Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th November

We start today’s posting way, way back in 42BC when Roman Emperor who lost out on the naming of a coffee chain – Tiberius Claudius Nero started as he meant to carry on by wearing sheets. ‘The Merrie Monarch’, David La’amea Kamananakapu Mahinulani Naloiaehuokalani Lumialani Kalākaua – King of the Hawaiian Islands was a ray of sunshine from 1836. Chemist responsible for mixing helium and oxygen for divers, (thereby stopping the bends) – Joel Henry Hildebrand had a squeaky voice from 1881. President of the Philippines, Elpidio Quirino started looking wistfully into the distance in 1890. Black shirted founder of the British Union of Fascists and dad to ‘adventurous’ bedroom antic laden son Max – Oswald Ernald Mosley started off wearing white, then brown nappies, (diapers), in 1896. Novelist born Joan à Beckett Weigall who also went by the names Lady Lindsay and Joan Lindsay, had the awakening in 1896. Nationalist who came up with the country name of Pakistan – Choudhry Rahmat Ali found himself created nine months before this date in 1897. Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe the first President of Nigeria wasn’t able to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes over his birthdate in 1904. Known for playing The Penguin in Batman, (the television series), Oliver Burgess Meredith started waddling around a year or two after 1907. Radio/film actor George O. Petrie gets his first mention as he saw his folks! for the first time in 1912. Second World War spy and double agent Edward Arnold ‘Eddie Zig Zag’ Chapman didn’t give a lot away from 1914. Voice actor for Hanna Barbera, Charles Dawson ‘Daws’ Butler failed to do a loopy de loop in 1916. Neuroscientist who discovered REM, (not the American band who released an album a month in the late 80’s/early 90’s), but rhombencephalic sleep – Michel Valentin Marcel Jouvet, kept his parents awake from 1925. Diminutive fan of racing silks, William Fisher Hunter ‘Willie’ Carson didn’t defy the odds to be born in 1942. Video game designer for Nintendo – Shigeru Miyamoto found out about Wii’s from 1952. Amusing Welsh comic, (yes there are some out there), who’s now moved into presenting, Griff Rhys Jones started gurgling before talking back in 1953. Harry Carpenter’s favourite pugilist who lifted the WBC heavyweight belt before losing it six months later, Franklin Roy ‘Frank’ Bruno entered the fray in 1961. Comedian and one third of Australian troupe ‘Doug Anthony All Stars’ Timothy Dorcen Langbene ‘Tim’ Ferguson let it swing in 1963. Mrs Elvis Costello, jazz pianist and singer Diana Krall didn’t so much step out as slip out in 1964. Tubby actor Mark Benton was on the edge in 1965. Youngest test cricket captain for Pakistan Waqar Younis Maitla has made it to 50 not out. Comedian, writer, and many other things – Daniel Frederick ‘Danny’ Wallace was the centre of his parents universe in 1976. Actress who’s part of the Gyllenhaal clan – Margalit Ruth ‘Maggie’ Gyllenhaal has had the Mona Lisa smile since 1977. Second Hawaiian to feature today – professional surfer Bruce Irons made it through the tubes in 1979. Actress Gemma Louise Atkinson joined the hamster wheel in 1984. Current Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Mirella Marin started in 1985(!)

Given there are no Popes to mention today, we’ll settle on Archbishop of Canterbury Edmund Rich who handed in his bible in 1240. Henry of Winchester/King Henry III of England bagged his spot in Westminster Abbey back in 1272, well before any tourists started trudging round out it. King Gustav Adolphus of Sweden eased off the rollmop herrings from 1632. Founder of city bearing his, (slightly altered), surname – Moses Cleaveland didn’t get to survey the graveyard in 1806. Inventor of mechanical refrigeration – Carl von Linde cooled down in 1934. Co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Robert ‘Rob’ Holbrook Smith/Dr Bob/Bill Wilson/Bill W went very dry in 1950. Ten years later, in 1960 star of some of the biggest films of all time, William Clark Gable was gone with the wind. Inventor of the gas mask – Cluny MacPherson released some pressure in 1966. Indian naval officer and actor Krishnan Nair who went by the name Jayan, found dangling from a helicopter wasn’t his best career move in 1980. Short comedian Arthur Bowden Askey who managed to get even shorter after they amputated both his legs died before your very eyes 1982. Composer of the Singapore National Anthem, Zubir Said, didn’t get to mention his death in 1987. Actor mentioned in the above paragraph – George O. Petrie is one of those people to expire on their birthday and has been a dead ringer since 1997. Leading vegan campaigner Donald Watson started the growing process for turnips etc in 2005. Television host Ralph Livingstone Edwards found that was his life in 2005. First dead Norwegian of the day, Grethe Kausland who represented her country in overlong and dull Eurovision Song Contest, (where she received their usual nil points) took her last gasp in 2007. Second dead Norwegian of the day, also not making it through 2007 is comedian Trond Georg Kirkvaag who found he didn’t have the last laugh. First user of an ATM in Britain, and star of un-amusing 70’s sitcom ‘On The Buses’, Reginald Alfred ‘Reg’ Varney fell off the platform in 2008. Actor E war Woo war, or to give him his full name Edward Woodward nearly became the wicker man, but went for pine instead in 2009. Computer boffin who perfected the magnetic-core memory a forerunner to Random Access Memory – Jay Wright Forrester found his disc full in 2016. Not my ex-work colleague, but fashion/celebrity photographer – Terence Patrick O’Neill didn’t have to worry about his ‘P’ setting from 2019. Finally, extravagant cigar chomping showbiz and sports agent Eric Hall saw his bookings dry up in 2020.

With thanks to http://www.onthisday.com for filling in the gaps.

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