Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 17th November

We start today’s births paragraph with Roman Emperor Vespasian who got his bulla in 9AD. Inventor of airtight food preservation, (through tin cans), Nicholas Appert opened himself up to the world in 1749. Overdressed King of France, Louis XVIII started off in 1755 somewhat under dressed. Norwegian of the day, composer with the rather large centre parting – Gerhard Rosenkrone Schjelderup tuned in from 1859. First President of the National Hockey League, (NHL) – Frank Sellick Calder wasn’t swathed in an Olympic sheet when born in 1877. Soldier with the two badges on his cap who commanded various battles throughout World War Two, Bernard Law ‘Monty’ Montgomery, (1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein), fought his way through in 1887. Founder of company bearing his name who manufacture cars, motorbikes, lawn mowers etc – Soichiro Honda spluttered into life back in 1906. Heart throb actor born Roy Harold Scherer but better known as Rock Hudson started to attract the ladies, (before the men), in 1925. Actress known for her double entendres, Fenella Feldman/Fenella Fielding started and carried on screaming from 1927. Actor born Harold Rance Beckenholdt, and then went onto be known as Rance Howard started to work out the lay of the land from 1928. Other half to Dud, comedian Peter Edward Cook bedazzled the nurses in 1937. Singer/songwriter Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr., was told to, ‘Sit Down Young Stranger’ after his arrival in 1938. Having mentioned his old man, (the one with a female name – Evelyn), on the 28th October when he finally put his pen down – here’s his son Auberon ‘Bron’ Waugh found himself more than a spectator in 1939. Known for violence and rude words in his films, Martin Charles Scorsese cued himself up in 1942. Also born that year, singer/songwriter Robert John ‘Bob’ Gaudio’s mum had a sherry to celebrate her son’s birth. Diminutive actor Daniel Michael ‘Danny’ DeVito Jr., has been a shorty since 1944. Non-critically acclaimed artist born Jack Hoggan but signs his daubings as Jack Vettriano had the longing to be born in 1951. Australian crim and author, Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read started off with both ears in 1954. Singer with 80’s band Go West – Peter John Cox was unable to tell his mum, ‘Don’t look down’ in 1955. Lewd telephone message leaver who’s best mates with toothy comedian Alan Carr and un-amusing ‘comedian’ Russell Brand, Jonathan Stephen Ross didn’t cause any controversy when born in 1960. Also arriving that year was outlandish performer RuPaul Andre Charles or just RuPaul, was born into the world naked. Singer/songwriter Jeffrey Scott Buckley was a mystery white boy in 1966. Another singer, Ronald Boyd DeVoe Jr., got to have a word to the mutha a year or so after arriving in 1967. Founder of Chinese search engine Baidu – Robin Li Yanhong, answered the call to action in 1968. Oldest brother in family band – Clarke Issac Hanson found, ‘I was born’ in 1980. Singer in another manufactured band from the 90’s, (Girls Aloud) – Sarah Nicole Hardman or Sarah Nicole Harding as she’s also known, was tangled up in 1981.

The deaths paragraph is very light today, yet we start in 1588 when two people rolled over, the first of which is Queen Mary I of England who also became known as ‘Bloody Mary’ left St. James’s Palace in a box. Having visited her, Archbishop of Canterbury Reginald Pole lasted all of couple of hours longer before calling it a day. King John III of Sweden left his beard to grow a bit longer from 1592. Creator of the Jolly Roger flag, John ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham had a rum deal dangling and being cut up in 1720. Long wig wearer who led the Whig Party and ran the United Kingdom for a couple of years, Thomas Pelham-Holles added an eighth title to his list, deceased, in 1768. Having mentioned François Auguste René Rodin a mere five days ago in honour of his birth, here he is again given he wasn’t the walking man from 1917. Part of the Rockefeller clan, Michael Clark Rockefeller disappeared in somewhat mysterious circumstances whilst in Netherlands New Guinea back in 1961. Soul singer Jimmie Lee Ruffin who went onto become known as Jimmy Ruffin found farewell is a lonely sound first hand in 2014. Finally, mobster who headed up the Sicilian Mafia – Salvatore Riina or Totò ‘u Curtu, (Totó the Short) slipped away quietly in 2017.

With thanks to http://www.onthisday.com for filling in the gaps.

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