Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 6th October

We begin today’s posting with the first (and last) King of Haiti – Henri Christoph/Henry Christopher found he was a unique child from 1767. Competitor to non-birthday boy Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse Jr., switched on in 1846. Having mentioned fighter ace with a tennis court named in his honour only yesterday, here’s Eugène Adrien Roland Georges Garros again as he had lift off in 1888. Silent film star, Jackie Saunders (born Anna Jackal), was a proper dad’s girl from 1892. Labour stalwart MP, (who was the longest serving female MP, before left-winger, (the best Cockney rhyming slang term), Gwyneth Dunwoody took the title), Barbara Anne Castle had free reign after being born in 1910. Not wanting to disappoint all those Norwegians who read this posting everyday, here we have their fellow countryman Thor Heyerdahl who started his explorations in 1914. Ex-all round cricketer who spent years droning on about long legs as a commentator, Richard ‘Richie’ Benaud by contrast had very short legs in 1930. Also born that year, Hafez al-Assad dad to current odd looking despot dictator of bombed out country Syria, dictated his entrance to the world. Sex symbol actress and previous Mrs P Sellers who also hung around with Rod Stewart for a time, Britt-Marie Eklund now known as Britt Ekland, had the ultimate thrill in 1942. Known for her hit, ‘My Boy Lollipop’ Millicent Dolly May ‘Millie’ Small gave her folks blood shot eyes from 1946. Alleged terrorist now running Northern Ireland Gerard ‘Gerry’ Adams bombed through in 1948. Lead singer with ultimate dad rock band REO Speedwagon, Kevin Patrick Cronin started life as we know it in 1951. Second Norwegian of the day is strongman Svend Ødegård ‘Viking’ Karlsen found he had a baby’s butt in 1967. Actor Ioan Gruffudd has been playing it cool since 1973. Pugilist Richard John ‘Ricky’ Hatton took a dive in 1978.

As for people not making it through today, Ermentrude of Orléans, Queen of the Franks and wife to Charles the Bald kicks things off given she rolled over in 869. Not to be out done, her old man Charles the Bald added a new title to his list as ‘Charles the Dead’ in 877. In order to be balanced here, (and given there aren’t any Pope’s or Archbishops of Canterbury to mention), we see seventh of the Sikh Gurus, Guru Har Rai end his days in 1661. Queen Vic’s favourite prose writer Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson didn’t get to write any further limericks from 1892. Cereal king Will Keith (W.K.) Kellogg lost his snap and crackle but went pop in 1951. Director of the original Dracula film Charles Albert ‘Tod’ Browning Jr., called, ‘Cut’ in 1962. Austrian F1 racing driver who competed in all of two races, Helmuth Koinigg forgot to duck at Watkins Glen in 1974. Large framed comedy actress and ex-Mrs to John Le Mesurier, Josephine Edwina ‘Hattie’ Jacques didn’t get to carry on after 1980. Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and ex-President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat had his final view of the Pyramids and camels in 1981. I seem to remember mentioning stern faced actress Ruth Elizabeth ‘Bette’ Davis on the 5th of April when she made her debut, but here she is again given she had all this and heaven too from 1989. Act tor Denholm Mitchell Elliott couldn’t blame bad timing on his death in 1992. Real life Karl Fredrickson, Laurence Richard Walters or ‘Lawnchair Larry’ burst his balloon in 1993. Finally, stuntman in various films including Bullitt, Bud Ekins staged his great escape in 2007.


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