Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 31st January

Today, we do something totally different as both paragraphs start with the same person – King Henry I of Portugal and the Algarves, who could also claim to be a cardinal found himself consecrated in 1512. Norwegian of the day, ruff wearing Lutheran missionary Hans Poulsen Egede couldn’t spread the word of his birth in 1686. Composer Franz Peter Schubert entered the chamber in 1797. William Charles Lunalilo who went onto become King of Hawaii, was an ankle snapper in 1835. Spiritual leader Dungar Patel but known as Shastriji Maharaj, put his parents in a trance from 1865. Also born that year, founder of doped up cyclists favourite race – the Tour de France, Henri Desgrange got his first red and white jumper, (well towel). 

Respected book seller, (well before the likes of Amazon took the knowledge away), with a shop on London’s Charing Cross Road – Christina Foyle’s mum didn’t read the manual about birth in 1911. Actor who was married to Shirley Temple and right hand man to John Wayne, John George Agar Jr., made his breakthrough in 1921. Inventor of the sailboard, a precursor to the windsurfer – Sidney Newman Darby Jr., didn’t have a broad reach in 1928. Actress Jean Merilyn Simmonds thankfully wasn’t known as ‘Young Bess’ from 1929. Bouffant haired ex-Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, will probably knock back a couple of large glasses of Heineken whilst chomping birthday cake in celebration of her 83rd birthday. Leader of South African white supremacist group Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging – Eugéne  

Ney Terre’Blanche didn’t bore people about his birthday from 1941. Founder of his own band, Harry Wayne Casey of KC, (see what he did there), and the Sunshine Band, found something’s happening in 1951. Lead singer with ex-punk band The Sex Pistols – John Joseph Lydon aka Johnny Rotten, was raw and live in 1956. Fellow singer, Lloyd Cole was caught up in a bit of a commotion in 1961. Actress Amelia Fiona ‘Minnie’ Driver certainly didn’t suffer stage fright in 1970. Television/radio presenter who popped up on the BBC at various times a few years ago – Patrick Kielty was after the break in 1971. Singer who started out on ‘The All-New Mickey Mouse Show’ before picking up Britney Spears and then being a member of boy band NSYNC, Justin Randall Timberlake started looking in mirrors from 1981. Yet another singer, this one front man of band bearing his surname – Marcus Oliver Johnstone Mumford heard whispers in the dark back in 1987. 

As mentioned above, King Henry I of Portugal found himself released from his vows in 1580. Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators in the gunpowder plot, Ambrose Rokewood and Thomas Wintour were hung out to dry in 1606. Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart, who’s better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie pretender to the thrones of England, Scotland, Ireland and France finally gave up on his plans in 1788. 11th Dalai Lama Khedrup Gyatso stopped praying in 1856. Canadian shopkeeper Timothy Eaton closed for business in 1907. Credited with creating frequency modulation (FM), Edwin Howard Armstrong tuned out in 1954. Writer of Winnie-the-Pooh books, Alan Alexander ‘A.A.’ Milne has been dead year in, year out, from 1956. Indian God born Merwan Sheriar Irani, but went by the name Meher Baba found eternal peace in 1969. Dead Norwegian of the day, economist Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch worked out the best day to depart in 1973. Founder of various film studios Szmuel Gelbfisz or Samuel Goldwyn had the clapperboard come down on his life in 1974. Inspiration for James Bond (apparently), Sir William Samuel Stephenson couldn’t be shaken or stirred after 1989. Film actor Cheyur Krishna Rao Nageshwaran who cut that down to Nagesh went up in smoke back in 2009. Aptly named folklorist Tristram Potter Coffin took to his in 2012. Fourth Prime Minister of Somalia, Abdirizak Haji Hussein didn’t hijack his funeral in 2014. Finally, Irish hogger of the airwaves who liked the sound of his own voice, Sir Terence ‘Terry’ Wogan gave up the day job in 2016. 

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th January

Today’s posting starts with mother of Roman Emperor Tiberius who has a zoo in East Sussex named in her honour – Livia Drusilla, later to become Julia Augusta kept everyone guessing as to whether she was born in 59 or 58BC. Not wanting to be left out Roman Emperor, (for all of nine weeks), Marcus Didius (Severus) Julianus could have arrived in 133 or 137. 79th Archbishop of Canterbury – William Sancroft who started burping, (although he was unable to say his future title whilst doing so), in 1617.  Born in 1882, 32nd President of the United States of America, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was named well before the road and airport were given those monikers. Hindi novelist/poet, Jaishankar Prasad wrote herself into the plot back in 1890. Virologist who developed the vaccine against yellow fever – Max Theiler was a shot in the arm for his parents in 1899. Gardener I remember as the green fingered old man chasing Blue Peter dogs off his vegetable patch, Percy John Thrower wasn’t quite a runner when born in 1913. Actor/film director John Benjamin Ireland started to wake up and dream from 1914. 5th Baron Profumo, (albeit in the Kingdom of Sardinia), who’s better known as the British Cabinet Minister implicated in the scandal bearing his name, John Dennis ‘Jack’ Profumo was born without controversy in 1915. Film director Michael Joseph Anderson Sr., broke through the naked edge in 1920. Co-star of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Thomas Richard ‘Dick’ Martin wasn’t laughing when born in 1922. Person we have to thank for having mice by the side of computers as well as developing hypertext and slow networked computers – Douglas Carl Englebart got the connection in 1925. Now retired actor Eugene Allen ‘Gene’ Hackman went to extreme measures in 1930. American state senator, (for The Maryland 9th District), with the great name of F. Vernon Boozer was teetotal in 1936. Extreme member of the red team, actress Vanessa Redgrave was, it’s fair to say, a drop out in 1937. Having mentioned 32nd President of the United States of America, (above), here’s the 46th Vice President – Richard Bruce ‘Dick’ Cheney got his first term in 1941. Chemist who developed the first safe production viable lithium-ion battery, Akira Yoshino started the circle of life in 1948.  Loathed by most, loved by others – diminutive drummer and singer Philip David Charles ‘Phil’ Collins didn’t get one more night in his mum’s stomach after today in 1951. Actress Brett Butler was one of the women of the house from 1958. Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein – King of Jordan, got the name of his grandad in 1962. Fellow King, this one of Spain – Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y de Grecia or just Felipe VI started gaining titles in 1968. Actor Christian Charles Philip Bale made it out of the furnace in 1974. Gong winning fellow thespian Sarah Caroline Olivia Colman was the favourite in 1974. Also born that year, ex-Mrs Imran Khan, Jemima Marcelo Goldsmith isn’t hacked off about it. Lanky footballer, (soccer), more suited to being a basketball player – Peter Crouch stretched out in 1981. 

Death wise, not Larry Grayson’s mate but ruff wearing Gunpowder plotter, Everard Digby wore a rope necklace in 1606. First King of England, Scotland and Ireland called Chas, King Charles I found himself headless in 1649. Peter II Alexeyevich, Emperor of Russia threw his last vodka glass on the fire in 1730. Maker of the first American flag who was mentioned on 1st January, Elizabeth Griscom ‘Betsy’ Ross, furled herself up in 1836. Pebble glassed, sandal and sheet wearing Indian independence activist, Mohandas Karamchand ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi took the bullet in 1948. Also not making it through that year, flying pioneer Orville Wright found the dead stick. Nazi assisting automotive engineer who created the Volkswagen Beetle before finding over priced car manufacturer named after himself, Ferdinand Porsche reached the end of his particular cul-de-sac in 1951. Another Nazi sympathiser with the thick rimmed glasses, Ernst Heinkel touched down for the last time in 1958. Founding member of folk, (read beard and sandals wearer) group – The Dubliners, Luke Kelly was dead, plain and simple from 1984. Actor John Herrick McIntyre jumped off the wagon train in 1991. Also not making it through that year, two time Nobel Prize winner in physics and co-inventor of the transistor, John Bardeen lost his connection. Writer Sidney Sheldon left the Merry Widow in 2007. Gammy handed prankster Jeremy James Anthony Gibson-Beadle wasn’t game for a laugh from 2008. Inventor of movable little plastic people – Playmobil, Hans Beck found himself rigid in 2009. Composer/conductor of film music, John Barry (Prendergast) found the party’s over in 2011. Close harmony singer, (hopefully not out of tune), with her sisters – Patricia Marie ‘Patty’ Andrews wasn’t so much fenced as boxed in from 2013. Contributor to the oral contraceptive pill – Carl Djerassi terminated himself in 2015. Also not making it through 2015, actress known for playing Miss Marple – born Geraldine McKeown but known as Geraldine McEwan didn’t manage the dance of death. Actor Francis ‘Frank’ Finlay left the waiting room in 2016. Finally, Glee actor caught with child pornography – Mark Wayne Salling made his debut in the graveyard in 2017. 

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th January

Births today begin with Prince of Orange and stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders and Overijssel – Frederick Henri cast off in 1584. Coiffured haired King Christian VII of Denmark and Norway took up residence in Copenhagen from 1749. Moses Cleveland, founder of, err, Cleveland, discovered this day from 1754 to be a good one to celebrate his birthday. Stern faced 25th President of the United States of America, (and seventh child to his parents), William McKinley started trying to attract attention in 1843. Inventor of the box kite – Lawrence Hargrave found the wind window in 1850. Short story writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov joined his three sisters in 1860. Son to financier/philanthropist John Davidson Rockefeller Snr, the imaginatively named John Davidson Rockefeller Jnr., didn’t have to worry too much about what he did with his life from 1874. Comedian/actor, William Claude Dukenfield or just W.C. Fields was born the old fashioned way in 1880. Politician and Speaker in the House of Commons in London – Thomas George Thomas started talking back at the family home about a year after his birth in 1909. Actor of stage, screen and television Victor John Mature started to wake up screaming from 1913. Illustrator for Disney with the rather unfortunate surname – William Bartlett Peed, who somewhat wisely renamed himself Bill Peet, started to draw on life’s experiences from 1915. Actor who was the voice of ‘Charlie’ in Charlie’s Angels (among other roles) John, or Jacob, Lincoln Freud started out in 1918 before changing his name to John Forsyth. Test pilot for now defunct aeroplane Concorde – Brian Trubshaw took his time during birth in 1924. Best known for his role in The Beatles Film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, John Francis Junkin started wombling free in 1930. Légion d’honneur holder and French crooner Alexandre ‘Sasha’ Distel was born round about midnight in 1933. Second wave bra burner who pops up on various television programmes, Germaine Greer under went the change in 1939. Sacked, then reinstated, Radio DJ who had a melt down live on air and is partial to wearing spangly jackets as well as telling corny jokes – Anthony Kenneth ‘Tony’ Blackburn spun into life back in 1943. Proud moustache wearer who starred in Magnum P.I., Thomas William ‘Tom’ Selleck was in, then out in 1945. Irish broadcaster who’s actually stayed in Ireland, Patrick ‘Pat’ Kenny found his voice in 1948. Actor Timothy Malcolm Healy had a tickle on the tum in 1952. Creator and voice actor for ALF, Paul Fusco wasn’t an Alien Life Form in 1953. Also born that year, member of The Gap Band, (not the house band for the clothes shop), Charles Kent ‘Charlie’ Wilson didn’t get to hear the nurse say, ‘Oops upside your head’ to him. Chat show queen who fluctuates between slim, and, err, not so slim, Oprah Gail Winfrey started tongues wagging in 1954. Interior designer Anna Caroline Ryder Richardson found the exterior in 1964. Actress Heather Joan Graham was blessed to be born in 1970. Starting out as a sports broadcaster, before taking on the early Sunday morning God slot on BBC radio, (along with anything else she’s offered), Clare Victoria Balding has been a good sport since 1971. Actor from the Free Willy films, (the ones about the whale in case you were wondering), Jason James Richter was a rugrat in 1980. Professional surfer who’s bagged seven world champion titles – Stephanie Louise Gilmore didn’t have a goofy foot in 1988. 

It’s a pretty quiet day on the day Deaths front but starting things off is Aleksey Mikhailovich Tsar of All Russia, who gave up procreating in 1676. Another Tsar of Russia, (well half Tsar, as he job shared with his younger brother), Ivan V Alekseyevich found he started lying still in 1696. King George III of the United Kingdom and Ireland handed on the crown in 1820. Poet, (or rather limerick writer), Edward Lear – he of The Owl and the Pussycat, didn’t get to see the boy on the burning deck after 1888. King Milan I of Serbia put his medal cleaner out of business in 1901. King Christian XI of Denmark finally took his sash off in 1906. Not only the name of a pub in Effingham, (Surrey), but also a Field Marshall from the First World War, Douglas Haig took his last orders in 1928. Laurence of Arabia impersonator, ruler of Kuwait Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah ran dry in 1950. Actor/comedian James Francis ‘Jimmy’ Durante had his last judgement in 1980. Dead Norwegian of the day, actor Lars Andreas Larssen found himself edited out in 2014. Writer of book ‘The Thorn Birds’ Colleen Margareta McCullough finished life without the boring bits in 2015. Finally, singer/songwriter James Edward Ingram was unable to say, ‘Never felt so good’ in 2019. 

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th January

A couple of years ago this posting started with two old Kings, (and last year I was told off by my wife for saying it makes a change from two old queens!), however, having trawled the internet over the years, this is now rectified by having a King start the births paragraph and a Pope the deaths one – so, if you’re sat comfortably, King Henry VII of England, (or Henry Tudor 2nd Earl of Richmond as he was known before taking the top job), had a stable upbringing from 1457. Giulio Rospigliosi aka Pope Clement IX didn’t get any white smoke upon his arrival in 1600. Last King of both Denmark and Norway – Frederick IV was woken up by the soldiers marching about outside Christianborg Palace from 1768. George Hamilton-Gordon, Prime Minister of Great Britain, peeled off in 1784. Not wanting to be left out – Alexander Mackenzie, Prime Minister of Canada wasn’t a loon in 1822. Getting his second mention in as many days, Charles George ‘Chinese’ Gordon found himself ready for his first battle in 1883. Explorer who tracked down Dr. Livingstone, Henry Morton Stanley started off life as John Rowlands in 1841. Inventor of the calculating machine, William Seward Burroughs I found life added up from 1857. Having missed the big day by 35 days, (or 332 days depending which way you count), painter Ernest William Christmas got through the masking fluid in 1863. First President of Finland, Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg was a progressive child from 1865. Writer of book ‘Gigi’, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, started the girl power movement in 1873. Known as ‘The Birdman of Alcatraz’, Robert Franklin Stroud started to feed from 1890. Successful splatterer of paint on canvas Paul Jackson Pollock made his first mess in 1912. Puppeteer who gave Sooty that surprised look on his face, (and we all know why), Harry Corbett made a less than quiet entrance to the world in 1918. Actor with the large parting – born Alfred Edward Touchinsky before adopting the name Alfred Marks was able to scream and scream again in 1921. Saxophonist and jazz club owner, Ronald Schatt or Ronnie Scott’s parents blew their trumpet when he was born in 1927. Also born that year, boxing promoter Don Fraser didn’t know his catch weight in 1927. Known for his stripy waistcoats, bowler hat, goatee beard and clarinet playing, Bernard Stanley ‘Acker’ Bilk wasn’t lonely in 1929. Alphonso Joseph D’Abruzzo who found fame as Hawkeye Pierce in ‘comedy’ M*A*S*H, Alan Alder will be celebrating his birthday the same time next year as he has been doing since 1936. Diminutive scandal ridden ex-President of France, Nicholas Paul Stéphane Sarkōzy de Nagy-Bosca, or just Nicholas Sarkozy was even more diminutive in 1955. Comedian Christopher Graham Collins, who now goes by the name of Frank Skinner, took a year or so to stand up from 1957. A slight battle of the boy bands now ensues given Joseph Anthony ‘Joey’ Fatone Jr., of NSYNC went pop in 1977. Not to be outdone, Nickolas Gene ‘Nick’ Carter of the Backstreet Boys found himself born in a hospital in 1980. Having made his debut in Back to the Future Part II, Elijah Jordan Wood made a deep impact on his parents from 1981. Athlete who bagged a gold during the 2012 Olympics and doesn’t start puffing half way through the heptathlon, Jessica Ennis was a champion baby in 1986. 

As promised above, Pope Gelasius II has kept his vow of silence since 1119. Second,(and more famous), old King of England mentioned today – Henry VIII didn’t have to listen to his sixth wife Catherine Parr after 1547. Founder of the Bodleian Library in Oxford, Sir Thomas Bodley has racked up a huge fine for not returning his books since 1613. Given Henry separated the Catholic Church from the Church of England, so Pope Paul V separated life from death in 1621. Dead Norwegian of the day, historian Ludvig Holberg found himself become history in 1754. Half of body snatching duo Burke & Hare – William Burke found some rope and a large crowd watching in 1829. Frederick John Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, (for all of 144 days) – took his last title, deceased, in 1859. Nobel prize winning poet William Butler ‘W.B.’ Yeats went to where there is nothing in 1939. Olympic medal winning athlete/gymnast, Edward Victor Siegler fell flat in 1942. Ninth Prime Minister from the land of convicts and VB, James Henry ‘Jim’ Scullion went to bed permanently in 1953. Also not making it through the day is another Aussie PM, (the 15th incumbent lasting all of seven days), Francis Michael ‘Frank’ Forde found himself demobilised in 1983. Ronald William Wycherley who restyled himself as Billy Fury must have been pretty annoyed at expiring in 1983. Gregory Jarvis, (the one with the memorial on The Strand, Hermosa Beach), Christa McAuliffe, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Francis Richard Scobee and Michael J Smith tragically went up in smoke when the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up in 1986. Voice actor Harold John ‘Hal’ Smith found the highway to heaven in 1994. Co-creator of comic book hero Superman – Jerome ‘Jerry’ Siegel/Joe Carter/Jerry Ess gave up looking for phone boxes in 1996. Singer/songwriter with the girl’s name and founder of band ‘Traffic’, Nicola James ‘Jim’ Capaldi didn’t have something so strong in 2005. Sidekick to Benny Hill, Henry James Marris McGee didn’t get to slap any more bald men’s pates from 2006. Co-founding members of Jefferson Airplane, Signe Toly Anderson and Paul Lorin Kantner didn’t get to know it’s no secret they both died on the same day in 2016.  Finally, legendary television/radio presenter, actor and fame show host – Christopher Nicholas Parsons became the straight man, (again), in 2020. 

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th January

Fifth Safavid Shah of Iran – Abbas the Great/Abbas I of Persia started to hold court in Afghanistan from 1571. Subject of mid-80’s song by Falco – Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, or just Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart started to compose himself from 1756. I’m pretty certain I gave a shout out to inventor of the mortise lock – Eli Whitney Blake on the 18th August upon his death, but given he unlocked himself in 1795 he’s worthy of another mention. Writer Charles Lutwidge Dodgson who went by the pen name Lewis Carroll found himself the other side of the looking glass in 1832. Captain of RMS Titanic – Edward John Smith was buoyed up arriving in 1850. Last German Emperor and King of Prussia, (with the moustache) – Wilhelm II was Queen Vic’s first grandchild in 1859. Norwegian of the day, philosopher Arne Dekke Eide Næss thought long and hard before being born in 1912. Gaudy shirt wearing ex-owner of a souk in central London with a bagpipe player following him around, Mohamed Abdel Moneim al-Fayed was open for business in 1929. Great train robber and ex-flower seller – Robert Christopher ‘Buster’ Edwards started off as a scallywag in 1931. Tall character actor James Oliver Cromwell was born to the wind in 1940. Drummer with Pink Floyd, Nicholas Berkeley ‘Nick’ Mason heard the feedback in 1944. Former member of The Ronettes – Nedra Talley, now known as Nedra Talley-Ross, found girls can tell from 1947. Ex-Television medium born Derek Francis Johnson, just knew he’d become known as Derek Accora after his birth in 1950. Another ex-Mrs T. Cruise who now plays poker, Miriam ‘Mimi’ Rogers, (née Spickler), was born in the blink of an eye back in 1956. Part of the Fonda acting clan, Bridget Jane Fonda reached the point of no return in 1964. Actor Alan Cumming started expanding his circle of friends from 1965. Member/ex-member/member /ex-member etc. of boy, (now middle aged man), band Take That, Mark Anthony Patrick Owen didn’t hold on in 1972. Leggy blonde actress Rosamund Pike entered the promised land in 1979. 

Death wise, we start way back in 98 as Roman emperor Nerva didn’t get to see the mosaic finished. First of two Popes to feature – Pope Vitalian let Adeodatus take over in 672, then in 847 Pope Sergius II had a weight off his shoulders given he didn’t have to wear his cape again. Queen Liz the First’s favourite explorer Sir Francis Drake didn’t sink without trace in 1595. Inventor of the piano – Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco didn’t get a reprise in 1731. Rotund ‘father of the modern circus’ – Philip Astley hasn’t had to worry about putting up the big top since 1814. Army officer and governor of New South Wales with a city in Queensland named after him – Major General Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane, 1st Baronet eased off the sun cream in 1860. Opera composer Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi took his last deep breath in 1901. Non inventor of the flushing toilet, but inventor of the floating ballcock, Thomas Crapper pulled the chain on his life in 1910. Roger Chafee, Virgil ‘Gus’ Grissom and Edward White, crew mates on the ill fated Apollo I space mission all had their final countdown in 1967. Given various other Presidents are mentioned here, I’ll also give space to Colonel Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, el-Presidenti of Guatemala who drowned his sorrows a bit too much in 1971. Thomas Sopwith who did many and varied things through his life, not least bagging a medal at the European ice hockey championships, had his ultimate time out start in 1989. Lyricist/songwriter Stanley Adams found what a diff’rence a day makes in 1994. Chemist credited with developing Nylon – Julian W. Hill found he had a higher melting point in 1996. Gene McFadden, other half to John Whitehead found there wasn’t one more time in 2006. Another President, this one fez wearing Muhammad Suharto of Indonesia hasn’t suffered from widespread unrest since 2008. Eighth President of India, Ramaswamy Venkatarman was hotter than a Phall curry on his funeral pyre in 2009. Writer of The Catcher in the Rye, Jerome David ‘J.D.’ Salinger had his closing chapter in 2010. Folk singer, (yawn), and activist Peter Seeger has Turn! Turn! Turned in his grave since 2014. Finally, founder of flat pack retailer, (Ikea), which annoys millions of people trying to assemble their purchases – Feodor Ingvar Kamprad was in a slightly sturdier and more expensive pine box than the ones he used to flog in 2018. 

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th January

We start today’s posting with first Norwegian of the day – Charles XIV also known as 

Charles III John or even Carl John, King of Sweden and Norway as well as having a stake in Italy as Prince of Pontecorvo started off in Paris with the name Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte back in 1763. Continuing the Norwegian theme, covering both bases  by being both a priest and poet, Jens Zetlitz had his prayers answered by being born in 1761. Given the number of Popes mentioned here, it makes a refreshing change to report on the birth of the 12th Dalai Lama, Trinley Gyatso who blessed this world from 1857. Gangster/crime boss Francesco Castiglia who became known as Frank ‘the Prime Minister’ Costello, started to be respected from 1891. Founder of Amnesty International whilst blowing people up as Chief of Staff of the IRA, (mentioned about 10 days ago when he took his leave) – Seán MacBride disrupted his parents from 1904. Step mum/matriarch of family singers as featured in a film about them, Maria Augusta von Trapp or Baroness von Trapp bid so long, farewell etc to her mum’s stomach in 1905. Also born that year, dad to eccentric 7th Marquess of Bath – Henry Frederick Thynne 6th Marquess of Bath, saw to it he had blue blood. Odd looking self righteous dictator, (sorry President), of Romania – Nicolae Ceausescu revolutionised his parents lives from 1918. Co-founder of Sony, Akio Marita switched on for the first time in 1921, whilst a year later in 1922 comedian Michael James Benton/Bentine had plenty of potty time. Actress born Joan Agnes Theresa Sadie Brodel, but went onto find fame as Joan Leslie, was too young to know she was born in 1925. Also making an appearance that year, sauce maker, actor and not forgetting his car racing pursuits – Paul Leonard Newman had a new kind of love bestowed upon him. Corrupt football official who’s best mates with deluded Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter, Austin ‘Jack’ Warner kicked things off in 1943. Cellist Jacqueline du Pré strung along in 1945. Ex-rocker with a defunct band named after him, Edward Lodewijk ‘Eddie’ Van Halen didn’t so much jump as slip in 1955. One time sitcom star who’s now got her feet under the coffee table on her own chat show, Ellen Lee DeGeneres started burbling in 1958. Also born that year, songstress Anita Denise Baker found there ain’t no need to worry about being born that year. The Special One’ aka twice sacked manager of Chelsea Football, (soccer), Club – José Mário dos Santos Mourhino Felix, (or just José Mourhino), took the lead in 1963. Also born that year, is silent half of 80’s band Wham! Andrew John Ridgeley experienced freedom for the first time. Another person born in 1963 – dreadlocked large hat wearing DJ Trevor Beresford Romeo who goes by the hipper name of ‘Jazzie B’ found his soul. Founder of Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Colin ‘Col’ Needham added his name to the national database known as the birth register in 1967. Not a Hollywood, nor Bollywood, but Tollywood actor – Ravi Shankar Raju Bhupatiraju arrived on cue in 1968. Guinness world record holder, for having the largest feet  – Brahim Takioullah’s granny started knitting baby socks in 1982. Road cyclist who’s made it through the Tour de France without taking any drugs, (yes, really), Peter Sagan squeezed through a small gap in 1990. Actor Cameron Douglas Crigger or Cameron Bright, had his first birth in 1993. Child actor Lindzi James Tyger Drew-Honey had a Friday download in 1996. 

Death wise it’s another pretty quiet day and to this end we start with another member of the composing Bach clan as Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach let out his last semi quaver in 1795. Physician who created the smallpox vaccine – Edward Jenner found himself mortuus in 1823.  Son to potter Josiah and founder of the Royal Horticultural Society – John Wedgwood wilted in 1844.  Major General Charles ‘Chinese’ Gordon, (not known for his liking of Chop Suey and spring rolls, rather the Taiping Rebellion), had his ultimate takeaway in 1885. Engineer who developed the compressed charge internal combustion engine, Nikolaus August Otto found himself internally compressed in a coffin back in 1891. Possible inventor of baseball and definite Union general in the American Civil War, Abner Doubleday suffered the three strikes and you’re out rule in 1893. Founder of the other bain of council’s worldwide, sticky gum manufacturer found on train/bus seats not forgetting the soles of your shoes, William Wrigley, Jr., chewed his last in 1932. Mobster Salvatore Lucania but known as Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano saw his luck run out in 1962. Actor born Emanuel Goldenberg who went onto find fame as Edward G. Robinson found himself in a tight spot back in 1973. Possible male Russian athlete Valeriy Nikolayevich Brunel had his final high jump in 2003. Son of mussitating actor Marlon, Christian Devi Brando found his time was up in 2008. Singer with Motown all girl group, The Marvelettes – Gladys Catherine Horton didn’t get to keep holding on from 2011. Two people didn’t make it through 2016 – first up is actor Abraham Charles ‘Abe’ Vigoda started to see dark shadows. The other is Colin Vearncombe or, as he was better known singer Black was between two churches. Finally, basketball player Kobe Bean Bryant had his box set in 2020. 

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th January

Promiscuous (third) wife to Roman emperor Claudius – Valeria Messalina arrived in either 17 or 20AD and gets the distinction of starting today’s posting. Scottish poet Robert Burns was piped into the world back in 1759. Major general in the Confederate Army, George Edward Pickett led the charge in 1825. Esteemed writer William Somerset Maugham, had the good manners to be born in 1874. Female version of the above, Adeline Virginia Woolf, (née Stephen), didn’t know if she was born on Monday or Tuesday in 1882. Communist folk songwriter and dad to Kirsty, born James Henry Miller but went by the stage name Ewan MacColl had his solo flight in 1915. Television presenter with the distinctive voice – Raymond Frederic Baxter saw tomorrow’s world from 1922.  Singer Farrell H. (‘Rusty’) Draper couldn’t shout, ‘Help me, I’m falling’ in 1923. Second President of Georgia, Eduard Amvroslyevich Shevardnadze started to rise through the ranks from 1928. Known for his role in The Herbie films, actor Dean Carroll Jones’s mum wasn’t called Mandie, but he still made it through the secret tunnel in 1931. Also born that year, acting son to Harold Lloyd Sr. – Harold Lloyd Jr., found father knows best. Successor to Ferdinand and his shoe obsessed wife Imelda – 11th President of the Philippines, Maria Corazon ‘Cory’ Cojuangco Aquino, (née Sumulong) passed her first early day motion in 1933. Having mentioned Jamesetta Hawkins/Etta James a mere five days ago in the second paragraph, here she is again given she was all the way down in 1938. Designer of the Lego minifigures – Jens Nygaard Knudsen had his first BURP in 1942. Given I mentioned his co-star Adrian Edmundson only yesterday, it only seems fair Christopher Papazoglou or Christopher Ryan gets his name here given he started having bottom fluff from 1950. Gay rights activist who tried to arrest TIM, (That Idiot Mugabe), Peter Gary Tatchell didn’t hit a stonewall during birth in 1952. Classical singer, (in Hindustani), Kavita Krishnamurthy recorded her first day in 1958. Singer Alicia Augello Coo, or as the IRS know her – Alicia Keys, found the element of freedom in 1981. 

There aren’t many deaths to report on today, but we do start with Genseric, (other alternatives are available), King of the Vandals and the Alans, (but not vandals called Alan), wrecked his own life in 477. Yet another Pope making it onto the list is non breathing Pope Gregory IV who expired in 844. Extremely wide hat wearer, King Christian II of Denmark & Norway, (as well as Sweden), or ‘Christian the Tyrant’ suffered his final downfall in 1559. Cartographer Guillaume Delisle plotted his grave in 1726. Sailor and explorer who discovered Antarctica – Fabian Gottlieb Thaddeus von Bellingshausen found himself cold (again) in 1852. Russian chess player, Mikhail Ivanovich Chigorin took the basic ending in 1908. Proper American gangster, (without his trousers hanging round his lower buttocks), who was mentioned eight days ago in the births paragraph – Alphonse Gabriel ‘Al’ Capone didn’t speak easy after 1947. Fred’s older sis who also made a living twirling around the place, Adele Astaire waltzed off the planet in 1981. Youngest of seven children, actress, (and ex-Mrs M. Rooney) – Ava Lavinia Gardner jumped off the band wagon in 1990. First cousin of Saddam Hussein, Ali Hassan Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti aka ‘Chemical Ali’ stopped hanging about in 2010. Dead Norwegian of the day, opera soprano Aase Nordmo Løvberg didn’t have a drawn out death scene in 2013. Kaftan wearing large hairy singer – Artemios ‘Demis’ Ventouris-Roussos bid ‘Auf Wiedersehn’ in 2015. Actor mentioned a mere three days ago in honour of his birth – John Vincent Hurt staged the disappearance in 2017. Finally, architect and furniture designer Florence Marguerite Knoll Bassett, (née Schust), didn’t get to design her coffin in 2019. 

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th January

Chief wall builder, (and it wasn’t Donald), but Roman Emperor Hadrian who probably did the English a favour – starts today’s posting given he wasn’t boxed in from 73. Frederick II ‘The Great’ King of Prussia made it to Crown Prince a year after birth in 1712. Polymath who came up with the Figaro plays – Pierre-Augustin Caron (de Beaumarchais) made his debut in 1732. King Gustav III of Sweden, the one with the curly hair, started camping it up from 1746. Not the tattooed big headed pop singer, but Olympic medal winning archer – Robert Williams hit the bullseye in 1841. Novelist Ethel Turner was a little larrikin in 1873. Oil executive James Howard Marshall II, the aged billionaire who thought all his ships came in when he married blonde dolly bird Anna Nicole Smith, spilled forth in 1905. Norman Cook, (not the ex-Reigate resident DJ) but director of the Museum of London exhibited himself in 1906. Walking pensioner activist Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock, found her pace in 1910. Actor born Gerard Marenghi, before going onto be known as Jerry Maren was a proper little munchkin in 1920. Voice of Choo Choo in cartoon series Top Cat – Marvin Wilbur Kaplan started hearing, ‘Behave yourself’ from 1924. Also born that year, dad to media manipulator – Lady/Princess Diana, Edward John ‘Johnnie’ Spencer 8th Earl Spencer who alternated that title with Viscount Althorp had his entry to Debrett’s confirmed. Zoologist who must have had an interesting chat with his career teacher, Desmond John Morris discovered his inner ape in 1928. Turkey farmer Trevor Bernard Matthews knew where he was in the pecking order within his family from 1930. Original quizmaster from University Challenge – Arthur Bamber Gascoigne was unable to confer with his mum for about a year after his birth in 1935. Guilty pleasure singer Neil Leslie Diamond made his first not so beautiful noise in 1941. Also born that year is one of multi million record selling family group, The Neville Brothers – Aaron Neville started his grand tour. Actress probably more famous for being killed by Charles Manson, Sharon Marie Tate was a model child in 1943. Singer/songwriter Warren Zevon was an excitable boy from 1947. Comedy actor John Adam Belushi found sweet home Chicago in 1949. Keeping with tradition, Norwegian of the day is singer who actually won dull fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest, Hanne Krough Sundbø was also a hit with her family in 1956. Alternative comedian and Mr Jennifer Saunders, Adrian Charles ‘Ade’ Edmundson has been the magnificent one since 1957. Musician and band leader, (minus the sash), with the distinctive voice, Julian Miles ‘Jules’ Holland squeezed through in 1958. ‘Comedian’, James Roderick Muir who’s better known as Vic Reeves was born free in 1959. Another actress involved with Roman Polanski, Nastassja Aglaia Kinski didn’t make the wrong move in 1961. Comedian born James Eoin Stephen Paul McKeown but known as Jimeoin had his full frontal moment in 1966, whilst 20 years later actress Mischa Anne Barton had her homecoming moment. Ball kicker currently found in Spain – Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz had a clinical finish in 1987. 

Having started the Births paragraph with a Roman emperor, we start the Deaths one with Roman emperor Caligula or Gaius Caesar found his time was up in 41. Pope Stephen III saw his last sunrise over the Vatican in 772. Not wanting to be left out, Pope Stephen IV followed suit in 817. It’s not the day to be a Churchill as first up is Lord Randolph Henry Spencer-Churchill, dad to Winston, didn’t get to wear his top hat again after 1895. Founder of shipbuilding company bearing his name, Sir Alfred Fernandez Yarrow scuttled himself in 1932. Inventor of the ‘Erector’ set, (think Meccano and nothing else), Alfred Carlton Gilbert dissembled in 1961. Having just mentioned his dad, here’s the best Prime Minister Great Britain ever had – Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill stopped giving the V sign in 1965. Founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, who I can’t really tell you about given it’s supposed to be an anonymous organisation, but William Griffith ‘Bill’ Wilson didn’t know who his friends were when he died in 1971. Known for being one of The Three Stooges, Louis Feinberg or just Larry Fine was anything but in 1975. Founder of controversial religion Scientology, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard released his grip on the ‘stress-o-meter’ thing they get people to try in 1986. Serial killer Theodore Robert Cowell/Bundy found his days at an end in 1989. One time majority shareholder in rotting car maker Fiat, Giovanni ‘Gianni’ Agnelli rusted away in 2003. Star of Bonanza, Pernell Elven Roberts Jr., headed west himself in 2010. Actor of stage, screen and television, James Farentino had the final countdown in 2012. Finally, artificial intelligence, (AI) pioneer Marvin Lee Minsky didn’t have to pretend about being a member of Mensa from 2016. 

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd January

Odd looking Queen of Sweden, (before abdicating and letting her husband run the show, thereby becoming Queen Consort) – Ulrika Eleonora didn’t play second fiddle this day back in 1688. John Hancock, patriot of the American Revolution now with the tower in Chicago named in his honour, gets another birthday mention as on the New Style calendar it shows he arrived in 1737. First Norwegian of the day, writer and early day bra burner, (from Kristiansand), Jacobine Camilla Collett, (née Wergeland) started plotting life in 1813. Easel botherer Édouard Manet made a real impression on his parents in 1832. Optical scientist with the pronounced jaw line and co-owner of Carl Zeiss, Ernst Karl Abbe found the aperture in 1840. Firearms designer, (who wouldn’t realise quite how they’d be used in the future), John Moses Browning didn’t suffer a blow back in 1855. Continuing the shooting theme, second Norwegian of the day – Ole Sæther got his aim straight in 1870. Indian writer Jyotirmoyee Devi started her first chapter in life back in 1894. Actor George Randolph Scott wasn’t born reckless in 1898. Escapee from Colditz Castle before taking part in the Nuremberg Trials, Airey Middleton Sheffield Neave made his escape in 1916. Tax hating comedian Ernest Edward Kovacs was unable to say, ‘Wake me when it’s over’ in 1919. 

Inventor of ‘Pluto Platters’ or as they later became known, Frisbees – Walter Frederick ‘Fred’ Morrison threw himself into life back in 1920. Music arranger/composer/conductor who worked with Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson to name but two – Martin Louis ‘Marty’ Paich reached his crescendo in 1925. Pioneer of travel to inaccessible places – Lars-Eric Lindblad sailed through in 1927. Actor known for playing William ‘Buck’ Rogers, Gilbert C. ‘Gil’ Gerard also had the starring role in 1943. Ex-Heineken swilling clog wearing actor Rutger Oelsen Hauer hitched a ride in 1944. Corrupt 81st Presidenti of Nicaragua now languishing in chokey – José Arnoldo Alemán Lacayo won’t be getting a file in his birthday cake in celebration of his 75th birthday. One third of family group ‘The Pointer Sisters’, (a cold day when they came up with that name me thinks), Anita Marie Pointer won the ‘should I do it?’ argument in 1948. Actor Richard Dean Anderson started to learn the facts of life from 1950. Pilot of the Hudson River plane service, Chelsey Burnett ‘Sully’ Sullenburger III hopefully didn’t have such a bumpy ride when delivered in 1951. Eldest daughter of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly – Caroline Louise Marguerite Grimaldi, Princess of Hanover has been attended to since 1957. Actress Mariska Magdolna Hargitay crossed the finish line in 1964. Model and ex-co presenter, (or player of the same records), on London’s Capital Radio Breakfast Show, Lisa Snawdon or Lisa Snowdon started waking up early from 1972. Previous drummer with heavy rock band Lordi who’s now switched tempo to become lead singer with glam rock band Stala & SO. – Sampsa Astala who also goes by the names: Kita and Stala hasn’t had anyone ask him, ‘Who’s your daddy?’ since 1974. Tattooed faced, dual coloured pineappled haired, temperamental and controversial jail bird/singer – Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy who wants by the alternative name, XXXTentacion had his look at me! moment in 1998. 

As for people expiring, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Italy and King of Germany – Otto III didn’t get to Rome back in 1002. Explorer with not only a bay but also an island named in his honour, William Baffin began examining earth in 1622. Founder of probably the best drink in the world, (and it’s not Danish), bearing his name, Arthur Guinness ran out of shelf life in 1803. Britain’s youngest Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger obviously found age caught up with him given he was dispatched in 1806. Wearer of a tutu whilst pirouetting across the stage, Anna Pavlovna (Matveyevna) Pavlova gave her best dying swan routine in 1931. Dead Norwegian of the day, painter Edvard Munch didn’t scream on his death bed in 1944. Heir to the Onassis fortune, Alexander Socrates Onassis cashed in his chips in 1973. Actor known for his role in The Great Dictator, Jack Oakie left the wild party in 1978. Artist with the waxed moustache, (and long name), Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech Marqués de Dalí de Pùbol, or just Salvador Dalí found he didn’t have to shave again from 1989. Composer of ‘Louie Louie’ – Richard Berry Jr., had one little prayer at his funeral in 1997. Snapper of the stars Helmut Neustädter, (or to give him his anglicised surname Newton), saw his life flash before him in 2004. Early day desk hogger who stayed on the television schedules for 30 years, John William ‘Johnny’ Carson went quiet in 2005. Nutritional expert Francois Henri ‘Jack’ LaLanne munched his last doughnut in 2011. King of Saudi Arabia – Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud didn’t get to drive another Rolls Royce after 2015. Star of ‘Allo ‘Allo – Gordon (Fitzgerald) Kaye found the party’s over in 2017. Trumpeter Hugh Ramapolo Masekela adopted the dead tone in 2018. Finally, dermatologist the likes of Elton John and Wayne Rooney have to thank for a full barnet – Norman Orentreich gave up on the comb over in 2019. 

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd January

Today’s posting begins with Grand Prince of Moscow and all Russia – Ivan III Vasilyevich or Ivan the Great was merely Ivan the Baby in 1440. Edmund Blackadder looky likey and fan of the ruff – Francis Bacon, (not the painter), but Lord Chancellor of England was philosophical about being born in 1561. George Gordon Byron or 6th Baron Byron or even Lord Byron didn’t have hours of idleness in 1788. Co-founder of the New York City Ballet – born Georgi Melitonovich Balachivadze but went by the name George Balanchine had a clarity of line in 1904. Pulp fiction author responsible for Conan the Barbarian – Robert Ervin Howard was one of the little people in 1906. 

Burmese diplomat – Thant, born in 1909 obviously started the trend for odd names as UN Secretary General. Ball kicker with the last English World Cup winning team, Alfred Ernest ‘Alf’ Ramsey was born behind closed doors in 1920. Soul singer Samuel ‘Sam’ Cooke was so glamorous in 1931. Chief wine slurper whilst cooking, (thereby pre-empting Keith Floyd by a good 20 years), Graham Kerr or the ‘Galloping Gourmet’ must have been a plump baby in 1934. Also born that year, The Incredible Hulk aka Wilfred Bailey Everett ‘Bill’ Bixby III was the baby of the bride. Actor John Vincent Hurt was a little sweetheart in 1940. Ginger curly haired manager of The Sex Pistols and ex-squeeze to Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren was round the outside, round the outside, (repeat ad infinitum), in 1946. Singer Stephen Ray ‘Steve’ Perry started his journey in life from 1949. Swinging frontman of band INXS Michael Kelland John Hutchence was the new sensation in 1960. Boxer Nigel Gregory Benn was a featherweight in 1964. Born Jeffrey Allen Townes before taking the slightly snappier name – DJ Jazzy Jeff found he knew when to stand up following his birth in 1965. Ex-ball kicker now found in the commentary box trying to keep up with things – Franck Alain James Lebœuf hasn’t defended being born in 1968. Acting mate of Meghan ex-Duchess of Somewhere or Another – Gabriel S Macht was in his birthday suit back in 1972. Norwegian of the day, cross country skier Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen adopted the classical technique during birth in 1987. Israeli winner of dull fest that is the Eurovision Song Contest – Netta Barzilai started putting weight on in 1993. 

As for deaths, fifth Mughal emperor Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram or just Shah Jahan, (who was mentioned on 5th January in the first para), the person responsible for building the Taj Mahal managed to get in there for nothing back in 1666. Astronomer co-responsible for the Mason-Dixon line, Jeremiah Dixon failed to consult the stars in 1779. Inventor responsible for the printing telegraph machine and microphone, (so he has a lot to answer for) – David Edward Hughes didn’t suffer any feedback after 1900. Dour faced long serving Queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland, not forgetting her stint as Empress of India and wife to Albert, Queen Victoria wasn’t amused at dying in 1901. Pope Benedict XV had the incense wafted around in his honour back in 1922. Sidekick to Errol Flynn, actor Alan Hale Sr., (dad to the imaginatively named actor Alan Hale Jr.), dropped through the hatch in 1950. Inventor of old biddies favourite hair do, the permanent wave, (or the perm), Karl Ludwig Nessler found he wasn’t a permanent fixture in 1951. Co-founder of Newsday with the art gallery named after him, Harry Frank Guggenheim didn’t get to see his obit in 1971. 36th President of the United States of America, Lyndon Baines Johnson was unable to answer the red telephone from 1973. Keeping with the Presidential theme, 28th President of Chile, Eduardo Frei Montalva just about made it to 71 in 1982. Bald headed lolly pop sucking and mac wearing detective who was mentioned only yesterday, Aristotellis ‘Telly’ Savalas beat the battle of the bulge in 1994. Also not making it through that year, inventor of the teleprompter – Irving Berlin Kahn ran out of words. Mum to various prominent American politicians including JFK – Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy didn’t get anything named after her following her death in 1995. Songwriter who co-wrote ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree’ – Irwin Jesse Levine didn’t get to wake up in love this morning from 1997. Also not making it through that year, singer William MacArthur ‘Billy’ MacKenzie no longer associated with people. Television personality who doubled up as a clown – Roy Thomas Brown had a whiteface in 2001. Pill popping Australian actor Heath Ledger met the dark knight in Manhattan in 2008. Actress Jean Merilyn Simmonds found the way to the stars in 2010. Finally, randy cabinet minister under the Thatcher Government, Cecil Parkinson has managed to keep it in since 2016. 

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