Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 31st July

Today’s posting starts way back in 1143 when 78th Emperor of Japan, Emperor Nijō, started having his hair pulled up. Duke of Burgundy – Philip the Good began as Philip the Noisy in 1396. 50th French Prime Minister Eugéne Henri Brisson advocated being born in 1835. Sebastian Spering Kresge founder of S. S. Kresge Company which was renamed to become Kmart Corporation was no longer free on board from 1867. Cartoon producer known for his work on classic Tom & Jerry cartoons, Frederick Clinton ‘Fred’ Quimby was quite animated in 1886. Not the dodgy used car salesman/importer as featured in Minder, but sportswriter Arthur John Daley had his first assignment in 1904. Sherry maker/taster, Jose Ignacio Domecq had the nose for a good birthday in 1914. Television producer responsible for various tedious game shows, (including Family Feud/Family Fortunes, The Price is Right and What’s My Line?), William S. ‘Bill’ Todman was a bit quizzical back in 1916. Lawyer and founder of Amnesty International – Peter Benenson, (born Peter James Henry Solomon), was himself free in 1921. Actor Donald Patrick ‘Don’ Murray started doing childish things in 1929. 6ft 9in, (2.06m in new money), actor Theodore Crawford ‘Ted’ Cassidy lurched forth in 1932. Comedian/game show host Robert ‘Roy’ Walker headlined for the first time in 1940. Younger bro of the Dimbleby clan, respected journo Jonathan Dimbleby became a public face in 1944. English act tor Richard Thomas Griffiths, (Uncle Monty in Withnail & I among other roles), started having bedtime stories read to him from 1947. Latter day David Dimbleby, Andrew William Stevenson Marr started the week in 1959. Actor and martial artist Wesley Snipes had an appearing act in 1962. Another famous Reigate resident – Quentin Leo Cook, now known as Norman Quentin Cook or Fatboy Slim found he’s come a long long way since birth in 1963. Also arriving that year, singer mentioned a few days ago in the second paragraph – Denise Johnson found she can’t go back. Older brother and fellow band member with his sisters, James Steven Ignatius ‘Jim’ Corr, left his mum breathless in 1964. Writer of dull books based on a boy wizard with round glasses, (which is where my interest in this matter finishes), Joanne ‘Jo’ Rowling or as she’s also known by the pen names J. K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith – left the chamber of secrets in 1965. Actress Amelia Fox had a few, (non), silent witnesses at her birth in 1974.

Deaths include, among others, mum to Dictator of the Roman Republic – Gaius Julius Caesar, Aurelia Cotta left her son in the limelight from 54BC. Earlier version of Justin Welby – Archbishop of Canterbury, William Courtney stopped nibbling bread and swigging wine in 1396. King of Portugal and the Algarves, John V gave up rattling his Rosary beads in 1750. Indian freedom fighter Dheeran Chinnamalai found his ultimate freedom in 1805. 17th President of the United States of America, Andrew Johnson was unable to reconstruct himself after 1875. Prolific 19th century composer, (and the other half to Brahms), Franz Liszt, found his movements somewhat curtailed in 1886. Singer James Travis ‘Jim’ Reeves wondered is it really over? in 1964. One of the few Belgians to feature here, ex-Prime Minister Paul-Henri Spaak, didn’t get to drink another fruit beer after 1972. Indian singer Mohammad Rafi has left the backing band waiting since 1980. Actor Carl William Raisch, known for his role in The Fugitive found himself dead from this day forward in 1984. Canadian ice hockey player Albert Leduc pucked off in 1990. Second dead Belgian of the day King Baudouin I was unable to add to his honours list after 1993. Considered one of the greatest footballers England has seen, Sir Robert William ‘Bobby’ Robson obviously wasn’t too good to go down in 2009. Founder of Pukka Pies Trevor Storer must have ate all of them before keeling over in 2013. Yachtsman rescued during the 1996/97 Vendée Globe race – Tony Bullimore keeled over in 2018. Finally, six time Academy Award, ten time Golden Globe and nineteen time BAFTA award winning filmmaker Sir Alan William Parker had no hard feelings succumbing to his illness in 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 30th July

We begin today’s posting with eminent writer of Wuthering Heights and third sis of the clan, Emily Jane Brontë had a good reception when born in 1818. Also born that year – Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Jan Heemskerk Abrahamszoon started trying to say his name. Competitor of Thomas Cook, (when it was trading) – founder of Lunn Poly, Henry Simpson Lunn ventured forth in 1859. Despite his later promise of being able to get your car in any colour so long as it’s black, I’m unsure whether Henry Ford got the idea from only having brown nappies in 1863. Another Henry, this one specialising in semi abstract bronze sculptures, Henry Moore busted out in 1898. Actor born Riccardo DiGuglielmo but known as Dick Wilson wasn’t the loner after birth in 1916. Actor known for his role in The Sopranos, born Frank Anthony Vallelonga, (or Tony Lip), was all out rather than all in from 1930. Known for his blues singing and guitar plucking, George ‘Buddy’ Guy found his life was in the beginning from 1936. Ex-Mr Fay Dunaway and snapper of the 60’s – Terence Patrick O’Neill had the correct lighting ratio in 1938. Inventor of useful things, (think pocket calculator) and not so useful, (think the C5), Sir Clive Sinclair will be using his calculator to work out his age, (it’s 81 this year Sir Clive). Singer/songwriter Paul Albert Anka may have been a lonely boy in 1941. Actress I know from her role in 1970’s sit-com Rising Damp, but who’s starred in the dull Harry Potter film franchise, Francis de la Tour – started wombling free in 1944. Former Mr Universe, 38th Governor of California and ex-plugger of some insurance comparison site whilst singing along with meerkats, Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger found himself a junior, but not a twin in 1947. Also arriving that year, virologist who co-discovered HIV – Françoise Barré-Sinoussi entered the early phase. Drummer with The Damned – Christopher John Millar who goes by the slightly edgier name of Rat Scabies was born in that punk hotspot of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey in 1955. Singer Phil Fearon wondered what do I do after being born in 1956. Having mentioned writer of the book Wuthering Heights, (above), here’s warbler to the song of the same name, Catherine ‘Kate’ Bush was breathing from today in 1958. Also taking a leap into the world that year is multi medal winning Olympic athlete Francis Morgan Ayodélé ‘Daley’ Thompson. Actor Laurence John Fishburne III has had just cause to cut the cake since 1961. Given other cast members have been given a shout out when it’s been their big day, I guess it’s only fair Lisa Valerie Kudrow, (or Phoebe Buffay from Friends), found herself the boss baby in 1963. Having retired from kicking balls around a pitch, Jürgen Klinsman ex-coach of the United States football team, (read soccer my American fans!), hopefully had a clean sheet when delivered in 1964. Large cardy wearer and actress Sofie Gråbøl was den eneste den in 1968. Actor Simon Baker made his mum sweat a bit during labour in 1969. Ex-Mr D Barrymore and comedian – Michael Thomas Green was a, (family), superstar in 1971. Two time Academy Award, winning actress Hilary Swank was the million dollar baby to her parents in 1974. Severely disgraced, (and rightly so), singer and convicted serious sexual predator Ian Watkins will be spending his eighth year behind bars whilst trying to celebrate his 44th birthday. Ex-goal keeper on the American soccer team, Hope Amelia Solo found her mum let her slip through in 1981. Seeing as I’ve mentioned other alternative royal families, here we see Hridayendra Shah, or Nava Yuvara, who’s a member of the Nepalese Royal Family and was the second in line to Nepal’s royal throne, (until it was abolished in 2008), had the little flags flying in 2002.

Deaths start with another Pope, this time it’s Pope Benedict I who vacated the Vatican in 579. Maria Theresa of Spain/Archduchess of Austria along with being Queen of France found she didn’t need her curlers after 1683. Founder of the Province of Pennsylvania – William Penn found himself boxed rather than fenced in from 1718. Person granted the patent for a vapour compression refrigeration cycle, (or refrigerator) – Jacob Perkins went cold in 1849. Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg had the distinction of not only being the first Chancellor of Germany but also having a tub and drinking game named after him, yet found himself sunk in 1898. Emperor of Japan, Emperor Meiji/Meiji the Great saw to it that he didn’t have to pose for any more pictures after 1912. Founder of various football clubs, (FC Zurich and FC Barcelona to name but two), Joan/Hans Gamper was more than offside in 1930. Sir Joseph Cook, sixth Prime Minister of Australia couldn’t put any more prawns on the barbie after 1947. Actor born Charles Butters, but known as Charles McGraw hasn’t been the mad ghoul since 1980. English actress with a theatre on Broadway named after her, Lynn Fontanne ended her days in Wisconsin back in 1983. Co-creator of DC comic character Superman – Joseph ‘Joe’ Shuster started his space adventures in 1992. Last Emperor of Vietnam, born Nguyễn Phúc Vĩnh Thụy before taking that down to Bảo Đại has been in permanent exile in Paris since 1997. Host of American children’s television show ‘Howdy Doody’, Robert Emil Schmidt or Buffalo Bob Smith said ‘Good Byeeee’ in 1998. Founder of both Sun Studio and Sun Records, Samuel Cornelius Phillips had his last sunset in 2003. Having mentioned Ernst Ingmar Bergman a couple of weeks ago when he started making noise, here he is again given he found the silence in 2007. Dead Norwegian of the day is drug spokesman and television personality – Nini Stoltenberg had the plug pulled in 2014. Finally, Stetson and sequinned jacket wearing country singer Lynn Rene Anderson managed to get a rose garden in her honour after her death in 2015.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th July

Births today begin with Henry II of Champagne, (or Henry I of Jerusalem), who popped out in 1166. Inventor of various things including: the lockstitch sewing machine, fore runner of the Winchester repeating rifle and street sweeping machinery – Walter Hunt could have done with another of his inventions, the safety pin in 1796. Mis-matched trouser and blazer wearing ex-cabinet minister of Britain, Michael Portillo, who now travels around with birthday boy George Bradshaw’s guide in hand led the way in 1800. In a slightly different league, one time Alexi Sayle looky likey who ended up dangling from a service station – Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini dictated his entrance to the world in 1883. Founding member of NFL team the New York Giants – Timothy James ‘Tim’ Mara had a fair catch in 1887. Golden boy at Metro Goldwyn Mayer, William Horatio Powell had the heavenly body, (apparently), in 1892. Business tycoon responsible for the world’s cheapest car and Air India, Jehangir Ratanji Dadbhoy Tata took off in 1904. Actress who started out in silent films before moving onto talkies- Clara Gordon Bow was born before the plastic years in 1905. Probable tinnitus sufferer best known for guitar amplifiers bearing his name, James Charles ‘Jim’ Marshall turned it up to 11 in 1923. Actor Lloyd Wolfe Bochner thought it seemed like a good idea at the time to be born in 1924. Fellow actor David Hattersley Warner has celebrated his birthday time after time on this day since 1941. Known for playing Paulie ‘Walnut’ Gualtieri in The Sopranos – Genaro Anthony ‘Tony’ Sirico, may have had the fairly odd parents in 1942. Snooker player David Taylor cued up his arrival in 1943. Actress Diane Keen took a few years to be in the public eye from 1946. Another actor, this one Michael ‘Mike’ Starr had his initial baby’s day out in 1950. Oscar/Golden Globe winning songwriter Dean Pitchford took a few years from 1951 to find fame. Member of the E Street band, thereby keeping up the tradition of wives joining their husband’s bands, Mrs B. Springsteen – Vivienne Patricia ‘Patti’ Scialfa found out you can’t go back after being born in 1953. Controversial Bollywood actor Sanjay Balraj Dutt found no problem with his birth in 1959. Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth running title holder, Sally Jane Janet Gunnell was off the starting blocks in 1966. Ex-inhabitant of children’s television ‘the broom cupboard’, (where he should have stayed), Andi Eleazu Peters had a smooth entrance to the world in 1970. Singer with R&B group Boyz II Men, (and lower chart botherers after their number one hit, which should have been a number two), Wayná Jermaine Morris has been doin’ just fine since 1973. Hip-hop musician Joseph Edgar Foreman but better known by the stage name ‘Afroman’, was waiting to inhale in 1974. Formula One Grand Prix, (yawn), driver – Fernando Alonso was born in delta time back in 1981.

Death wise, we kick things off with joint Roman Emperors – Marcus Clodius Pupienus Maximus and Decimus Caelius Calvinus Balbinus who both gave up the feasts in 238. Dead Norwegian of the day goes to King of Norway Olaf II Haroldsson or St Olaf found himself known as Rex Perpetuus Norvegiae from this day in 1030. Next up is Pope who was unlikely to have been down with the kids – Pope Urban II had to confess this was his last day in 1099. King of the Franks, called Philip I was no longer amorous after 1108. Second dead Pope – Urban VIII failed the infallibility test in 1644. Leading light in the abolition of slavery, William Wilberforce managed to abolish himself in 1833. Son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Jr, went the same way as his old man in 1844. One eared dauber of wheat fields, (among other things), Vincent Willem van Gogh had his final shot at life, (and lost), in 1890. King of Italy with the rather splendid moustache, Umberto I stopped strutting about the place in 1900. Singer Ellen Naomi Cohen, but known as either Cass Elliott or Mama Cass, found it’s not getting better in 1974. Olympic weightlifter and film actor who managed to pick up the odd job, Toshiyuki ‘Harold’ Sakata literally had his burial in 1982. James David Graham Niven found it was more a matter of death than life in 1983. Songwriter responsible for Tom Jones’s hit, ‘It’s Not Unusual’ – Gordon Mills found dying wasn’t one of the things he wanted to do in 1986. Actor in depressing soap opera EastEnders, children’s entertainer and comedian, Michael ‘Mike’ Read had his final runaround in 2007. Punjabi singer Ishmeet Singh lost his voice in 2008. Finally, horse racing commentator Sir Peter O’Sullevan left the paddock in 2015.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 28th July

It appears to be an average day on both births and deaths – that said, we start with founder of piano company bearing his surname, Ignaz Bösendorfer had an equal temperament in 1796. Well known children’s author, (and lesser known sheep breeder), Helen Beatrix Potter started to plot her life from 1866. Son of co-founder of the Mayo Clinic – Charles William Mayo gets to feature in both paragraphs seeing as he arrived in 1898. Inventor of airtight food containers featuring half his surname, Earl Silas Tupper managed to break the seal in 1907. Inventor of not only the maser but also the laser – Charles Hard Townes beamed his smile in 1915. What Day O! Irving Louis Burgie, or Lord Burgess had in 1924. Having mentioned 37th First Lady of the United States of America, Jacqueline Lee ‘Jacquie’ Onassis, (née Bouvier), on 19th May when they managed to prise the sunglasses off her, here she is again given she put her hands over her eyes when delivered in 1929. Retired over enthusiastic weatherman who got the pointing and vague weather forecasts to a T – Ian McCaskill must have had some wind in 1938. At the other end of the scale, corrupt dictator, (surely not!) convicted of crimes against humanity – impeached Peruvian President Alberto Kenya Fujimori Inomoto presided over events in 1938. Voice actor who’s credited with various animated films – Peter Claver Cullen, was one of the little rascals in 1941. Cartoonist who came up with Garfield the cat – James Robert ‘Jim’ Davis was a floppy baby in 1945. Singer with 1970’s group the New Seekers – Peter John Doyle had his parents say, ‘It’s So Nice (To Have You Home)’ in 1949. King of Thailand – Phrabat Somdet Phra Paramendra Ramadhibodi Srisinra Maha Vajiralongkorn Mahisara Bhumibol Rajavarangkura Kitisirisumburna Adulyadej Sayamindradhipeshra Rajavarodom Borommanat Pobitra Phra Vajira Klao Chao Yu Hua must have taken the title for one of the longest names recorded in 1952. Late mate of ex-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and proponent of Marxist/Leninist theory whilst enjoying better conditions than his subjects, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías was born equal to everyone in 1954. Piano tinkling singer Beverley Craven wasn’t holding on given she appeared to the world in 1963. Leader of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) – the monsters who kill and blow things up for no reason along with making other people’s lives a misery, Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim el-Badri who the CIA know as Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi started playing hide and seek in 1971. Ex-mate of toothy/speccy camp comedian Alan Carr, hairy comedian with a penchant for harassing girlfriends – Justin Lee Collins was the first and last child for his parents in 1974. Left wing ex-Greek Prime Minister, now leader of the opposition, who tried to deal with his country’s debt – Alexis Tsipras made a snap decision to also arrive in 1974. Tattooed singer/songwriter with Papa Roach – Jacoby Dakota Shaddix, has been between angels and insects since 1976.

As for deaths, Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius II unsaddled in 450. Pope Victor II has had an extended spiritual exhortation since 1057. Wife of Prince Leo of Armenia who had 16(!) children, Keran of Lampron – Queen of Armenia, probably died of exhaustion in 1285. Rodrigo de Bastidas who’s credited with sketching out the north coast of South America and discovering fraudster John Darwin’s favourite place, (Panama), started exploring his local graveyard in 1527. Chief Minister to King Henry VIII – Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex found himself without his head in 1540 thanks to his boss. Having had Gérard Depardieu portray Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac – the big nosed poet found he couldn’t breathe through it from today in 1665. Composer of various violin concertos known as The Four Seasons, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi experienced his autumn year in 1741. Joining him nine years later in 1750, Johan Sebastian Bach became a decomposing composer. Nathan Mayer, Friherr von Rothschild, second generation in the family bank had his ultimate withdrawal in 1836. Co-founder of the Mayo Clinic who was mentioned pretty much a month ago – William James Mayo could have done with a doctor in 1939. Not wanting to be left out fellow Mayo, this one Charles William is another person who didn’t need their birthday presents from this day in 1968. Stage and screen actress who was first wife of luvvie Larry Olivier, Jill Esmond found the prompter surplus to requirements in 1990. Singer with girl group The Shangri-Las, (in the 1960’s), Marguerite ‘Marge’ Ganser – found she can never go home anymore from 1996. Dead Norwegian of the day, economist Trygve Haavelmo got his figures wrong given he died in 1999. Actor James Saburo Shigeta died hard in 2014. One of the people who developed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – thoracic surgeon James R. Jude could have done with a bit of help in 2015. Finally, Olympic medal winning athlete Aleksandr Timofeyevich Aksinin is missing the Japanese Olympics given he died last year.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 27th July

After yesterday’s near mega posting, things aren’t quite as full on today – although we do start with Ludovico Maria Sforza who was not only Duke of Milan but also the person who commissioned famous painting ‘The Last Supper’, who, rather ironically, had his first meal in 1452. Given we don’t appear to have featured a Norwegian of the day for a few days, here’s Jacob Aall to rectify that given he arrived on time in 1773. General in the Confederate States Army, prior to which he was in the House of Representatives – Thomas Lanier Clingman thankfully didn’t cling on for too long in 1812. Sixth President of Portugal António José de Almeida started his medical research in 1866. Known for his aeroplane company bearing the family name, Geoffrey de Havilland pushed back in 1882. Pronounced Emperor of Ethiopia no less than three times, Crown Prince Amha Selassie, but born Asfaw Wossen Tafari was not as famous as his old man from 1916. Vincent Canby, the New York Times film critic who reviewed in excess of 1,000 films, (some of which he must have liked), had his first close up scene in 1927. Also making their entrance to the world that year, air bag inventor Allen Breed cushioned his landing. Henry Patterson, (or Jack Higgins if you read his books), started his first chapter in 1929. Ex-member of the red team before jumping ship with a few others and ultimately being one of the select few in the yellow corner – senior Liberal Democrat Shirley Williams was first past the post in 1930. Known for his role in Ironside, actor Donald Poe ‘Don’ Galloway entered the world at the general hospital in 1937. Co-creator of exceedingly dull game Dungeons & Dragons, Ernest Gary Gygax started to enjoy real life in 1938. Best known for his role in boring soap opera Knots Landing – actor John Pleshette premiered in 1942. Singer/songwriter born Roberta Lee Streeter before finding fame as Bobbie Gentry thought, ‘but I can’t get back’ in 1944. Former captain of the Australian cricket team, Allan Robert Border wasn’t a blocker in 1955. British champion at Scrabble Allan (5) Simmonds (13) didn’t cheat on his birthdate back in 1957. One half of gold medal winning duo for England whilst wobbling around on ice skates at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics, Christopher Colin Dean didn’t experience the death drop in 1958. One time fifth world ranked tennis player, (and she was British!), Joanne Mary ‘Jo’ Durie served an ace to her parents in 1960. Stage, television and film actress Kellie Suzanne Waymire had one life to live starting in 1967. Actor and son to a former Australian Prime Minister, Julian Dana William McMahon had a premonition about being born in 1968. Pro-wrestler born Paul Michael Levesque before going onto take the sobriquet ‘Triple H’, started to blow off in 1969. Irish hurler Diarmuid O’Sullivan threw himself into things back in 1978, whilst golfer Jordan Alexander Spieth was on par in 1993.

As for deaths, Pope Celestine I served 10 years working Sundays before retiring permanently in 432. Having researched colour blindness in people and working on atomic theory in his spare time, John Dalton saw everything go white, (or was it black?) in 1844. Physicist who was the first person to liquify nitrogen Raoul-Pierre Pictet didn’t benefit from the cryogenics in 1929. Inventor of the three position traffic light and smoke hood, (early version of the gas mask), Garret Augustus Morgan Sr., didn’t get to see red in 1963. Having mentioned his forebear above, here’s 100th Prime Minister of Portugal António de Oliveira Salazar, who released his grip in 1970. Last ever Shah of Iran – Mohammad Reza Pahlavi or Mohammad Reza Shah left his uniform in the cupboard from 1980. Act tor James Neville Mason thought heaven waited long enough for him given he died in 1984. Inventor of ice resurfacer at ice rinks which bears his name, Frank Zamboni went cold in 1988. Singer of the original version of Rockin’ Robin – Robert James Byrd or as his recording contract stated Bobby Day lost his voice, (and life), in 1990. Womaniser, super featherweight boxer, better known golfer, ‘comedian’ and actor Leslie Townes ‘Bob’ Hope became a worm burner in 2003. Singer and husband to Cyd Charisse, Alvin Morris, (or Tony Martin as he was known), went back to nature in 2012. Also not making it through that year is actor Geoffrey Hughes who failed to keep his appearance up. Co-founder of Russian Internet search engine Yandex, Ilya Valentinovich Segalovich froze in 2013. Finally, singer with various bands including Primal Scream – Denise Johnson was movin’ on up last year.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th July

Births seem to have picked up somewhat today, so without any further ado we’ll kick off with non relation to dress staining impeached President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton – George Clinton, (not the funkster I mentioned on 22nd July either), but fourth Vice President of the US of A found he had his own Declaration of Independence in 1739. Sixth child of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart, or the more imaginatively named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Jr., carried on the family tradition from 1791. 19th President of Mexico José Mariano Buenaventura Ignacio Nepomuceno García de Arista Nuez took all of the space up in the name box on his birth certificate in 1802. Noble winning laureate after being 14th Prime Minister of Belgium – Auguste Marie François Beernaert, found the netherlands in 1829. Nobel prize winner for Literature, writer of Pygmalion and co-founder of bolshy student establishment, London School of Economics, George Bernard Shaw showed his immaturity in 1856. Author born Émile Salomon Wilhelm Herzog, before adopting the name André Maurois, started his first chapter in 1885. Film and stage actor Lars Mauritz Hanson made it through the wings in 1886. Godalming, (Surrey), born writer and pacifist with the alternative name, Aldous Leonard Huxley entered a brave new world in 1894. Comedian married to George Burns, Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie ‘Gracie’ Allen started having many happy returns bestowed upon her from either 1895/1896/1902 or 1906. Actor John Melvin Bleifer left the crimson trail in 1901. 29th President of Chile Salvador Guillermo Allende Gossens started socialising in 1908. Sidekick to Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy, Vivian Roberta Jones/Vance, decided to take a chance on being born in 1909. William Blake Crump, or Blake Edwards – husband to Julie Andrews and director of film franchise The Pink Panther, brought his smoke along in 1922. Actor whom I remember from The Dukes of Hazard, though he’d been in numerous things before that, Jewel Jules Franklin Guy, or as he was known professionally, James Best, burst through in 1926. Eighth President of Italy, Francesco Cossiga was leaning a bit after being born in 1928. Also entering the world that year with his eyes wide shut was film director Stanley Kubrick. Another person born that year is dad to the Jackson clan, (the one’s who seem to think owning chimps as pets, wearing a spangly glove, moonwalking, popping copious amounts of various pills and wearing a bowler hat as the norm), Joseph Walter ‘Joe’ Jackson slipped into the world. Lanky actor/comedian Julian Lancelot Blades Percival or just Lance Percival started raising the wind in 1933. Pro-Queen, (as in British monarch not the rock band), supporter who ran Southern Hemisphere continent full of snakes, spiders and bar-b-q’s, 25th Prime Minister of Australia John Winston Howard had his folks saying ‘Strewth’ in 1939. Original rubber lips, dad, grandad, great grandad and dad (again), geriatric singer Michael Philip ‘Mick’ Jagger got his mum to start him up in 1943. Glamorous pensioner, (to some), and acclaimed actress Helen Lydia Mironoff, (or Mirren as her Equity card states), had her first experience of a theatre in 1945. Also born that year, star of boring film Planet of the Apes, (and its sequel), Linda Melson Harrison was way..way out. Having sort of mentioned his band above, drummer Roger Meadows Taylor managed to break free in 1949. Seeing as various other leaders of their respective country get a shout out, it seems only right to mention corrupt politician, ex-Mr Benazir Buhtto and 11th President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari has been truthful about his birthday since 1955. Gold medal winning skater at the Olympics – Dorothy Stuart Hamill figured out birth in 1956. Now disgraced American actor who adopted England as his home, (before heading back to America), Kevin Spacey Fowler had his outbreak in 1959. Miss Congeniality – Sandra Annette Bullock had a premonition about being born in 1964, whilst a year later in 1965, Mr Selfridge actor Jeremy Piven had his first entourage. Action-man actor Jason Statham was on the home front in 1967. Daughter of late sit-com actor Richard, Kathrin Romary Beckinsale has told nothing but the truth over her birthdate since 1973. I didn’t think I’d actually get to say this, but popular Prime Minister, (of New Zealand) – Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern was a member of the Labour Party way back in 1980. Rapper born Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., but known as Stormzy should have shut up in 1993.

Thankfully deaths are slightly lighter on the ground and we start with Pietro Barbo or Pope Paul II who didn’t get another view of St Peter’s Square after 1471. Commander of the Spanish Armada – Alonso Pérez de Guzmán y de Zúñiga-Sotomayor, 7th Duke of Medina Sidonia weighed anchor in 1615. Corrupt and impeached leading figure in British politics – Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds/Lord Danby/Marquess of Carmarthen finally got to use his mortuary chapel in 1712. Having commissioned the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, (East Sussex), George IV of the United Kingdom breathed his last at Windsor Castle in 1830. First President of Texas – Samuel ‘Sam’ Houston had his last barbecue in 1863. Born in Austria, Prince Otto Freidrich Ludwig of Bavaria, who ended up as King of Greece under the Convention of London found himself in a slightly larger ottoman box, (a coffin), in 1867. Primary editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, lexicographer Sir James Augustus Henry Murray didn’t get to use any words for his death in 1915. Shah of Iran, born Reza Khan before going onto take the lofty title – Reza Shah Pahlavi, Reza Shah the Great may have died in 1944, but it took until 1979 until he came to rest in Egypt. Argentine First Lady, María Eva Duarte de Perón stopped making money in 1952 and let Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber start doing so in her name back in 1976. Three time Prime Minister of Greece Nikolaos Plastiras abstained from life in 1953. Polling pioneer George Gallop obviously didn’t gauge opinion on dying in 1984. Serial killer and body snatcher Edward Theodore Gein got to join the other dead people in 1984. Early Motown singer born Mary Esther Wells and also known as Mary Wells Womack has been fancy free since 1992. Carry On/sit-com actor Owen John ‘Terry’ Scott gave up bumbling about whilst shouting ‘Juuune’ after today in 1994. Inventor of both Pop Rocks, (popping candy) and Cool Whip, (imitation whipped cream), Dr. William A. ‘Bill’ Mitchell popped his clogs in 2004. Singer/songwriter John Weldon Cale or as he was better known, JJ Cale has been outside looking in since 2013. Founder of controversial shale gas extraction George Phydias Mitchell stopped producing methane in 2013. Grandson to person who founded Mars, Incorporated – Forrest Edward Mars Jr. lost his sweet tooth in 2016. Finally, despite a few places saying Academy Award winning actress Dame Olivia Mary de Havilland died yesterday, I go by IMDb which says she took her last curtesy this day in 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th July

Today’s posting begins with ancient Duke of Poland, Casimir I the Restorer was a quiet child from 1016. Another ancient European royal – Afonso I of Portugal conquered birth in a) 1106 b) 1109 or c) 1111. Having mentioned Peter Sellers only yesterday and his sparring partner, (in the Pink Panther films), Burt Kwouk on 18th July, here we have real life Japanese warlord Katō Kiyomsa Ho who came out fighting in 1561. Credited with introducing various fir trees to Britain, earlier version of David Bellamy – David Douglas must have been a prickly baby in 1799. British Prime Minister Arthur James Balfour started to cross the floor about nine months after birth in 1848. Geologist who identified and named the San Andreas Fault – Andrew Cowper Lawson saw his first cleavage in 1861. Gavrilo Princip who ultimately started World War One invaded the world in 1894. Actor in many a western film, Lyman Wakefield Perrin who went onto become known as Luke, (not Reggie), Perrin was certainly underage in 1896. Indian singer Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer started warming his voice up from 1908. Actress and Golden Girl mentioned a mere three days ago in the second paragraph – Estelle Getty had the nanny on standby this day in 1923. Arms, (but not legs), dealer from Saudi Arabia Adnan Khashoggi felt the heat when born in 1935. Singer/songwriter born Claudius Afolabi Siffre, but known as Labi Siffre has been for the children since 1945. Leggy widow to David Bowie, model Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid found the way out in 1955. Disrespectful ‘donutting’ ex-host of Top Gear and star of unamusing sit-com Friends – Matthew Steven ‘Matt’ LeBlanc was top of the heap in 1967. First ever IVF, (test tube) baby in the world, Louise Joy Brown had a slightly different view of things in 1978. Yodeler and performer of Alpine folk music, (the long winter nights must just fly by in her house), Stefanie Anke Hertel started her career by screaming in 1979. Racing driver Nelson Ângelo Tamsma Piquet Souto Maior, or Nelson Piquet Junior, son of racing driver Nelson Piquet, was under starters orders in 1985.

As for people at the other end of their life, Roman Emperor Flavius Valerius Constantius “Chlorus”, or just Constantius I, pulled the short straw ending his days in overcast York way back in 306. King Martin I of Sicily had to concede he was no longer ‘The Younger’ in 1409. Pope Innocent VIII took over from Sixtus IV and was succeeded by, (after the white smoke), Alexander VI in 1492. Founder of Kabbalah, (which a few celebs followed before jumping on the next bandwagon), Jewish mystic Rabbi Isaac (ben Solomon) Luria Ashkenazi was mystified to find out yesterday in 1572 was his last full day on earth. Founding member of the Royal Horticultural Society with a genus of flowering plants named in his honour – William Forsyth wilted in 1804. Third President of The Church of Latter Day Saints, (Mormons) – John Taylor also had to knock on heaven’s door in 1887. Flashers favourite person, inventor of coat incorporating his name, Charles Mackintosh didn’t precipitate his demise in 1843. Having mentioned one of his brothers a few days ago, here’s Hirsch Moses Wonsal or Harry Morris Warner reeled at his death in 1958. 12th Prime Minister of Canada Louis St. Laurent, didn’t get to have his last order in 1973. Dad to Liza Minnelli and husband to Judy Garland, Vincente Minnelli entered the cabin in the sky in 1986. Co-owner of iconic New York nightclub Studio 54 Steve Rubell had his last jig in 1989. Nine time golf major champion William Ben Hogan had his final stroke in 1997. Last surviving soldier from the First World War Henry John ‘Harry’ Patch surrendered in 2009. Not only ex-wife to Zeppo Marx but also Frank Sinatra’s last wife – Barbara Marx Sinatra (née Blakeley) did it her way in 2017. Also not making it through that year £ Hywel Thomas Bennett found the other side of paradise. Given other Presidents get a mention, it seems only right ex-President of Tunisia Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi is mentioned as he hasn’t had to worry about sand in between his toes since 2019. Finally, two people died last year and in no particular order – original founding member of bickering band, (before such antics commenced), born Peter Allen Greenbaum, but known as Peter Green hasn’t seen an albatross since 2020. Then there’s over worked actor born Carmine Orrico before going onto be known as John Saxon who gave his family a black Christmas.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th July

We start today’s posting with former captain of a slave ship who, having heard enough of sea shanties, came up with Amazing Grace – John Newton slipped out in 1725. King of Sardinia and Duke of Savoy, Victor Emmanuel I automatically picked up the title Duke of Aosta upon birth in 1759. Writer of The Three Musketeers, (other books also available) – Dumas Davey de la Palletrie who abbreviated that on the dust cover to Alexandre Dumas was all for one and one for all in 1802. Second Presidenti of Paraguay – Francisco Solano López Carrillo was unable to resist being born in 1827. American aviatrix Amelia Earhart found the slipstream in 1897. Founder of ‘Honest Ed’s’ discount store, (amongst other things), in Canada, Yehuda Edwin ‘Ed’ Mirvish set out his stall by being born in 1914. Food critic Egon Ronay had to make do with what he was given in 1915. Norwegian of the day makes a come back given cross country skier Simon Slattvik entered the contest in 1917. President of the International Flat Earth Research Society – Charles Kenneth Johnson, was a rotund baby in 1924. Actor and dad to Jennifer, Giannis Anastasakis, or as the viewers of the dull sounding day time drama Days of Our Lives know him, John Anthony Aniston was fired up enough to be born in 1933. Songwriter responsible for a couple of Tom Jones’s hits from the 60’s – Leslie David Reed had people tell him, ‘It’s your day today’ from 1935. Known as Ted Striker in Airplane! Robert Hayes reached the outer limits in 1947. Previous winner of Miss USA who went onto become Wonder Woman – Lynda Jean Córdova Carter, or just Lynda Carter, had family blessings bestowed upon her in 1951. Having sung a few tunes, starred in some films, danced a bit, written some stuff, designed some fashion items and produced something or other, Jennifer Lynn Lopez had her mum tell the doc, ‘Hold it, don’t drop it’ in 1969. Actor Daniel John ‘Danny’ Dyer would like it known just for the record he was born in 1977. Actress and co-star with Megs in Madmen – Elisabeth Singleton Moss staged her invasion in 1982. Also born that year, Academy Award winning actress – Anna Hélène Paquin has found it all the rage to celebrate her big day today. First of the famous offspring to feature – model Arissa LeBrock/Seagal would have strutted her stuff if she could have walked in 1993. Next up, having mentioned her mum only a few days ago, here’s Steve & Terri’s daughter, who seems to have done everything from songwriting to winning a dancing show, Bindi Sue Irwin was a young girl back in 1998.

Death wise, Emperor Shirakawa of Japan hasn’t had a car named in his honour despite dying in 1129. Eighth President of the United States of America, Martin van Buren had the Stars and Stripes at half mast in 1862. First person to swim the English Channel unaided – Captain Matthew Webb left the armbands at home from 1883. Mountaineer who made it up Everest before all the rubbish started to appear, Wilfred Noyce found the dead point in 1962. Hollywood star Constance Campbell Bennett learnt the code of the west in 1965. Another Greek Prime Minister, this one Konstantinos Dovas didn’t get to spend any more drachmas after 1973. Comedy actor Richard Henry Sellers or as he became known Peter Sellers, did let go in 1980. Slap head actor/wrestler Brian Glover lost his stiff upper lips in 1997. Also not making through that year, serial killer who took out Gianni Versace, Andrew Philip Cunanan took the bullet. Cue holding multi coloured ball dropping player mentioned back in March when he was born, Alexander Gordon ‘Alex’ Higgins took his final rest in 2010. Raymon Lee Cramton or Chad Everett could have done with the help of Dr. Joe Gannon back in 2012. Also not making it through that year is inventor of computerised tomography (CT) scanner Robert Ledley who rather ironically didn’t get to use one before expiring. Finally, television presenter, talk/game show host and Guinness world record holder, (for the most hours spent on U.S. television) – Regis Francis Xavier Philbin reluctantly let someone else on the box in 2020.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd July

Births start today with fan of the two fingered salute and book donor Giovanni Francesco Albani or as he became known, Pope Clement XI graced the world from 1649. Sixth governor of New South Wales with a former penal colony named after him in Queensland, (see if you can guess where), now the winning, (and only) contender for the 2032 Olympic Games – Thomas Makdougall Brisbane saw it in the stars that he was born in 1773. One of the Warner Bros., (born Abraham Wonsal), but known as Aaron ‘Albert’ Warner was on general release from 1884. Rastafarian’s favourite, Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael or as he’s better known – Haile Selassie I was pretty chilled about being born in 1892. Western film star and sidekick to ‘The Duke’ John Wayne – Norton Earl Worden, but known as Hank Worden wondered which way was up in 1901. Scruffy ex-leader of the red team with an affinity for old duffle coats, unkempt hair and thick glasses, Michael Mackintosh Foot was more popular in 1913, than 70 years later in 1983. Calvert DeForest also known by his character’s name Larry ‘Bud’ Melman was probably a little freaked by being born in 1921. First Prime Minister of Bangladesh – Tajuddin Ahmad was a proper freedom fighter even back in 1925. Author Hubert ‘Cubby’ Selby Jr., took the first exit in Brooklyn back in 1928. Also born that year, expert on galaxy rotation rates, (sounds thrilling), astronomer who found dark matter in space, Vera Florence Cooper Rubin saw the light. Maori Queen Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu started rubbing noses in 1931. Actor Daniel Ronald ‘Ronny’ Cox had his own deliverance in 1938. Also making his debut that year was convicted murderer and dad to actor Woodrow ‘Woody’ Harrelson, Charles Voyd Harrelson. Depraved child killer Myra Hindley came to be in 1942. Heart throb actor and singer to ladies, (and possibly some gentleman), of a certain age – David Albert Cook/Essex had the smile in 1947. Singer in second line up of jazz vocal group Manhattan Transfer – Janis Siegel had her who, what, where, when, why, moment in 1952. Rebel cricketer Graham Gooch had his timing just right in 1953. Robert Smith looky likey, omnipresent game show panellist and comedian, Josephine Grace ‘Jo’ Brand headlined for the first time in 1957. Also born that year, great grandson to painter Vincent – Theodoor van Gogh had both his ears. Ethical vegan and raw foodist, (as turnips have feelings too you know), actor who’s dad appears above – Woodrow Tracy ‘Woody’ Harrelson was more than seven pounds when born in 1961. Guitarist with the top hat, frizzy black hair, sunglasses, half smoked cigarette dangling from his mouth and previous drug habit- Saul Hudson or Slash to his fans, entered the paradise city in 1965. Respected but troubled actor Philip Seymour Hoffman took a leap of faith in 1967. Bluegrass country singer, (still as awful as country singing) – Alison Maria Krauss has been able to forget about it being her birthday since 1971. Bill Clinton’s favourite intern to whom he gave a mouthful and in return she got him impeached, Monica Samille Lewinsky came forth, (or was it second?) in 1973. Also born that year, singer with Scottish band Travis, Francis ‘Fran’ Healy was the boy with no name. Singer Tenitra Michelle Williams found it was her destiny to arrive in 1980. Boy actor who found fame as round glass wearing quiddich playing and loads of other stuff I’ve never heard of, (nor have any interest in), as Harry Potter – Daniel Jacob Radcliffe was the main star, (not an extra), in 1989.

There aren’t that many deaths to report on today, yet we start with sewing machine manufacturer bearing his name, Isaac Singer was stitched up for the last time in 1875. 18th President of the United States of America Ulysses S Grant, the one with a submarine named in his honour, found himself only six feet under in 1885. Short term Prime Minister of Greece Spyridon Lambros or Lampros took his last look at the Acropolis in 1919. US Secretary of State who started the United Nations – Cordell Hull passed his last motion in 1955. Actor/director Victor ‘Vic’ Morrow has been looking for God’s little acre since 1982. King Hassan II of Morocco took his fez off in 1999. Star of dull legal series ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’, Reginald ‘Leo’ McKern had his final hearing in 2002. King of Afghanistan Mohammed Zahir Shah took up prime position on Maranjan Hill in 2007. Talented tattooed singer with the beehive hairdo, Amy Jade Winehouse should have gone to rehab as if she had she probably wouldn’t have joined the ’27 Club’ in 2011. Astronaut who was the first American woman in space – Sally Kristen Ride found the dark matter a reality in 2012. Indian actress Manjula Vijayakumar didn’t have an alternative end in 2013. Finally, Swedish Prime Minister and sheep farmer – Nils Olof Thorbjörn Fälldin, hasn’t got tired of counting the woolly creatures since 2016.

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Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd July

We start today’s posting with Joan of England who was Queen (consort) of Scotland was an in demand child from 1210. Another ancient old royal – King Philip I of Castile or ‘Philip the Handsome’ in 1478 must have been quite vain when born. Russian Tsar Michael I from the House of Romanov didn’t get to see the cheap vodka named in his honour given he was born in 1596. Oxford don noted for his mixed up speech, William Archibald Spooner didn’t get into a mucking fuddle over his birthday from 1844. James Whale, not the gobby British radio presenter, but film director of early day Frankenstein films found himself on set in 1889. Mum to the Kennedy Bros., (John, Robert & Ted) – Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald, (Kennedy), didn’t have such coiffured hair in 1890. Composer of the Singapore national anthem Zubir Said was unable to stand up for at least a year after birth in 1907. Writer of etiquette manual bearing her name, Amy Vanderbilt was on her best behaviour when born in 1908. Comedian and co-star of comedy series with his mate Dick Martin, Daniel Hale ‘Dan’ Rowan started touring in 1922. Indian singer Mukesh Chand Mathur, (who went by his first name), found his voice in 1923. Republican nominee for President of the United States of America back in 1996, (when he was 73) – Robert Joseph ‘Bob’ Dole has kept himself busy since 1923. Actress known for her role in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest – Estelle Louise Fletcher found what’s in a child’s name from 1934. Actor Terence Stamp had his first full frontal scene in 1939. Game show host George Alexander Trebek has had to tell the truth over his birthdate since 1940. Non relation to ex-user of Air Force One, keeper of the briefcase with the nuclear button and stainer of dresses Bill – funkster George Clinton joined the party in 1941. Singer with The Ronettes, Estelle Bennett thankfully didn’t have her parents say, ‘I want a boy’ in 1944. Hollywood worker Danny Lebern Glover had a witness, (or three), at his birth in 1946. A year later in 1947, Eagle Donald Hugh ‘Don’ Henley didn’t let his mum take it easy during his birth. Composer for Walt Disney Animation Studios, picking up eight Oscar doorstops for his troubles – Alan Irwin Menken was one of the newsies in 1949. U.S. House of Representative for Ohio’s 14th District, (wherever that is), Steven C, (I dread to think what that stands for), ‘Steve’ LaTourette swears blind he was born in 1954. Actor with the distinctive face William J. ‘Willem’ Dafoe wasn’t born on the Fourth of July given he’s been celebrating this day since 1955. Non-relation to singing sisters given he’s drummer with ‘neo-progressive’ rock band Marillion – Michael ‘Mick’ Pointer didn’t have a misplaced childhood from 1956. Curly red haired child actress who’s still putting on a show, Bonita Melody Lysette ‘Bonnie’ Langford screamed and screamed upon her arrival in 1964. Professional wrestler born Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, but known in the ring as Shawn Michaels went the full round in 1965. Welsh speaking act tor with the unkempt hair, Rhys Owain Ifans took his cue in 1968. Dirge singer-songwriter from New York, Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright was just as happy being delivered to the world in 1973. Also born that year, Australian musician, (born in Southend-on-Sea) – Daniel Jones was the best thing for his parents. Known for playing gormless character Neil in comedy series The Inbetweeners, Blake Harrison Keenan, (who dropped the Keenan), had a bit of a way to go in 1985. Actress/singer Selena Marie Gomez has been one and the same since 1992. Prince Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian of Denmark also picked up the title Count of Monpezat when born in 2002. Not to be out done Prince George, (Alexander Louis), of Cambridge will get some jelly and ice cream to celebrate his eighth birthday.

As for people expiring, King Charles VII of France also known as the Victorious or the Well-Served found himself beaten terminally in 1461. Alleged tallest Dutch woman Trijintje Cornelisdochter Keever, who stood, (or in this case laid), 8ft 4ins, (2.45 metres in new money), got another 3ft (0.91m) tacked on her coffin in 1633. Pope Clement X met his maker in 1676. Designer/builder of wire suspension bridges, (including the Brooklyn Bridge), Johann August Röbling/John Augustus Roebling found his life spanned 63 years ending in 1869. Having designed a stamp for Canada he went onto bigger things by coming up with standard time zones across the globe, unfortunately Sir Sandford Fleming saw his time run out in 1915. Indian World War I flying ace Indra Lal Roy had the chocks applied in 1918. Tenth Prime Minister of Canada – William Lyon Mackenzie King, found the other dispatch box a reality in 1950. Actress Edna Lewis Thomas hasn’t been able to turn right since 1974. Wayne McLaren, who you probably know as the Marlboro Man, rather ironically went up in smoke himself in 1992. Actor known for his role in the Porky’s films – Eric Cuthbert Christmas was more than almost dead in 2000. Crazed sons of iron fisted dictator Saddam, Qusay and Uday Hussain found out the hard way not to take on the American Army in 2003. Easy listening, (to some), singer – Alexandre ‘Sacha’ Distel was more stop than go from 2004. Lead singer with The Chi-Lites, Eugene Booker Record found his wiped clean in 2005. Another of ‘The Golden Girls’, Estelle Getty had her earth day special in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery back in 2008. Actor Dennis Farina found his luck ran out in 2013. Finally, politician known for his response to the Tiananmen Square uprising, fourth Premier of the People’s Republic of China – Li Peng stopped ordering tanks about in 2019.

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