. Ex-racing driver who did really well in 1979 by attaining no wins in eight races, before going onto present Top Gear with his droning voice, Timothy ‘Tiff’ Needell actually got pole position in 1951. Voice of Homer Simpson in moralistic over running cartoon series, Daniel Louis ‘Danny’ Castellaneta’s parents had their ‘whoo hoo!’ moment in 1957. Another member of the family that takes pet chimps, bowler hats, white members of the family and moonwalking as the norm, Steven Randall ‘Randy’ Jackson was goin’ places in 1961. Having mentioned her old man a couple of days ago, here’s model Yasmin Le Bon, (née Parvenah), who made the right impression in 1964. Actor Rufus Frederik Sewell was somewhat restless in 1967. Norwegian of the day, speed skater Johann Olav Koss found he had the right of way in 1968. Winona Laura Horowitz, (but better known as Winona Ryder), not only gained the attention of Tim Burton but also the LAPD, had her first night on earth in 1971. Ex-captain of the ashes winning English cricket team in 2005, Michael Paul Vaughan wasn’t caught behind in 1974. Star of various Tamil and Telugu films, Reemma Sen had her first starring role in 1981. Actress Carlson Elizabeth Young wasn’t premature in 1990.

As for deaths, medieval Archbishop of Canterbury Aethelnoth rested his sandals from 1038. King of Serbia – Stefan Uroš II Milutin somewhat ironically has had a feast day in his honour since 1321. Queen Liz the First’s favourite explorer Sir Walter Raleigh didn’t get to feel rough after today in 1618. Confederate Army general during the American Civil War who was also the first leader of the Klu Klux Klan – Nathan Bedford Forrest started seeing plenty of other people in white sheets from 1877. Assassin of United States of America President William McKinley, (who was killed in 1901), Leon Frank Czolgosz found himself in the same state 45 days later having been executed. Joseph Pulitzer didn’t win any awards for dying in 1911. Novelist/playwright responsible for Little Lord Fauntleroy – Francis Eliza Hodgson Burnett entered the secret garden in 1924. King Gustaf V of Sweden found he was unable to indulge in roll mop herrings and resisted the Jannon’s for good after 1950. Co-founder of Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Lazar Meir/Louis Burt Mayer saw the clapperboard fall on his life in 1957. Howard Stanton Levey, or as he renamed himself, Anton Szandor LaVey – founder of the Church of Satan, had his day of judgement in 1997. Comedian Abbott Vaughan Meader left the first family in 2004. Finally, we started with a reviled character and we finish with another, tinted sunglass wearing, cigar chomping sex pest Sir James Winston Vincent ‘Jimmy’ Savile – I’ll say no more, except he got away with it until his death in 2011.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th October

We start today with Holy Roman Emperor Henry III, (‘the Black’ or ‘the Pious’) who got in with the name 190 years before English King Henry III given he was born in 1017. Philosopher/humanist Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, aka Erasmus or Erasmus of Rotterdam who’s accepted to have arrived in 1466. Given there aren’t any Popes or Archbishops of Canterbury to mention today, we’ll make do with Norwegian of the day – sailor in the Royal Dano-Norwegian Navy Peter Jansen Wessel Tordensjkold should have been called Derrick by his parents in 1691. Designer of the Remington rifle and founder of Remington Arms Co, Eliphalet Remington had his single shot at life and took it in 1793. Botanist who discovered viruses – Dmitri Ivanovsky was a healthy child from 1864. Writer of various lengthy books and dad to son with the slightly alternative name ‘Auberon’ – Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh took a tactical exercise in 1903. Figurative painter Francis Bacon eased his way into life back in 1909. Virologist who developed the polio vaccine – Jonas Edward Salk injected some fun into his parents lives from 1914. Singer/actress Clementine Dinah Bullock or Cleo Laine has been smilin’ through life since 1927. Actress Joan Ann Oliver, (née Plowright), was on promised land in 1929. Diminutive ousted boss of F1, (yawn), with a penchant for very tall ladies not forgetting his bunging money to German lawyers and looking like one of the Potty Time characters, Bernard Charles ‘Bernie’ Ecclestone saw his first skid marks in 1930. Singer/songwriter Charles Edward Daniels was born by the light of the moon in 1936. Respected television commentator, ex-host of Question Time, recipient of a scorpion tattoo a few years ago and older bro to Jonathan, David Dimbleby found his voice in 1938. Known for his Cockney rhyming slang term as well as fronting Cliff Richard’s backing band, Brian Robson Rankin, (or Hank Marvin), found the joy of living from 1941. Actor who starred in various American cop dramas, Dennis Franz Schlachta didn’t have a body double in 1944. Singer Glen Geoffrey Ellis, or Wayne Fontana, started to stop, look and listen from 1945. Olympic gold medal winning decathlete born Bruce Jenner but now known as Caitlyn, was one of the boys in 1949. The world’s richest person, (depending on which rich list you read/believe), is also the person you shout and curse when his company’s software slows down and eventually grinds to a halt, William Henry ‘Bill’ Gates III successfully downloaded in 1955. Slightly unhinged sixth President of Iran, Mahmoud Sabbaghian or as he’s now known Mahmoud Ahmadinejad probably won’t bother having any cake in celebration of his 64th birthday. Actress Julia Fiona Roberts gave her parents something to talk about from 1967. Country singer/songwriter with the Stetson who used to be found on BBC Radio 2 at some point in the week – Brad Douglas Paisley has had plenty of little moments since 1972. Born Joaquín Rafael Bottom before taking the name Leaf Phoenix and then altering it, (again), to Joaquín Rafael Phoenix younger bro to River Jude Bottom/Phoenix couldn’t perform a U turn in 1974. Actress who’s made a living by appearing in films I’ve never seen, (nor will ever see) – Gwendoline Tracey Philippa Christie was in fabric from 1978. Short lived Doctor Who, actor Matthew Robert ‘Matt’ Smith started his time travels in 1982. Comedy actor Joseph ‘Joe’ Thomas wasn’t an inbetweener given he emerged in 1983.

Deaths appear to be a bit thin on the ground again today yet we start with Roman emperor Maxentius found out he was unable swim this day in 312. Wife of Haakon VI of Norway – Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Margaret I of Denmark relinquished her role in 1412. Clergyman and mathematician who started using ∞ for infinity – John Wallis found his theory flawed in 1703, (although he continued to live until 8th November on the New Style calendar). Flautist and bassoonist Michel Blavet didn’t get to blow his trumpet, (or flute), again after 1768. Second First Lady of the United States – Abigail Adams, (née Smith), took her lace bonnet off in 1818. Inventor of Linotype printing machine – Otto Mergenthaler went with the grain in his coffin in 1899. Seventh Australian Prime Minister William Morris ‘Billy’ Hughes, (where else would you get a PM called that?) had his last deposit in 1952. English theatre critic Jack Tinker didn’t get to review his dying swan routine in 1996. Poet Laureate Edward James ‘Ted’ Hughes obviously didn’t get any time to think of a witty epitaph for his headstone in 1998. Founder of clothing store company H&M, Erling Persson closed down in 2002. Star of Hawaii Five-O, James Gordon MacArthur was no longer walking tall from 2010. Also not making it through that year, Scottish actor born Paul Kelly, but known as Gerard Kelly, lost his fags, (cigarettes) mags and bags. Finally, former platform sweeper/porter at London Victoria Station before taking a few steps up the ladder in life to become fifth President of Zaire, Michael Chilufya Sata has left his suitcase untouched from 2014.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th October

We celebrate the births, and the lives of the following: non relation to travel agent Thomas, famous captain and explorer James Cook started to map out his life from 1728. Violinist and composer Niccoló Paganini strung along in 1782. Founder of sewing machine company bearing his name, Isaac Merritt Singer managed to have his thread cut in 1811. William Smith who started Scotland’s answer to the Cub Scouts – the Boys’ Brigade was paraded for the first time in 1854. Five time Italian Prime Minister – Giovanni Giolitti started his transformismo in 1842. Nobel Peace Prize winning 26th President of the United States of America, who’s also credited with being the person teddy bears are named after – Theodore Roosevelt Jr., forged the way in 1858. American writer on etiquette – born Emily Price, but known on the dustcover as Emily Post had to learn her ‘P’s’ and ‘Q’s’ from 1872. Actor John Elmer ‘Jack’ Carson had his parents bringing up baby in 1910. Known for his poetry, Dylan Marlais Thomas experienced a child’s Christmas in Wales from 1914. Ex-President of the African National Congress and anti-apartheid campaigner Oliver Reginald Tambo escaped to freedom in 1917. Pop artist Roy Fox Lichtenstein went ‘Whaam!’ in 1923. Another poet, Sylvia Plath was short of words in 1932. Legendary lanky comedy actor John Marwood Cleese started the Ministry of Silly Walks a year or so after 1939. Head of the Gambino crime family, John Joseph Gotti Jr., started deflecting the blame in 1940. Norwegian of the day, jazz musician/composer Arild Andersen’s parents were listening for the silence from today in 1945. Football, (or soccer), player, (depending where you are in the world), and second rate singer – Glen Hoddle started his first season in 1957. Filled out lead singer with early 80’s New Romantic band Duran Duran, (who are still pushing records out), Simon James Charles Le Bon entered planet earth in 1958. Also born that year, gay friendly singer born Hazel Dean Poole, who dropped the Poole bit and added an L to her first name had her parents close their eyes and count to ten on more than occasion. Another ex-Mrs D. Trump – Marla Ann Marples took the executive decision to celebrate her birthday from today in 1963. Ex-Australian cricketer now found in the commentary box drinking the complementary grog – Mark Anthony Taylor wasn’t a perhapser in 1964. Singaporean born British string plucker, and alpine skier, (for Thailand), Vanessa-Mae created a storm in 1978. Potty mouthed tattooed daughter of Ozzy and Shaaarrroon, Kelly Osborne hasn’t shut up since 1984. Sandpaper enthusiast and cricketer, David Andrew Warner had his first skiddy in 1986.

Death wise, King Athelstan I of England must have used some proper Anglo Saxon words before his death in 939. Keeping with ancient royalty – Albert the Magnanimous, King of Hungary and Croatia, King of Bohemia, elected King of the Romans, (as Albert II), Duke of Luxembourg and Archduke Albert V of Austria freed up some titles in 1439. Ivan III Vasilyevich or Ivan the Great found he was Ivan the Stiff in 1505. Third Mughal emperor Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar (or Akbar I) found he shouldn’t have drunk water in 1605. Two time Prime Minister of Greece Thrasyvoulos Zaimis found a sunny spot in 1880. Australian gangster Joseph Theodore Lesley ‘Squizzy’ Taylor took his bullet in 1927. One time land speed record holder Ernest Arthur Douglas Eldridge found things a lot slower in 1937. Indian mathematician Chakravarthi Padmanabhan Ramanujam got his numbers mixed up and died in 1974. Also not making it through that year, founder of sportswear company Puma – Rudolf ‘Rudi’ Dassler found himself bagged up. Author of The Postman Always Rings Twice – James Mallahan Cain reached the rainbow’s end in 1977. Scrawny actor from The Carry On film franchise – George Frederick Joffre Hartree who went by the other name, Charles Hawtrey wasn’t as good as new in 1988. Daughter of Arch Duke Frank Ferdinand of Austria, Princess Sophie of Hohenberg found herself in a crypt from 1990. Musical arranger who came up with theme tunes for The Brady Bunch, (among others) – Frank Denny De Vol stated ‘send me no flowers’ in 1999. Actor in Bengali and Hindi films Pradeep Kumarhad had his final wrap in 2001. Innovator of the multitrack recording method – Thomas John Dowd turned it down to zero in 2002. Radio and television announcer Robert Ray ‘Rod’ Roddy took his garish jacket off in 2003. Ex-husband of current Argentinian President, who was also El-Presidenti of Argentina, (minus the Falkland Islands), Néstor Kirchner didn’t have a beef about dying in 2010. Lewis Allen ‘Lou’ Reed didn’t have a perfect day in 2013. Finally, business man and (ex-)owner of Leicester City Football Club, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha had bad karma back in 2018.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th October

We start today’s births paragraph with 11th Emperor of the Ming dynasty born Zhu Houzhao, but known as Zhengde, started to be dressed in oversized clothes from 1491. Dorset born explorer and co-founder of Charleston – William Sprague set sail on life’s journey in 1609. Next up is Romanian born Prince of Moldova – Dimitrie Cantemir composer of both music and letters got in the groove of life back in 1673. King of Portugal and the Algarves, Miguel I who went onto become Duke of Braganza Miguelist, celebrated regally from 1802. Competitor to Kellogg’s cereals, Charles William ‘C.W.’ Post found his appetite in 1854. 13th Brazilian President Washington Luís Pereira de Sousa propped himself up about nine months after his birth in 1869. American Bronze medal winning divot maker at the 1904 St Louis Olympics, Harold Fraser tee’d off in 1872. Another Olympic participant, this one French cyclist and fencer who won Gold in the 25 kilometre, (15 miles 940.33 yards in old money), track event at the Paris Games, Louis Bastien had his first experience of wobbling in 1881. Actor who started out as the kid with un-amusing film star Charlie Chaplin before going onto be known as Uncle Fester in The Addams Family – John Leslie ‘Jackie’ Coogan was nice and friendly from 1914. Womanising President of France François Mitterrand put up no resistance to being born in 1916. It seems as though I was a day early in mentioning Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi as he had his first hurrah! this day, (and not yesterday), in 1919. English actor Robert William ‘Bob’ Hoskins was unleashed in 1942. Former weatherman and talk show host who presents Wheel of Fortune, born Patrick Leonard Sajdak, but has managed to abbreviate that to Pat Sajak filled in the blanks with his parents from 1946. Wife to philandering impeached ex-President of America, Bill – Hilary Rodham Clinton has made it to 72 with the same steely gaze. English Poet Laureate for 10 years, Andrew Motion shouldn’t have too much trouble thinking up a ditty for his birthday card in honour of his 64th birthday. Also born that year, co-founder and ex-Secretary General of terrorist group Hezbollah – Abbas al-Musawi/Moussawi was a sort of twelver given he arrived this day. Previous President of Bolivia – Juan Evo Morales Ayma got to hear pan pipes for the first time in 1959. Singer/songwriter Natalie Anne Merchant’s mum didn’t have to eat for two after 1963. Fellow singer/songwriter and Mr Nicole Kidman, born Keith Lionel Urbahn, but now known as Keith Urban, pulled the ripcord in 1967. Actor/filmmaker Seth Woodbury McFarlane has had an American dad since 1973. Sasha Cohen, (no, not Borat, Ali G or Bruno), but American figure skater who slid her way to a Silver medal at the 2006 Olympics launched herself off in 1984.

Deaths today include Alfred the Great, King of Wessex – took to Hyde Abbey in Winchester back in 899. Birthday boy William Sprague, (mentioned above), didn’t get his birthday presents after 1675. Painter William Hogarth didn’t fake his death in 1764. Irish born Canadian brewer of Pilsner lager – John Kinder Labatt started his own fermentation process in 1866. Writer of book about Pinocchio, born Carlo Lorenzini, but went by the pen name Carlo Collodi, gave up on his adventures in 1890. Four time Japanese Prime Minister – Itō Hirobumi got the bullet in 1909. Electrical engineer credited who developed alternating current (AC) initially known as Karl August Rudolph Steinmetz, before going onto be called Charles Proteus Steinmetz was more DC, (Dead Charles), in 1923. Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom, not disgraced Prince Andy and Sarah ‘Toe Sucker’ Ferguson’s off spring, but daughter of Queen Victoria found life too much in 1944. Also not making it through that year, Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple actually got to meet his maker. Oscar winning actress Hattie McDaniel would have gone with the wind if she hadn’t been buried in 1952. Dead Norwegian of the day – composer Arne Eggen left the chamber in 1955. Helicopter designer Igor Sikorsky got his blade stuck in 1972. American runner who wheezed his way to two Gold medals at two different Olympics along with a Silver gong at the 1924 Paris games, Jackson Scholz ultimately ran out of breath in 1966. Anyone suffering from Coulrophobia should give up reading now as the last person today is American clown Glen ‘Frosty’ Little who had to wear some rather different makeup from what he was used to in 2010. Finally, leader of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, (ISIL), born Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri al-Samarrai, but known to the FBI as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi blew it in 2019.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th October

Births today include, among others, Whig Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – William Wyndham Grenville wasn’t the speaker of the family house for at least a year after his birth in 1759. Son of Johan Strauss who was named, somewhat imaginatively, Johan Strauss Il followed in his old mans footsteps from 1825. Another composer, this one starting out as Alexandre César Léopold Bizet, but changing it to Georges Bizet tuned into life from 1838. Founder of car company bearing his name, (and is still going today), John Francis Dodge didn’t manage to dodge his birthday from 1864. Spanish artist with the brown finger, (you might like to take a deep breath here), Pablo Diego José Franscisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipirano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso, (or just Pablo Picasso to you and me), began to draw on life’s experiences from 1881. Pilot who may, (or may not), have reached the North Pole but did reach the South Pole by plane – Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr., waddled along from 1888. Notorious Nazi – Nikalous ‘Klaus’ Barbie should have been called ‘Ken’ by his parents in 1913. Last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who also went by the name of Mohammad Reza Shah, twinned with his sister in 1919. Three time world champ for chucking a javelin – Franklin Wesley ‘Bud’ Held let go in 1927. 1970’s Feminist warbler who died a month or so ago – Helen Reddy didn’t have a long hard climb, instead she had a fairly easy drop in 1941. Actress born Glynis van der Riet, but better known as Glynis Barber – nearly stepped out in 1955. Known for her voices on over run cartoon series ‘The Simpsons’, Nancy Cartwright was a rugrat herself in 1957. Not only ex-British Airways CEO, but also ex-pilot – William Matthew ‘Willie’ Walsh got his angle of attack right in 1961. Television presenter/mortgage broker – Nick Hancock had his parents hold the baby in 1962. German winner of Eurovision Song Contest – Nicole Seibert, née Hohloch, gave her parents a little peace in 1964. Woman who wears many hats as a comedian among other things – Samantha Jamie Bee has found whatever works since 1969. Lloyd Edward Elwyn ‘Ed’ Robertson saw his first bare naked lady, (his mum), in 1970.

Novelist born Sadie Adeline Smith, who managed to change one letter to become Zadie Adeline Smith, had permission to enter in 1975. Ex-Mrs Russell Brand, Katheryn Elizabeth ‘Katy’ Hudson/Perry was more a California baby than Californian Girl in 1984. Seeing as other royal children from around the world get a mention, it seems only fair Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, Duchess of Brabant gets one too given she’s reached 19.

As for deaths, we start with two Pope’s, the first of which is Pope Marcellinus who vacated the pulpit in 304, whilst in 625 Pope Boniface V found the ultimate place of sanctuary. Royal Norwegian of the week goes to King Magnus I of Norway who was also King of Denmark put his crowns down in 1047. Bill Bailey looky likey and early day poet, Geoffrey Chaucer found a quiet corner, (until all the tourists turned up), in Westminster Abbey way back in 1400. Edward, predecessor of disgraced Andy as Duke of York didn’t have to worry about marching his men up and down hills after 1415. King of Portugal, John II ‘the Perfect Prince’ left the port and lemon in 1495.

Inventor of the barometer, Evangelista Torricelli suffered low pressure in 1647. King of Great Britain and Ireland – George II backed the act of settlement in 1760. Electric traction pioneer Frank Julian Sprague shorted out in 1934. Tractor maker Henry George ‘Harry’ Ferguson, he of Massey Ferguson fame actually started fertilising the land, (as opposed to churning it up) in 1960. Co-inventor of loudspeakers Peter Laurits Jensen didn’t amplify his death in 1961. Two time Olympic medal winning runner, Abebe Bikila Demissie found he didn’t get any further blisters after 1973. Actor Francesco Giuseppe ‘Frank’ Puglia didn’t make dinner at eight in 1975. Country singer Roger Miller was more King of the Cemetery than the Road from 1992. Actor Richard St John Harris wasn’t 99 or 44, but he was 100% dead in 2002. Radio DJ who found many a band before the dross that is X Factor hit our screens, John Robert Parker Ravenscroft, or John Peel as he was better known, entered the archive in 2004. Reggae singer Gregory Anthony Isaacs had to give it all up in 2010. Act tor of stage, screen and television – Arthur Nigel Davenport was unable keep up appearances from 2013. Finally, captain of World Cup winning Brazilian football team – Carlos Alberto ‘Capita’ Torres, heard the final whistle in 2016.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th October

We see the following celebrate their birthday’s today starting with: 11th Emperor of the Roman Empire who started off in 51 with the name Titus Flavius Domitianus before extending it gradually to the following – Titus Flavius Caesar Domitianus/Titus Flavius Caeser Domitianus Augustus/Imperator Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus. David Stewart, though not the ‘paradise syndrome’ sufferer who was in The Eurythmics, but heir to the throne of Scotland who started wearing skirts, (sorry kilts), from 1378. Writer who came up with nursery rhyme ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ – Sarah Josepha Buell Hale, didn’t quite get to see the rising sun in 1788. Inventor of butter alternative, margarine – Hippolyte Mège-Mouriés spread out in 1817. Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, later to become Queen Consort of Spain, started to eat multi-coloured cake from 1887. Born Horace John Waters, but known as Jack Warner, (or PC George Dixon of Dock Green), began his shift in 1895. Known for his bow ties and interviewing technique, Robin Day put his mum on the spot in 1923. Mechanical engineer responsible for developing polyethylene terephthalate, (PET), bottles now found scattering land and sea alike – Nathaniel C Wyeth broke the seal in 1911. Operatic baritone Tito Gobbi found his voice in 1913. Co-creator of comic strip hero Batman – born Robert Khan, but went by the name Robert ‘Bob’ Kane, arrived in Gotham City back in 1915. Norwegian of the day polemologist, (not someone who studies poles, but war) – Johan Vincent Galtung came out fighting in 1930. Next up are notorious gangster, (in the proper way), twins Reginald ‘Reggie’ and Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Kray didn’t terrorise their parents in 1933. William George Perks Jr. or ex-Rolling Stone member and child bride enthusiast Bill Wyman as he’s better known had sticky fingers in 1936. Oscar winning actor born Murray Abraham who then added an F to the front of that found the slipstream in 1939. Fellow thespian Kevin Delaney Kline was crying freedom in 1947. Ex-Prime Minister of Australia, (the 29th apparently), Malcolm Bligh Turnbull elected to be born in 1954. Football team owning oligarch with more money than he knows what to do with, Roman Abramovich took glasnost to new levels in 1966. Actress Dervla Kirwan didn’t give her parents silent hours from 1971. Hair weave recipient and grandma prostitute loving ball kicker, Wayne Rooney made the right clearance in 1985. Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, the Canadian rapper’s parents found nothing was the same after today in 1986. YouTuber born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg but known on his channel as PewDiePie had his dad video his birth in 1989.

As for deaths, these appear to be a bit thin on the ground again today but we start with First King of the Franks of the House of Capets – Hugh Capet left the crown to Robert II in 966. He was followed in 1375 by King Valdemar IV of Denmark who dropped his bacon sandwich. Third wife of Henry VIII – Jane Seymour may have kept her head, but she still didn’t survive the day in 1537. Astronomer with the distinctive moustache – born Tyge Ottesen Brahe, died Tycho Brahe in 1601. All round killjoy, puritan William Prynne stopped making people’s lives a misery from 1669. Chocolate maker George Cadbury lost his sweet tooth in 1922. Founder of French car company, (the one with the plasticky interior), Louis Renault actually had a comfortable ride to his funeral in 1944. Non-popular Norwegian of the day, Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssen Quisling found his strings cut from 1945. Born Lásló József Schweiger, inventor known for his pen – Lásló József Biró dried up in 1985. Known for inflicting the television version of ‘Star Trek’ on us Eugene Wesley ‘Gene’ Roddenberry beamed himself up in 1991. Actor known for his role in The Addams Family – Raúl Rafael Juliá y Arcelay, or just Raul Julia, found the strong medicine didn’t work in 1994. Voice artist for various Hanna-Barbera cartoons including Scooby Doo and Muttley – Donald Earl ‘Don’ Messick saw the horizons west in 1997. Civil rights activist Rosa Louise McCauley Parks gave up her fight for life in 2005. Playwright responsible for Fiddler on the Roof – Joseph Stein didn’t get an encore in 2010. Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy lost his powers of reasoning in 2011. Indian singer with the little hat, Prabodh Chandra Day or, to give him his stage name, Manna Day didn’t get his breathing exercises right from 2013. Actress who featured in various Western films, born Maureen FitzSimons but went by the name Maureen O’Hara, joined the fallen sparrow in 2015. Plastic surgery fan with the trout lips, singer Peter Jozzeppi Burns had the undertakers spin him round in 2016. Also not making it through 2016, fellow singer Robert Thomas Velline or just Bobby Vee was unable to keep on trying to breath. Finally pianist/singer with the flat head – Antoine ‘Fats’ Domino Jr., wasn’t walking to New Orleans in 2017.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd October

We see Roman general Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa start today’s posting given he entered the world either in 64 or 62BC at a) Arpino, b) Istria or c) Asisium and I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d like to have birth details like that these days. Inventor who tried his luck with internal combustion engines along with steam boats – Samuel Morey paddled through in 1762. Not to be outdone, car pioneer Frederick William Lanchester pootled along in 1868. American football player/coach John William Heisman got his first forward pass in 1869. Physicist who helped develop X-ray machines – William David Coolidge saw the future in 1873. Comedy actor Milton Marx, who went by the other name of Gummo Marx didn’t upstage his brothers in 1892. First woman to swim the English Channel – Gertrude Caroline Ederle made it down the birth canal in 1905. Early day desk hogger who occasionally let his guests get a word in to plug their latest book or film – John William ‘Hhhherrreeee’s Johhnyyy’ Carson had to tell the truth over his birthday from 1925. Blonde actress who liked to host ‘adult’ parties and was mentioned back in May when she died – Diana Mary Fluck, who somewhat wisely went by the name Diana Dors was a good time girl from 1931. Singer in family group – Yvonne Staples joined the family tree in 1937. (Another), greatest footballer of all time – Edson Arantes do Nascimento who went by the slightly more abbreviated name, Pelé, found the dummy in 1940. Also born that year, singer/ songwriter Ellie Louise Greenwich didn’t know about hanky panky. Known for founding business ‘The Body Shop’, (having taken the name, and, seemingly, the company leaflet wording from an identical shop in San Francisco) – Anita Lucia Roddick, only managed a self made bubble bath in 1942. Also born that year, author Michael Crichton was odds on favourite arriving. Film director Ang Lee had pushing hands in 1954. Parody singer – Alfred Matthew ‘Weird Al’ Yankovich has dared to be stupid since 1959. Television presenter Catherine Elizabeth ‘Cat’ Deeley was a star in her parents eyes back in 1976. Actress from dull series Game of Thrones – Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke hasn’t crowed about her birthday from 1986. Intersectional feminist, ‘non-binary’ pansexual actress who starred in The Hunger Games – Amandla Stenberg found where hands touch in 1998.

As for deaths, Emperor of Japan, Daigo, didn’t get to see the Kyoto treaty given he rolled over in 930. Inventor of the turning screw machine – Cullen Whipple found himself enclosed in a box battened down with his invention from 1868. Three time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, (and still longest serving leader of the Conservative Party) – Edward George Geoffrey Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby conceded defeat in 1869. Take a deep breath as Prah Bat Somdet Phra Poraminthra Maha Chulalongkorn Phra Chunia Chom Klao Chao Ya Hua or just Rama V, King of Siam – didn’t get to see Yul Brynner dancing about as his predecessor given he rolled over in 1910. Large bearded/framed cricketer – William Gilbert ‘W.G.’ Grace bailed out in 1915. Re-inventor of the pneumatic tyre, John Boyd Dunlop ran flat in 1921. Known for wearing black/white makeup whilst singing – Asa Yoelson or Al Jolson was unable to do jazz hands after 1950. Fashion designer Christian Dior became a silhouette of himself in 1957. Having mentioned Al Jolson above, here’s actress Tamara Shayne known for playing his mum in two films who reached the northwest outpost in 1983. Inventor of Automatic Teller Machines and teleprompters, (among other things) – Luther George Simjian read his last line in 1997. Bequiffed leather wearing glam rocker mentioned on 27th September when he was born Bernard William Jewry before going onto be called Shane Fenton and then settling on Alvin Stardust has had a wonderful time up there since 2014. Finally, Emir of Qatar – Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani gave up sweating under his thawb in 2016.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd October

Ancient royal of the day – King John Francis Anthony Joseph Benedict Bernard V of Portugal and the Algarves starts today’s posting, despite having the title Infante of Portugal in 1689. Physician who originally defined the term ‘alcoholic’ – Magnus Huss raised his arm in 1807. One half of Cockney rhyming slang composers Brahms & Liszt, Frank Liszt was the tonic for his parents in 1811. Special ‘friend’ of noted wit and Reading goal resident Oscar Wilde – Alfred Bruce Douglas was a lovely boy from 1870. Bio-chemist who isolated vitamin C, Charles Glen King was a sunny child in 1896. One third of The Three Stooges, born Jerome Lester Horwitz, but known as Curly Howard found he couldn’t turn back the clock from 1903. Last Vietnamese emperor under the Nguyễn dynasty – born Nguyễn Phúc Vĩnh Thụy, but known as Bảo Đại, found his position created in 1913. Actress born Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland in Japan, before going onto be known as Joan Fontaine in Hollywood circles had a certain smile from 1917. Child actress Elizabeth Keno, but known as Mitzi Green, wasn’t lost in Alaska given she was born in The Bronx, New York in 1920. Boys Own paper reader and explorer, John Blashford Snell breezed through in 1936. Actor known for his role in Back to the Future – Christopher Allen Lloyd didn’t have a clue about what awaited him in 1938. Also born that year, actor of the classics before starring in dire sit-com Vicious – Derek George Jacobi managed to break the code. Fellow thespian born Catherine Fabienne Dorléac, but known as Catherine Deneuve wondered who wants to sleep? in 1943. Previous editor of red top rag The Sun – Kelvin Calder MacKenzie didn’t have an iron fist in 1946. Ex-Arsenal manager who clung on for 22 years – Arsène Wenger took the one-two move in 1949. Actor who’s been in a few big films and is now trying his hand at playing the piano – Jeffrey Lynn ‘Jeff’ Goldblum went the whole nine months in 1952. Orville Richard Burrell who had some hits in the 90’s with the slightly snappier name Shaggy – couldn’t say, ‘It wasn’t me’ in 1968. Actress/model Saffron Dominique Burrows went the full stretch in 1972. Head butting, (but seemingly not drug taking), cyclist Mark Renshaw had the right tempo in 1982. One time teeny bopper Zac Hanson appeared from the middle of nowhere in 1985.

Having started the births paragraph with a King of Portugal, so we start the deaths one with Ferdinand I King of the Kingdom of Portugal, aka ‘the Handsome’ or ‘the Inconstant’, didn’t get sun burnt again after 1383. Dutch Prince of Orange-Nassau William IV found he turned white in 1751. Dead Norwegian of the day, zoologist Michael Sars didn’t expire from severe acute respiratory syndrome in 1869. Dauber Paul Cézanne did his best impression of a dead person from 1906. Not the miserable old landlord of The Skimmington Castle Public House on Reigate Heath, but fifth Prime Minister of Australia, Andrew Fisher didn’t get to see his alternative dispatch box in 1928. American bank robber Charley Arthur ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd found the FBI stopped looking for him in 1934. Founding father of Pakistan serving serving as second Prime Minister of the country – Khawaja Nazimuddin wasn’t finished off by the Mafia Raj in 1964. Folk singer who came up with cover favourite ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’, (among others), and dad to Kirsty – born James Edward Miller but known as Ewan MacColl took his solo flight in 1989. Actor of stage/screen, (large and small), known for his role in Blazing Saddles – Cleavon Jake Little, reached vanishing point in 1992. Physicist who came up with endoscopes, (among other things), Harold Horace Hopkins went for the DD, (definitely dead), method in 1994. Author Sir Kingsley Ames didn’t get a particularly bright November given he rolled over in 1995. Film/television character actress born Mary Isabella Wickenhauser, who whittled it down to Mary Wickes found the spirit is willing in 1995. Comedian Milton Supman who went by the stage name of Soupy Sales liquidised in 2009. Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud didn’t have a hit squad finish him off in 2011. Finally, older bro to Malcolm and Angus – musician/songwriter George Redburn Young had more than a stiff upper lip in 2017.

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