Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 23rd November

Births today begin with East Francian King and Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great got to be the first King with the name Otto in 912. Theodore Dwight Weld – the American abolitionist slaved away during his birth in 1803. A year later in 1804, 14th President of the United States of America, Franklin Pierce found he was a young American expansionist. Born Henry McCarty, aka William H. Bonney – but better known as Billy the Kid, stole the day in 1859. There’s no disputing English actor William Henry Pratt, or to give him his professional name – Boris Karloff, didn’t scare his parents in 1887. Second eldest and one fourth of the Marx Brothers, Arthur ‘Harpo’ Marx made a noise when entering the world in 1888. Creator of Professor Branestawm – Norman George Lorimer Hunter began his first chapter in 1899. Composer/arranger who wrote the theme tune to M*A*S*H (among others), John Alfred ‘Johnny’ Mandel hit the right note in 1925. Self professed ‘professional’ golfer with a film recently released about his life and who entered the Open Championship under the names of George Paceki, Arnold Palmtree and James Beau Jolley to give a few of his pseudonyms – Maurice Flitcroft was straight faced when born in 1929. Singer best known for the original version of ‘The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)’, Betty Everett found she was going to be ready for her arrival in 1939. Ex-police officer who murdered on the side, Dennis Andrew Nilsen freed himself in 1945, (which is more than he managed from 1983 until his death in 2018). Actress Diana Marilyn Quick started to learn new tricks from 1946. Founding member of vocal group The Manhattan Transfer, Alan Paul had his who, what, where, when moment in 1949. 3ft 11ins, (or 1.19m in new money), actor – David Stephen Rappaport became a time bandit in 1951. Singer/piano player Bruce Hornsby found that’s the way it is in 1954. Australian cricketer, (no, not Deano Jones), the other one with the moustache, Mervyn Gregory ‘Merv’ Hughes had his first slip in 1961. Also born that year, founder of pizza chain Papa John’s, John Schnatter needed to be delivered. Television/radio presenter from the UK – Kirsty Jackson Young got the time, the place, right in 1968. Daughter to television know all, (before Stephen Fry came along), and ex-Mrs Fatboy Slim – Zöe Louise Ball has been live and kicking since 1970. Model and sort of actress, Kelly Ann Parsons or as her various ex-fiancées know her – Kelly Brook, has felt comfortable in her own skin from 1979. Daughter of mullet owning country singer from the 90’s, (Billy Ray) – Miley Cyrus who graduated from Hanna Montana to controversial pop starlet, didn’t use a wrecking ball in 1992.

Death wise, early day King of England, Eadred found himself with a wooden overcoat from 955. Flemish imposter Perkin Warbeck couldn’t fake his death in 1499. Not the horsey looking daughter of Liz, but fifth daughter to King Edward IV of England – Princess Anne of York left the bedchamber duties to others in 1511. Fifth Vice President of the United States of America – Elbridge Gerry namesake of the term ‘gerrymandering’, was unable to manipulate his date of death in 1814. Another King, this one of the Netherlands, King Willem Alexander Paul Frederik Lodewijk III – another member of the House of Orange, passed the baton to the women in 1890. Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen the murderer who got a mention on 11th September when he was born, gets another go given he hung out until today in 1910 when he was executed. Indian physicist Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose couldn’t hear, (or breath), after 1937. Writer who created Zorro, Johnston McCulley became pulp himself in 1958. Another person getting their second mention, sort of Norwegian of the day – Roald Dahl ran out of tales and found a way out in 1990. Yet another one to get a second bite of the cherry, is outraged Daily Mail favourite and watcher of ‘pure filth’ on television, (despite there being other channels and an On/Off switch), Constance Mary Whitehouse, (née Hutcheson), finally went mute in 2001. Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko wished he hadn’t drunk his tea in 2006. Larry Martin Hagman, (or J. R. Ewing if you were into dull soap opera Dallas), gave up nodding like a donkey in 2012. Actor best known for playing dim witted Spanish waiter Manuel in Fawlty Towers – Andreas Siegfried ‘Andrew’ Sachs started having communication problems from 2016. Finally, ex-Mayor of New York – David Dinkins, hasn’t had a bite of the big apple since this day last year.

With thanks to http://www.onthisday.com for filling in the blanks.

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