Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 22nd November

Births, (and deaths), appear to have picked up a bit today so without any further ado we see early version of Hilary Clinton who was designated first Second Lady and second First Lady of the United States of America, Abigail Adams, (née Smith), had puritan thoughts in 1744. Bucket and spade merchant who’s company went bust the other year) – Thomas Cook was at the front of the queue in 1808. Founder of football clubs FC Zurich and FC Barcelona, Hans Max Gamper-Haessig, (who also went by the name Joan Gamper), kicked things off in 1877. Having mentioned distinctive hat wearer Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle along with his Mrs within a day of each other, (on 8/9th November), here he is again given he didn’t put up any resistance to being born in 1890. Wiley Hardeman Post, credited with being the first person to fly solo around the world as well as discovering the jet stream, released the chocks in 1898. Classical music composer Edward Benjamin Britten arranged his arrival in 1913. Actress, (Imelda), Anne Crawford joined the millions like us in 1920. Film, stage and television actress Geraldine Sue Page had her toys in the attic from 1924. Firearm designer responsible for the M16 rifle – Eugene Morrison Stoner didn’t have an accidental discharge in 1922. Luvvie founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company and theatre director – Peter Reginald Frederick Hall shuffled onto the scene in 1930. Actor Robert Francis Vaughan got to see his U.N.C.L.E. in 1932. One time heir to the Du Pont fortune, (until his conviction for murder), John Eleuthére du Pont must have given the family the idea for non sticking Teflon in 1938. Part of the classic Monty Python team Terrence Vance ‘Terry’ Gilliam has been a time bandit since 1940. Actor Thomas Antonio ‘Tom’ Conti hasn’t quite gone full circle since birth in 1941. Tennis queen, (in more ways than one), Billie Jean King, (née Moffitt) served an ace being delivered in 1943. Member of Talking Heads, Martina Michéle ‘Tina’ Weymouth had a once in a lifetime experience in 1950. Daughter of Hollywood legend Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, Jamie Lee Curtis didn’t have to escape New York given she was born in Santa Monica California in 1958. Glamour model and member of ‘Hill’s Angels’ – Corinne Russell started running around with minimal clothing about a year after her birth in 1963. Cupboard loving German ex-tennis player and current coach to Novack Djokovic, Boris Becker didn’t hit the net in 1967. Singer with indie band Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen Lee Ozolek who goes by the abbreviated name Karen O, showed her bones in 1978. Internet pioneer responsible for Napster – Shawn Fanning started up in 1980. Actress Scarlett Johansson has been in good company since 1984, whilst in 1986 gun toting Paralympian Oscar Pistorius was under starters orders.

People at the end of their life include, among others, Antipope Felix II obviously wasn’t anti death given he keeled over in 365. King of Denmark, Eric V was unable to stick his fingers up from 1286. Archbishop of Canterbury John Tillotson cashed in his chips back in 1694. English pirate, (before the Somalis took over the franchise), Edward Teach/Thatch, or to give him his professional name, Blackbeard, walked the plank in 1718. Creator of the Ferris Wheel – George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., started turning in his grave from 1896. Having mentioned W.S. Gilbert a few days ago in honour of his birthday, here’s the other half – Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan did everyone a favour as he acted out his death in 1900. One of The Three Stooges, Shemp Howard, (but born Samuel Horowitz), has been holding that ghost since 1955. Prominent member of the Huxley clan, Aldous Leonard Huxley didn’t suffer writer’s cramp after 1963. Also not making it through that year is 35th President of the United States of America, (the one with everything named after him), John Fitzgerald Kennedy found the bullet with his name on it, and writer Clive Staples ‘C.S’ Lewis found the problem of pain can lead to death. Another person getting their second mention this year, actress Mary Jane ‘Mae’ West somewhat ironically headed west in 1980. Female pilot who successfully flew solo from New Zealand to England – Jean Gardner Batten probably wishes she didn’t pat the dog in 1982. Writer of A Clockwork Orange, (among others) – John Anthony Burgess Wilson or just Anthony Burgess, came to the end of his tale in 1993. Famous snapper of the stars from the 1960’s, Terence Daniel Donovan entered the dark room in 1996. Singer with Australian band INXS who liked to hang around Sydney hotels Michael Kelland John Hutchence experienced the swing in 1997. Founder of cosmetic company bearing her name – Mary Kay Ash, (born Mary Kathlyn Wagner), didn’t have to get her hair done again after 2001. Television producer we have to thank for Dr Who, (among many other programmes), Verity Lambert called it a wrap in 2007. Given other Presidents get a mention here, it seems only fair Kim Young-sam, ex-President of South Korea gets his moment of glory given he survived house arrest, but not a cardiac arrest in 2015. One of the stars of The Brady Bunch, Florence Agnes Henderson saw the holy man in 2016. Finally, sitar and surbahar player, Imrat Khan hasn’t missed sitting on old rugs since 2018.

With thanks to http://www.onthisday.com for filling in the gaps.

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